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How Languages Possessed Me - 2

Recently I was just recalling and laughing at how I used to cheat one of my seniors in tuition with my nonexistent extraordinary language skills. He was a Kannadika by birth and since he grew up in Coimbatore, he could not read or write the Kannada script. 447 more words


Namaste: More Than Hello

“My soul honors your soul, I honor the place within you where the universe resides, I honor the light, love, truth, beauty, and peace within you because it also resides in me.

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Eudaimonic Polyglot - An Etymological Breakdown

A lot of people have been asking me about the name of the blog and how I came up with it. Since the topic of this post is consistent with the theme and the purpose of my blog, I am delighted to share the word by word breakdown of the term… 316 more words


Study Schedule 12/1

Photo caption: Yes, that is a JLPT book written in Korean. I sometimes find it helpful to go from Korean→Japanese and vice versa than from English→Japanese/Korean… I don’t go out a lot.  178 more words
Foreign Language

Devrais-je devenir une "au-pair"?

Je me demande mais je ne ne sais si je devrais être une au pair pour l’année prochaine. Devenir une Au Pair est une manière dont on peut s’occuper des infants d’une autre famille qui vit dans un autre pays différent. 226 more words



You guys are probably wondering how you describe the weather on your trips to a Russian-speaking country. Here’s a chance to learn some phrases or expressions that will help you along your trip. 162 more words

It’s LeviOsa, Not LeviosA: The Mistakes and Miscommunications in Language Learning

During this semester I have had a language learning partner for one of my classes to help me learn Italian and for him to learn English. 1,746 more words