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Korean Practice: Webtoon #13 - Shall we go home?

Source: 소녀의 세계 (The World of a Girl)

(informal speech)

시간이 애매하다.

시간이 = 시간 (time) + -이 (subject making particle)

애매하다 = to be vague, uncertain, indefinite… 72 more words


Languages Are Magical

Languages are magical.
I have an incredible passion for learning languages; I currently am fluent in almost 3, still working on the third one and hungry for more. 164 more words


Korean Practice: Webtoon #11 - Are you sick??

A smartphone conversation between a couple (informal speech).

Source: 밥 먹고 갈래요? (Do you want to eat something before you go?)

이번주는 집에 오지마

이번주는 = 이 (this) + 번 (time) + 주 (week) + -는 (topic making particle) = this week, as for this week… 116 more words


Korean Practice: Webtoon #10 - Look at the stars!

Source: 판다독 (Panda Dog)

어머 정말 예쁘네~

어머 = oh, ah, oh my goodness (exclamation usually used by females)

정말 = really

예쁘네 = 예쁘다 (to be pretty) + -네 (particle that indicates astonishment or being surprised when something that you didn’t expect happens) 69 more words


word: polyglot


Definition: (noun) A person having a speaking, reading, or writing knowledge of several languages. Synonyms: linguist Usage: He was a polyglot who spoke nine languages fluently. Discuss.

Do You Need to See a Doctor to Speak Better English?


Do you need to see a doctor to speak better English? A small group of people in Korea think so. These people believe that Korean children have naturally shorter tongues than Americans, and this stops them from correctly pronouncing English sounds.

291 more words

Korean Practice: Webtoon #9 - That's Why You Need to Like Your Job

Source: Penguin and Mev

수면시간을 제외하면 하루의 반 이상을 일을 하며 보내는데

수면시간을 = 수면 (sleep) + 시간 (time) + -을 (object making particle) = sleeping time… 98 more words