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A Monoglot in Polyglot Land

I was born and raised in Canada by parents who are bilingual, but decided that English was the only language that their children would speak and listen to in their household. 2,293 more words


Cucino Italiano - Pistacchio crusted Lamb cutlets and fanned potatoes

As part of my New Years Resolution I am ramping up my Italian and trying my best to develop my skills to a more advanced level in preparation for the infamous C1 CILS Italian exam I plan to take in December. 1,272 more words


Languages|225 Days to learn German


I exactly have 225 days to learn German before I will be traveling for my birthday trip this summer. It may seem that it is not enough time to fully incorporate myself in the language. 574 more words


How polyglots learn languages?

First of all, many among you might ask –what is a polyglot? And even those who know the definition are not sure how many languages does it take to speak to call yourself a polyglot. 505 more words


Alcalá de Henares

I took a train from Bilbao to Madrid. I met an old woman and we talked about Valladolid as it passed by the window. In 2007 I lived in Valladolid for 5 weeks. 1,260 more words

Week 2 Quito,Ecuador (IVHQ)

*Disclaimer: I’m posting these all late, but I took notes and videos of almost every day. Take this with 90% accuracy. Also, as for my complaints, these notes are in real time. 1,896 more words