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Polyglot or not

I was chatting to one of my course mates about languages and he suggested that I might like to go one of the polyglot conferences that are organized from time to time by people for whom learning languages is a passion. 817 more words

The 2015 Polyglot Conference: My First Language Conference

I was actually writing on a different topic for this week, but since this 2 year anniversary of the event came up, it’s fitting for me to tell a story about a life-changing weekend. 1,112 more words


Intermediate Anki 3: Introduction to Card Types

This is the fourth installment of my long-standing Anki guide. If you’re interested in memorising large quantities of stuff (especially foreign words) in a relatively fast and painless way, then you can go ahead and read the  1,602 more words


5 Reasons Why Esperanto Is Worth Learning

Why would I learned a constructed language that only two million people in the world speak when there are other “more useful” languages I could learn? 493 more words


2 Months to learn French

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been uploading consistently, i’m preparing for job interviews and have only been updating on my tech blog. That has taken 90% of my free time. 401 more words


October Clear The List! MASSIVE

In honor of Lindsay from Lindsay Does Languages and Shannon from Euro Linguiste, I’m doing my own October Clear the List for the six languages that I’m learning. 408 more words