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Example sentences:

  • Así es la vida.
    That’s life. (Life is like this/that) C’est la vie. 
  • Así son las cosas.
    Things are like this/that. (That’s how things are, there’s nothing to do)
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The Merits of Multilingualism

Multilingualism refers to the use of two or more languages by one person. Because of globalisation and cultural openness, multilingualism is steadily becoming a social phenomenon. 581 more words


Frase del día #5 - ¡Qué calor! (It's hot!)

Qué = what
calor = heat
Literal meaning: What a heat!

This is an expression that can be used when the weather is very hot. 322 more words


Seguir + gerundio (-ando, -iendo)

Attention to the pronunciation of “seguir”
Remember “gue” and “gui” sound as “ge” and “gi” in English.
You can check the pronunciation here: http://forvo.com/word/seguir/#es

“Seguir” means “to follow” but when we use it with gerunds (-ing) it means “to keep”. 248 more words


Polyglotism Duolingo and the CEFR

The ambiguity of polyglotism

Polyglotism is a somewhat unhelpful term due to its ambiguity.

It is ambiguous about its only three criteria:


Muy & Mucho

Example sentences:


  • Estoy muy cansado. (I’m very tired).
  • Eres muy inteligente. (You’re very intelligent).
  • Esta blusa está muy grande. (This shirt is so big).
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Mandarin Monday's

Today’s phrase is: 卖萌 (mai4 meng2)

To sell your cute? Okay, here’s how Liah explained it to me: we all have that one friend who takes waaaay too many selfies, edits them past recognition and uses 100’s of tags. 67 more words