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Polygon forgets how to Tomb Raider

So in addition to not needing to be any good at playing games when reviewing said video games, these so-called video game journalists also don’t need to be good at… 144 more words


Complete History of Silent Hill, as told by POLYGON

Two things that I really love…. retrospectives and Silent Hill. I’ve seen some good-ish Silent Hill retros over the years, the firsts being some IGN ones way back. 127 more words


Attention Polygon: I am free if you need a video game reporter

Dear Polygon, I saw your advert posted on the 30th of August 2017. I know the closing date was the 10th of September, but I think I am the perfect candidate for the job! 99 more words


Saying something in the heat of the moment while gaming

Ah yes, it is obvious that people who cannot even play video games properly would not know about things like “heat of the moment” in competitive online multiplayer games: 512 more words


3D modelling: basic shapes


Polygonal: Digital 3D shapes made up of faces, created using vertices (Corner points)

NURBS: Non-Uniform Rational Bee Splines

Vertex: corners of a 3D shape… 188 more words


Dividing a polygon into a given number of equal areas with arcpy

I was recently searching the Internet trying to find any tool that would let me split an arbitrary polygon inside a geodatabase feature class into multiple polygons of equal area. 560 more words

ArcGIS Desktop

Game Journalists Need to Stop Being Horrible at Video Games

A recent gameplay preview of Studio MDHR’s upcoming Cuphead has some people scratching their regular human heads. Dean Takahashi is a writer for VentureBeat, and if his name rings a bell you may remember him giving the original Mass Effect a terrible review 10 years ago because he forgot he was playing an RPG and went through the majority of the game without levelling up any of his characters. 515 more words