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Select a loop of faces in Blender

Blender 2.79

  1. Select one face.
  2. Alt + RMB Click another face in the loop.

Modelling 2: Task Journal 1

I attempted 3 approaches when building this Spear tip. In this post, I will discuss 2 attempts that yielded better results; followed by the final attempt after receiving feedback.   687 more words

3D Art

Mesh Design Fundamentals: Building Edge-flows

Edge-flows in Three Steps

Mesh design lies at the root of 3d modeling. It is the arrangement of vertexes (or points), edges and faces in the construction of a 3d surface. 1,128 more words

3d Modeling

Orthogons and orthobraces

One of these days soon I will get back to writing about primality tests, but for now I am having fun getting sidetracked on… 636 more words


Properties of orthogons II

In my previous post I proved three out of the four properties of orthogons I originally stated. Now let’s prove the final property:

Every sequence of an even number of X’s and V’s, with exactly four more X’s than V’s, corresponds to the vertex sequence of some orthogonal polygon. 661 more words


Final Teacher Thoughts: Polygons & Minecraft

Today I met with Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Hogue about the Polygons lesson we’d completed in Minecraft with 4th grade students. I feel strongly about reflecting on new lessons and tools after they’ve been completed/used, and this is no different. 736 more words