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Merging spatial buffers in R

I’m sure there’s a better way out there, but I struggled to find a way to dissolve polygons that touched/overlapped each other (the special case being buffers). 407 more words


6th Grade Unit 6: Angles and Triangles

Angle Pairs

I used this Which One Doesn’t Belong? to start our unit on angles and triangles.  I love how starting with something like this gives me insight on where students are at with this topic based on their answers and the vocabulary they are using. 210 more words

Intersecting points and overlapping polygons


I’ve been doing some spatial stuff of late and the next little step will involve intersecting points with possibly many overlapping polygons. The sp package has a function called over which returns the polygons that points intersects with. 296 more words


More Bracketology

Further examples following the bracketology idea…..

No as it stands not terribly exciting. The idea is to logically deduce which bracket represents the larger value and that value goes into the next round. 93 more words

Select a loop of faces/Edges in Blender

Blender 2.79

Alt + RMB Click a face or Edge in the loop.