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Digitizing polygon or area features on a raster image using Arcmap 10.2

Polygon or Area features are those that have the same starting and end point.

In this post, we will show the following-

– digitize area features on a raster image… 27 more words


3D Mastery 101: Basic Terminology

At first, the vast realm of 3D modeling and animation can seem quite intimidating, but I am here to clear as much confusion as I possibly can. 319 more words


3D Mastery 101: Polygonal Modeling

In a piece of 3D modeling software, there are quite a few methods for creating images or even movies from 3D modeling. One such method is polygonal modeling, one that is used quite often, mostly involving the use of polygons and their connections to other polygons through sharing vertices. 211 more words


3D Project

Hello. I’ve been dabbling with 3D modeling (using Blender) for some days now, made this to get a feel for our team’s new project. Personally I’m a real sucker for low poly modeling, there’s some amazing looking things people do with such limitations. 45 more words