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Learning Multiple Languages at Once

Just before I started writing this blog, I made a discovery. I was always scared of learning multiple languages at once because I thought I would get them mixed up and confuse myself. 203 more words


Useful language learning tool: 'Word of the day'

Today’s blog post is about a language tool I find very useful, both for learning new languages and for keeping up old ones: the ‘Word of the Day’-feature offered by several websites for free, which you can often also subscribe by email. 202 more words

Becoming a polyglot


Following up on my last post, a ramble of thoughts I had on language and the idea of fluency, which was meant to be nothing academic, has lead to something academic. 1,081 more words

Language Learning

so what is this polyglot thing anyway?

I’m making a rookie mistake as I write this – I haven’t planned anything. Any hardened blog writer (see my former blogs here and here… 524 more words


The handwritten Hebrew alphabet

Today’s blog post is taking us to Israel and to the Hebrew language, and more precisely to the Hebrew alphabet. Since Hebrew courses and textbooks often only teach the printed version of the Hebrew script, but the handwritten alphabet looks markedly different, I thought the handwritten alphabet and how to write it would be a nice topic for a blog post. 83 more words

What the heck is a polyglot?

Oh I’m so glad you asked – it’s the next step forward from tri-lingual, i.e. knowing 4 or more languages. Technically I guess you could use the term language-nerd, but then again some people might be offended by that, so I’ll just stick to polyglot for now. 221 more words