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Let's draw some polygons!

KEY QUESTION: Given an Esri Shapefile, how can I visualize the coordinates as polygons?

DESIRED OUTPUT: A map of polygons

CATEGORY OF ANALYSIS: Geospatial analysis, data visualization… 436 more words

Business Intelligence

Stanton House

Feel at home in a safe neighbourhood where everything you need – schools, parks, and shopping – is within reach. Lougheed Town Centre anchors a diverse range of shops and convenient services, while Lougheed Highway is a quick access point to the rest of the Lower Mainland. 186 more words

Real Estate

Ke Waduk Gembong via Desa Wonosekar

Untuk menuju waduk Gembong (dikenal juga dengan nama Seloromo), ada banyak jalur yang bisa dilalui. Jalur utama merupakan jalan aspal Pati-Gembong. Alternatif lain melalui jalan desa Semirejo atau desa Wonosekar. 150 more words


Thoughts on the Post-Release World

Why do we fear change in our art? Is it a natural opposition to change? Do we recoil at the (somewhat) new notion that something may be improved after release? 1,108 more words

Game Crit

The Walking Dead's No Good, Very Bad Season [Polygon]

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The Walking Dead has had a pretty rough season, and I’m being polite. A lot of fans understandably left after the ridiculous season six finale, which turned a huge character death into a cheap summer-long dangling carrot. 53 more words


The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Recap [Polygon]

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After an agonizingly slow season, the season seven finale for The Walking Dead finally delivered the highly-anticipated rematch between Rick and Negan. 46 more words


The BBC is Dead!

So, one of my students had finished his work. I got him to start typing in a polygon program onto the BBC Micro Computer. A short while later he says..”Sir, there is steam coming from the computer” 89 more words