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My Favorite Language Apps and Sites!

So I may’ve mentioned I’m an aspiring polyglot, so I’ve taken and studied numerous foreign languages. Chiefly: Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. I’m actively studying Mandarin and Japanese and so I wanted to share my favorite tools and apps that I use for each language. 410 more words

Language Learning

How To Learn a Language at Home (with English Captions)

In this video Mehmet Çatal discusses ways in which language enthusiasts can ignore the money attached to learning and teach themselves at home. He’s not wrong when he states that languages become easier to learn if they are your third language and so on. 111 more words

"Where Are You From?"

-Hannah Getachew

“Where are you from?”

For as long as I can remember, that innocent question has been a dreaded one. It conjures up too many complicated issues surrounding belonging, personal history and cultural identity. 1,044 more words


¿Cómo se...?

Asking questions.

Cómo – how
se – neutral personal pronoun

We use se when we make an impersonal question or sentence. This means nobody really is doing the action. 342 more words


Bien, bueno, buen

I’ve noticed that Spanish students sometimes get confused by these words. So, let’s have a review on them!

Bien is an adverb, it means that it describes a verb. 353 more words


How to Find a Language Partner

Hey there,

It’s me again, your friendly neighborhood polyglot n_n. I wanted to share my favorite website for getting language exchange partners in your area, around the world, or just online. 144 more words

Language Learning


Like most of the children in the United States, I “learned” Spanish in school. Since fifth grade, I’ve had difficulty being able to learn the language, mostly because we were just thrown into it. 224 more words