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Polymath proposal?

I don’t know if this is appropriate for the Polymath group since it is applied mathematics but it would be useful for “experimental” sciences like Economics where intuitively  guessed processes rule the day.   212 more words

Polymath Proposals

Two polymath (of a sort) proposed projects

This post is meant to propose and discuss a polymath project and a sort of polymath project.

I. A polymath proposal: Convex hulls of real algebraic varieties. 383 more words

Polymath Proposals

Polymath9: P=NP? (The Discretized Borel Determinacy Approach)

Tim Gowers Proposed and launched a new polymath proposal aimed at a certain approach he has for proving that .

Polymath Proposals

Polymath proposal: bounded gaps between primes

Two weeks ago, Yitang Zhang announced his result establishing that bounded gaps between primes occur infinitely often, with the explicit upper bound of 70,000,000 given for this gap.   381 more words

Polymath Proposals

Polymath proposal (Tim Gowers): Randomized Parallel Sorting Algorithm

From Holroyd’s sorting networks picture gallery

A celebrated theorem of Ajtai, Komlos and Szemeredi describes a sorting network for  $n$ numbers of depth $O(log N)$. rounds where in each runs $n/2$. 13 more words

Polymath Proposals

Next Polymath Project(s): What, When, Where?

Let us have a little discussion about it.

We may also discuss both general and specific open research mathematical projects which are of different flavor/rules. 20 more words

Polymath Proposals

Minipolymath4 project, second research thread

It’s been almost 24 hours since the mini-polymath4 project was opened in order to collaboratively solve Q3 from the 2012 IMO.  In that time, the first part of the question… 396 more words

Polymath Proposals