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The Walking Dead S7 E10 Recap [Polygon]

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Our hopes were dashed last week after both the Hilltop and the Kingdom refused an alliance with our group. This week hope, and potential new allies, are found in the most unlikeliest of places: a junkyard full of near-feral survivors and spike-armored zombies. 13 more words


The Switch memory may not be as much as we thought

Some of the file sizes for Nintendo Switch have been published and well some of those numbers makes us start thinking what games we will be getting and the extra storage we need. 157 more words

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The Walking Dead S7 Episode 9 Recap [Polygon]

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The Walking Dead has returned for the last half of its seventh season. This time it’s bringing a large dose of hope to help swallow the misery that has been this season. 54 more words


E3's open door policy the death for game journalism

So the recent announcement by E3 that they are opening their doors the video game public has gotten the so-called video game journalistic industry and the social justice warriors up in arms. 570 more words


Marvel Comics Guide to Legion [Polygon]

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There are dozens of solid story lines and characters that FOX could have spun out of the X-Men franchise for an ongoing TV series. 77 more words

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Attack on Titan Season 2 Coming Soon!

By now I am sure many people have read or seen Attack on Titan, if not let me give you a bit of information about it. 220 more words