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Class 8: Chapter 29 – Polygons (Lecture Notes)

In elementary geometry, a polygon is a plane figure that is bounded by a finite chain of straight line segments closing in a loop to form a closed chain or  299 more words

Class 8

MP7: The Diagonal of an Isosceles Trapezoid

I’ve written about the diagonals of an isosceles trapezoid before.

When we practice “I can look for and make use of structure”, we practice: “contemplate before you calculate”. 84 more words


How to use the rgdal package to overlay data onto a MapInfo-based (MIF) map

In this post, I have decided to capture some of the useful tips in displaying a MapInfo-based (MIF) map using R, and then superimpose spatial data onto the map. 984 more words

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Figma Virtua Fighter Figures

Do you remember playing the classic Sega 3D fighter Virtua Fighter in the arcades?  Relive the video game fighting magic as two popular Virtua Fighter characters Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant get the Figma action figure treatment.  94 more words


Theorem Thursday: The Jordan Curve Theorem

There are many theorems that you have to get fairly far into mathematics to even hear of. Often they involve things that are so abstract and abstruse that it’s hard to parse just what we’re studying. 1,224 more words


MPM1D Parallel Lines and Transversals; Assignment 2016-06-06

We learned about parallel lines and transversals today. It’s a repeat from Grade 7 or 8, but it was new for a lot of people. If you weren’t here, check out this page: 254 more words


MPM1D Angles 2016-06-04

Here are the promised videos, plus a few sample questions:

Angle Practice EQAO