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Polymath Proposals on Math Overflow

Here is the link to a mathoverflow question asking for polymath proposals. There are some very  interesting proposals. I am quite curious to see some proposals in applied mathematics, and various areas of geometry, algebra, analysis and logic.

Polymath Proposals

Polymath proposal: explaining identities for irreducible polynomials

I am posting this proposal on behalf of Dinesh Thakur.

Let be the ring of polynomials over the finite field of two elements, and let… 446 more words

Polymath Proposals

Polymath proposal?

I don’t know if this is appropriate for the Polymath group since it is applied mathematics but it would be useful for “experimental” sciences like Economics where intuitively  guessed processes rule the day.   224 more words

Polymath Proposals

Two polymath (of a sort) proposed projects

This post is meant to propose and discuss a polymath project and a sort of polymath project.

I. A polymath proposal: Convex hulls of real algebraic varieties. 385 more words

Polymath Proposals

Polymath9: P=NP? (The Discretized Borel Determinacy Approach)

Tim Gowers Proposed and launched a new polymath proposal aimed at a certain approach he has for proving that .

Polymath Proposals

Polymath proposal: bounded gaps between primes

Two weeks ago, Yitang Zhang announced his result establishing that bounded gaps between primes occur infinitely often, with the explicit upper bound of 70,000,000 given for this gap.   386 more words

Polymath Proposals