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Earth Crisis - Part 6

Several heroes met at the Justice League Watchtower to discuss the ongoing Earth Crisis and the hope of stopping the war between Lex Luthor and those from beneath the Earth who had been attacking him. 2,697 more words

The Launch- not long to go!

September 14th is scrawled on my calendar in blood…well, not quite, but it’s been a long haul from my scribbled notebooks hidden in the wardrobe to holding a glossy paperback in my hand! 225 more words

Poem: Polygonal Love



1. Using the letters below, create the words that are missing from the poem

2. Each block may only be used once per word… 142 more words


Polygon Plays: 30 Minutes of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

With Metroid Prime: Federation Force due to release in North America tomorrow, there are still a lot of gamers on the fence, as to whether this game is worth getting. 36 more words


Earth Crisis - Part 5

After first meeting at the Justice League Watchtower and discussing the ongoing situation around the current Earth Crisis, three heroes infiltrated LexCorp’s top secret–and real–telluric current facility. 1,135 more words

Zonohedra, Zonish Polyhedra, and Another Puzzle

In a recent post, I showed many images of zonohedra, then challenged readers to figure out, from the images, what zonohedra are: polyhedra with only zonogons as faces. 225 more words