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Duolingo Language Test Drive to Begin

I’ve finally decided to get that language test drive started. I’m going to start off with a couple languages I’ve already taken a look at, then move on from those. 159 more words


Language Practise Spaces: Taxis

Whether you’re studying on an exchange program, on holiday, or just stepping out in your first job abroad, getting to grips with your target language will always be on your mind. 821 more words


Speed Reading ; tips for beginners

Truth is,you can’t improve your reading speed if you don’t practice.Like my Korean teacher always says using his broken 아저씨like English speaking skill” 계속  repeat repeat 다른 방법이 없어 ” 415 more words


Test Driving Languages

Studying languages has been an interest of mine for quite some time, but I hadn’t really focused on learning more than just French and Japanese.  Now, I’m studying Spanish and German in addition. 350 more words


The French Teachers of My Life

Teachers and their personalities are somehow the most important factor in our relationship to what we are learning. Unlike teaching how to solve difficult mathematical equations through using rational skills and a personal ability to transfer the logic from one’s mind to another while dealing with abstract concepts and numbers, when it comes to teaching languages, teachers have a different kind of subject embodiment to do. 977 more words

How I'm using lang-8 to study Korean

Nowadays I’ve been studying Korean much carefully as the exam is approaching.Now,don’t think that I already mastered Korean,I just have an idea of how the simple present and past tense is formed,how I can introduce myself..just basic sentences.Sometimes I get angry just because I feel that I haven’t learned anything but then,I think of that time,around 6 weeks ago,when I knew nothing more than the alphabet and some words. 346 more words


Memiliki teman-teman yang pandai berbahasa lebih dari satu memang menyenangkan. Ibarat Google Translate berjalan, mereka bisa kamu tanyakan berbagai macam istilah bahasa yang mungkin kamu belum pernah dengar sebelumnya.. 24 more words

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