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3D Project

Hello. I’ve been dabbling with 3D modeling (using Blender) for some days now, made this to get a feel for our team’s new project. Personally I’m a real sucker for low poly modeling, there’s some amazing looking things people do with such limitations. 45 more words


Three Polygons and One Triangle

These bracelets show variations in color of bracelets made with three polygons and one triangle.

Here is the closeup. 7 more words

Right Angle Weave

An interesting discussion

Yesterday I was teaching perimeter of compound shapes with my year 9s. After they had been solving problems based on shapes made up solely from squares and rectangles one if the pupils asked “Sir, will the perimeter always be even?” I thought this was a great point for discussion so I opened it up for the class. 154 more words


Heptagons again

Hi out there,
In today’s post I’d like to show you how to construct the above hepta star figure.It’s one of the basic elements showing up in many hepta patterns as mentioned in the previous article about heptagon based patterns.And it’s a good example to demonstrate what I meant by math free methods earlier on.No formulas or equations needed,just a bit of logic,promised. 235 more words


Two Polygons and One Triangle

Here, I’m starting a series with multiple polygons and one triangle. Starting with two polygons.

And here’s the closeup.




Polygons are closed planar shapes with three or more sides:


Vertices: The corners of the polygons are called vertices.

Consecutive sides: Consecutive sides are those which have a vertex in common. 58 more words


The Greedy Triangle / written by Marilyn Burns ; illustrated by Gordon Silveria


ISBN 0590489917

Published: New York : Scholastic, ©1994.

Hardcover, unpaged.

GENRE: Picture Book

Recommended for ages 6-9 by Publishers Weekly
Grade Band: Pk-3… 620 more words

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