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022317 오늘은 일일이다. 

Starting today I vow to study languages everyday.

POLISH. I checked out declensions for general pronouns. There is no way I could absorb all of those information without actually studying them but I took down notes for future reference. 51 more words


What I've Learned in 30 Days of Duolingo

30 days ago, I decided to try learning Norwegian, having zero previous experience and pretty much no idea where to start other than Duolingo. I’d used Duolingo to practice some pretty-much-dormant German and Spanish skills, but wanted to see what was possible to achieve from scratch. 612 more words


What does full-stack developer even mean?

I see the term full-stack developer everywhere, this got me thinking:

What does it even mean?

To recruiters it seem to say: “we want somebody who can do everything… 1,515 more words


Désolée pour ma disparition!

Salut! J’ai pas disparu, mais j’ai du travailler beaucoup les dernières trois semaines. N’inquiète pas; vous m’as tellement manqué.

Hello! I haven’t disappeared, but I had a ton of work to do the last three weeks. 246 more words

thecaptainandhercommander: Oh my gosh this is so...


Oh my gosh this is so accurate.

Also does anyone else do that thing where they start off in one language and finish the sentence in another?

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“For me, learning languages is a way to dig in and blend in with a culture. Of course, you can see things from the window of the bus and then go to restaurants designated for tourists. 106 more words

Polyglot Lane

I always expect to be speaking two languages when I’m in the office dealing with my Italian colleagues and speaking with our English clients, but not very often is it a requirement of dog walking. 164 more words