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Connections Project in Java (Simon's own code)

Simon built another project of his own design. His program allows to draw intricate patterns that resemble Islamic tiling, the building block being a polygon of your choice. 78 more words


Is This a Rectangle?

One of our learning intentions in our Coordinate Geometry unit is for students to be able to say I can use slope, distance, and midpoint along with properties of geometric objects to verify claims about the objects. 632 more words


I live on Hepta-Shape street

There has been a lot of conversations about disciplinary literacy in recent months in my  professional learning circles. The intent is sometimes going in strange directions in math class towards keywords in word problems and being “ok with writing just to write”.  913 more words

The Parable of the Polygons (2014)

Christine Sim

The Parable of the Polygons (2014) is a playable post made by math enthusiast Vi Hart and indie game developer Nicky Case. Although the game’s aesthetics may suggest that it is a lighthearted experience of shifting around cute polygons, the message communicated to the player is a much heavier one that addresses segregation in society. 1,419 more words

Midpoint Polygon Conjecture

This is going to be yet another ambitious post like New Diagonal Contribution Theorem, and Cross Diagonal Cover Problem.

Let’s begin with following definitions from Wikipedia: 277 more words

My Research

Abstract Distorted Shapes Floor Pillow

Enjoy this floor pillow, perhaps the cushiest cushion ever crafted! Made with 100% polyester for a soft touch, and overstuffed with firm-yet-plush fill so they never lose shape. 22 more words