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Penny Arcade mocks Polygon

When you become the ass end of a joke for a webcomic then you know you have reached a level of integrity in your reporting that can only be matched by the garbage you post on a daily basis.   35 more words


Stop Using Ignorance of the Medium to Sell Your "Journalism" (A response to Polygon)

People who can take this publication seriously baffle me.  How?  How can anyone read what they write and not go “this is totally slanted shit”?  These people clearly are incapable of discussing this medium in anything resembling objective way.  1,519 more words


Polygon Ranked The 18 Core Super Mario Titles

Polygon, specifically Jeremy Parish, recently posted an article that talked about 18 core Super Mario titles. In the process, they ranked the titles from worst to best. 104 more words


Is it OK to Criticize Difficulty?

Are Games too Hard?

Nope, nope, and nope. I touched on this subject in my previous post which you can read here. Where a common criticism of Bomber Crew was that it was too hard, that players didn’t have enough time to make decisions when playing the game. 559 more words


Polygon is upset about TLOU2's violence...

“Hey guys Polygon here, just moralizing to our audience and gamers and telling them how they should feel about the games they are playing and the industry.”  1,201 more words


The sad indictment of video game journalism

Video game journalism is dead, the whole “games need to be easier and more accessible” and gamers are “elitist” and “toxic” for wanting games to be challenging. 862 more words