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What English Do You Write In?

I’m guessing my title for this blog post has confused you… I can almost hear your brain thinking, ‘What? English is English…It’s one language..’ 373 more words


Eu sou Andrea Nardinocchi

Bemvindo ao meu blog,

primeiro, eu quero agradecê-la para estar lindo este artigo. Isto faz me sentir orgulloso do que estou fazendo aqui 307 more words


The humble linguist

I would say this is accurate. While I certainly enjoy learning various languages I often do so for my own pleasure rather than for intelligence points. 47 more words


Tips and Tricks: 4 Ways to Use Netflix for Language Learning

We’ve all heard about changing audio and subtitles to our target language to immerse ourselves. Netflix is fantastic for this! 

Here are four ways to use Neflix for language learning. 279 more words

Rendang Vs Roti

We were sitting around the table together, each eating a yummy bowl of fresh-from-the-wok Char Kway Teow. It was a perfectly innocent evening until THAT… 382 more words


On Memrise, DuoLingo, and the International Phonetic Alphabet

Not knowing where to begin on this pursuit, I searched the web for advice from others on where they began.  While there is no clear, consistent answer (obviously, as things like this are subjective), I did see a lot of people mentioning  320 more words

Language Learning

Why Am I Doing This? (Oh, God... Why Am I Doing This?)

Hey there, folks.  Welcome to my little corner of the internet that’s devoted to my attempts at language learning.

Between a full-time job in government, a full-time college education, kids and a wife, and creative writing feeling more like a job than a hobby, I recently found myself looking for a something that was just for me.   115 more words

Language Learning