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Español o castellano o chileno?

Americans don’t learn languages. But I’ve never had the quintessential American sentiment of “well, in ‘Murica we speak English!”

 Closing yourself off to just one language, is closing yourself off to a whole other world.   485 more words

English and German

My native language is Estonian. I’m fluent in English. German is at a B1 level and Mandarin Chinese is at A2.1 level.

I have found the best language learning method to be immersion. 424 more words

Language Learning


I decided to start posting about my language learning progress here. I love learning languages and plan to keep track of my progress on this page.

Language Learning


Son las doce y veinte de la mañana. No duermo porque yo vi una película de miedo.

My goals for the end of the week were to focus on verbs and learn how to tell time. 145 more words


LangFest - Weekend of August 25 - 27, 2017

The Montreal Language Festival, or “LangFest” for short, is North America’s premier celebration and conference for language learners and enthusiasts of all levels. LangFest 2017 will take place on the weekend of August 25 – 27, 2017 at Concordia University’s downtown campus in beautiful, eclectic, multilingual Montreal, Quebec. 309 more words

Learning French!

I just want to say, I always want to be a polyglot, so, I take Japanese at my High School for 3 years, but I think I couldn’t understand Japanese that much, it’s likely because I seldom take a conversation with the other. 135 more words




I have been working on my Spanish everyday. I usually wake up and lay in bed looking at social media for a while, but now I go on duolingo instead. 136 more words