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Polygon interviewed me about working as a video game journalist

After my IGN interview Polygon also interviewed me and quite a bit of other video game accessibility specialists in one way or another. In this piece called why game accessibility matters, Polygon asked me questions about video game journalism, as I am still pushing for a broader scope of writers and reporters and journalists in video game journalism… 6 more words

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Birthdays, shooter games and pet hates

It was my Birthday last week (yey) and as my friends know me so well I got a video game (yey) and a new pad (double yey). 450 more words

Pirate Bay Co-Founder Can’t Play an NES in Jail

by AJ Adejare

(Via The Mary Sue)

The co-founder of the Pirate Bay,Fredrik Neij,recently landed in jail after being 5 years on the run.  As one of his requests, he wanted a Nintendo Entertainment System.   48 more words

Digitizing point, line and polygon features into shape files QGIS

This is a continuation of our QGIS series. We started with Georeferencing (See previous post ‘Georeferencing a raster image using QGIS’) and today we will demonstrate how to digitize a raster image to create point, line and polygon shape files. 225 more words



A polygon is a simple closed curve that is the union of line segments. They can have any amount of sides beginning with three in a triangle. 39 more words

Glasses or planes? Concave vs. Convex

When you hear the words concave and convex you often think of lenses in glasses. Not many people think about concave or convex plane regions. Concave lenses curve inward and cause light rays to spread apart whereas convex lenses curve outward and cause light rays to come together and meet. 61 more words