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WordPress Community Interview With Denis Yanchevskiy

Denis Yanchevskiy is a developer living in Moscow, Russia. He is active in the local WordPress Community. Denis is active in the WordPress Support Forums with over 2,200 posts. 110 more words


Velvet and Whips

French feels like velvet in my mouth.

L’anglais se sent comme le claquement d’un fouet.

I wasn’t raised with around a variety of languages; that is most Australians have completed at least a small class on German or French while in primary school, or a segment in High School if you were lucky enough to attend a well-funded school. 515 more words


How to Celebrate "Whan That Aprille Day" (2017)

A guest posting by COURTNEY RYDEL

“Whan that Aprille Day” (the annual celebration of old, dead, and undead tongues) is rapidly approaching! Enjoy this posting by Prof. 1,147 more words

Global Chaucers

Mi Diario Español - Día 1

Hoy hablé con algunas personas – ellas eran ayudando con mi español. Una mujer aprende el Coreano y la otra mujer aprende el Portugués.

Finalmente soy una estudiante de idiomas! 33 more words


Fluency: Do You Need to Go Abroad?

Interpreting the meaning of the word fluent is like trying to interpret art. Everyone has their own definition of what they think being fluent in a language is. 665 more words

Learn the 1000 Most Used Words in a Language

It may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it is shocking how few language learners ever learn the 1000 most used words in their foreign language. 1,901 more words


What is a Polyglot?

If only there were one answer! Unfortunately, as with all things in life, there is a doubled answer to that annoying question. In the modern world, a polyglot is someone who speaks a number of languages. 398 more words