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– Ayer me comí una pizza entera.
– ¿En serio?

Yesterday I ate a whole pizza.

–¡Alejandro me pidió que saliera con él! ^///^ 36 more words


Confusing Linguistic Terminology: English

  When I started learning languages (being British) I had never heard so much as a single mention of IPA or other such linguistic terminology like Place/Manner of Articulation in my language classes. 758 more words


Quién + a, de, con, para

I hope this is useful for you!
If you have any request, please let me know.

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How To Cram For An OPI and Other Impossible Tasks

So it’s official: my Oral Proficiency Interview in Arabic is in exactly 3 days. If you don’t know what an OPI is, imagine someone speaking at you in rapid-fire Arabic (or any language of your choice) and having to come up with grammatically pristine responses in a native-speaker amount of time. 555 more words


If you know the History of English...

외국어를 여러개 하는 사람들을 Polyglot라고 합니다.  보통 두 개의 언어를 구사하는 bilingual부터 다섯개 심지어는 20여개의 언어를 구사하는 사람도 있습니다.

지금 세계에 남아 있는 언어는 소수부족의 언어까지 수천개가 쓰이는데 매년 수십개의 언어가 사라지고 있다는 리포트가 있습니다. 866 more words

Spanish Baby-jumping Festival

  Yes, you read it right and no, the explanation doesn’t make it any less weird. 

  Since the 1620’s El colacho or The Baby-jumping Festival has been held annually in a small town called Castillo de Murcia in the North of Spain. 324 more words


Kick-Starting our new Blog

Welcome to our new language blog site, Polyblog Glot!

The point of this blog is to have some fun whilst learning something (hopefully new to you) about languages and linguistics in general. 260 more words