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Korean Practice: Webtoon #36 - 대박

Source: 소녀의 세계 (The World of a Girl)

(informal conversation)

와 = wow

길에서 = 길 (street, way, path) + -에서 (location particle)

만나다니 = 만나다 (to meet) + 다니 (I can’t believe…, I didn’t expect…) 68 more words


Chinese Practice: Webtoon #3 - It's on me.

Source: 我们,分手了

唉唉 (ai1ai1) = ahh (exclamation of weariness)

算了 (suan4 le) = leave it, forget it

喝 = to drink

酒  = alcohol, beer… 77 more words




Numbers give us facts. Large numbers, small numbers — they help us make sense of the world. Is there any day we don’t use figures?

85 more words

Japanese Practice: Manga #3 - What happened?

Source: 竹田家のしいたけ (Family Takeda’s Shiitake Mushroom)

しいたけさんが = しいたけ + -さん (polite form of address, ~Mr, Ms) + -が (subject making particle)

どうしたの = どう (how) + した (informal past tense of “to do”) + -の (question making particle, informal) = what happened?, what’s wrong? 38 more words


Korean Practice: Webtoon #35 - Tbh

Source: 소녀의 세계 (The World of a Girl)

(Talking about another person)

잘 = well

됐다 = 되다 (to become, to work out…) + -었 (past tense) 69 more words


Chinese Practice: Webtoon #2 - Not OK?

Source: 我们,分手了 (We Broke Up)

就 (jiu4) = just

住 (zhu4) = to live, to reside

在 (zai4) = to be located, to be (in, at) 39 more words


Japanese Practice: Manga #2 - Arrival

Source: ばぶらぶ (Baburabu)

15分後 (じゅうごふんご) = 15 (じゅうご) + 分 (ふん, minutes) + 後 (ご, after, later) = 15 minutes later

やっと = finally, at last… 36 more words