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10 Facts About The Author Of This Blog

1. I’m taking up my BA in Music and I’m in my 4th year. I mainly study opera and piano, but I can play the… 277 more words


A Hermit Writes

In truth, I don’t consider myself too much of a writer, nor do I enjoy writing very much. To say it bluntly, I find writing a necessity rather than a passion: a mere tool for idea dissemination and the exercise of the mind. 583 more words


Deux Frères - Partie 4

– Transcription audio:

Mais je n’osais pas poser plus de questions pour ne pas être indiscret. Le déménagement s’est très bien passé. On s’entendait vraiment bien et pour plaisanter je lui ai dit: 

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Practicing My Pronunciation

'Europe thinks in several languages'

Robert Maggiori :

l’Europe pense en plusieurs langues, sa langue est la traduction, et elle se mutilerait politiquement et culturellement si elle se soumettait à l’hégémonie du…

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Emotional numbers

We tend to think of numbers as cold, objective arbiters of truth.

‘1’ is ‘1’. Nothing more, nothing less.

‘2’ is ‘2’. Nothing more, nothing less. 244 more words


Electronic Dictionaries: Should I Get One?

*dictionary model in the featured photo: Iriver D1000

If you’re considering staying in a country that doesn’t utilize roman letters (and instead uses logographic script) for an extended amount of time, you’re probably going to need to be able to read road signs, determine which bathroom to use and translate dessert menus of course. 737 more words

That Mando Flo'!

Mandarin Chinese has not been the easiest language to learn. In fact, 2 years of schooling still has rendered me a beginner. It’s a shame that a laundry list of Mandarin speaking friends, online tutoring sessions, and hours of self study helped me pass only the test. 1,339 more words