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Learning Log : May 21, 2015

  • Finished and reviewed the rest of Russian World 2 Lesson 19 (2 hours total)
    • to buy – покупать
    • to subscribe – выписывать
    • Went over Accusative animate noun endings for masculine & feminine nouns: …
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Fluency is for Assholes

yep, little pinch of salt on this one too

Talking with people is a simple and complicated process….Many time in my life im faced with how to express or choose the words i want to relate to the person i am talking with. 261 more words


Olá todos,
Bem, o objetivo de hoje é tentar usar Português do Brasil no meu “post” para o dia. Bem agora eu tenho uma palavra que eu tenho de olhar para cima como se diz em Português do Brasil. 240 more words


Learning Log : May 19, 2015

  • Listened to the first half of Russian World 2 Lesson 19 (the entire lesson is 2 hours) for a second time in review.
    • Went over the first 6 lines of a simple Russian poem, птичка (The Little Bird), which includes present and past tense of verbs…
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Bueno el objetivo de hoy es tratar de usar el Español en mi primer “post” de mi “blog“. Bueno, por lo tanto ya tengo dos palabras que tendre que averiguar como se dice en Español. 251 more words


Learning Log: May 18, 2015

Another week has begun. I will definitely write up 5 learning logs this week. Haven’t decided how much I will be changing up what I study for this week, but we will see. 404 more words


A complete beginner's guide to Anki, or how I learned 900 words in two months.

If you are just beginning your adventures in language learning and found assimilating vocabulary to be a dramatic experience, it means you might not have heard of this nifty piece of software called Anki. 1,782 more words

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