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Rota's Basis Conjecture: Polymath 12

There has been enough interest that I think we can formally declare Rota’s Basis Conjecture to be Polymath 12. I am told that it is standard Polymath practice to start a new blog post whenever the number of comments reaches about 100, and we have reached that point, so that is one reason I am writing a second post at this time. 1,605 more words

Polymath Proposals

Rota's Basis Conjecture: Polymath 12?

This post tentatively kicks off Polymath 12 on Rota’s basis conjecture.

I proposed Rota’s basis conjecture as a possible Polymath project on MathOverflow last year. If you have not read my proposal, I strongly recommend that you… 1,298 more words

Polymath Proposals

MO Polymath question: Summary of Proposals

Here are the Math Overflow Polymath proposals given in response to the polymath question,

Summary of proposals (updated: August 10, 2016)

1) The LogRank conjecture… 329 more words

Polymath Proposals