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Chinese Practice: 多 + adjective

I decided to track and practise what I learn every day in Korean, Japanese and Chinese by sharing it on my blog. I hope there will be some fellow language learners out there who want to practise along with me :) Okay, let’s get into today’s practice! 67 more words


Welsh (Cymraeg): Some survival phrases and Welsh cakes

Today’s blog post will take us to the United Kingdom and more precisely to Wales Cymru and the Welsh language, which is called Cymraeg in Welsh. 255 more words

1/2 a month back into studying

I’ve decided 17 days ago to start studying Spanish seriously and on my own.  I had spent the entire school year learning in a class, but everyone knows those don’t help very much.   259 more words



Motivation is always one of my biggest problems and I do think a lot of people are like me.  When it comes to learning languages, motivation really is the key that holds everything together.   288 more words



Timothy Doner – Polyglotpal​ from New York, USA

English, French, Wolof, Hausa, Arabic, Russian, German, Yiddish, Hebrew, Pashto, Italian, Farsi, Chinese, Turkish, Indonesian, Swahili, Dutch, Xhosa, Hindi and Ojibwe: Tim Doner learned French at age 8 and has been teaching himself languages since he was 13. 188 more words

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Meet the people who can speak 30+ languages




adjective: polyglot

  1. 1.

    knowing or using several languages.


They’re called hyperglots. They’re polyglots who can speak more than 10 languages.

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Language Learning Plan

Yesterday, I finally made a plan for my language learning.  I set myself goals for every day, that way I can learn as much as possible.   576 more words