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"Man Baby" and "Incel" is now go-to insult for media outlets

I have never been able to wrap my head around this idea that the very same people who are calling me and other people out for having valid opinions about either a game or franchise as being “Man Babies” or “Incels” are the same people that need safe spaces, cuddle rooms and coloring books for when life gets too hard for them. 235 more words


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is the spin-off game to "Life Is Strange!"

Get ready for a whole new game set within the Life is Strange Universe. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit 254 more words

Video game journalists unhappy about new Steam policy 

“Valve isn’t censoring or removing games that I as a pro-feminist video game journalist don’t approve of. Bend to my will Gabe Newell or ill throw you to the #MeToo wolves!”   304 more words


Polygon's changing... maybe not for the better.

I put in a lot of effort to avoid all trailers and news for Avengers: Infinity War but it’s increasingly difficult to do because many gaming news sites also want a piece of that juggernaut traffic generator – Marvel. 381 more words


Microsoft and Xbox sink even lower....fires support team of 12 after training volunteers that took their place.

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Look, every company does lay offs. This is not the point here. But normally lay offs are designed to save true money not a couple of thousand a year but in something that actually makes since to save. 80 more words

The Making of Splatterhouse (2010)

‘“Everyone on the team drew a straw,” Robinson continues. “That straw meant you had to fix any bug in the game, and you had to be on call. 82 more words


Brand Slam is a new show about fast food and wrestling

Brands. They’re all around us, and their power is beyond measure. But which brand is best? We can make feeble attempts to rank fast-food chains, gaming franchises and ’90s sitcoms, but there has been no way to know for sure. 141 more words