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The 12th incarnation of Glasgow based math/heavy night Taribo West brings not one, but two touring bands from the south of England into Glasgow’s much loved Bar Bloc for a night of riffy goodness. 603 more words


Seeking Part-Time Position in Education and/or Other Nonprofit

I’m approaching my search for meaningful, part-time work in the spirit of that old song, “all of me, why not take all of me?” …including my sense of humor (as per my mutated comic book cover, above.) I plan to either stay in the SF Bay Area or move to Hawai’i island. 459 more words

Clinical Sexology

An Urbanist’s Manifesto -- The Chairman's Editorial

Much of my adult life has revolved around a personal pursuit of better understanding how our built environment is created and works.  In the early periods of this pursuit I didn’t really understand the nature of my chase; though I could define it soon thereafter, I still found myself challenged by my ability (or lack thereof) to find the information I was seeking.  652 more words

Built Environment

Bridging Bulkism and Minimalism

They’re seeming contradictory ideas, bulk and minimalism. One stems from notions of large quantities and the other from bare minimums. In the past, I’ve separately tried both approaches to life, finding, like most things, they come with their own sets of pros and cons. 513 more words


Tomas Tranströmer’s Childhood Worldplay

My book, Inventing Imaginary Worlds, includes a “Childhood Worldplay List” of sixty or so individuals, ranging from Charlotte Brontë to MacArthur Fellow Laura Otis. As I indicate there, “I fully expect additional examples to come to light.” Here I suggest that Tomas Tranströmer, Nobel laureate in Literature (2011), also engaged in complex imaginative play that qualifies as imaginary world invention. 618 more words

WK: Better Forever, Forever Better, Kim Minnis Releases 'Friendly Reminder2' 

Photography By: @anand.vision

Director: Nassar Boulaich

After a year and a month, The Polymath, hip hop rattler comes hard in 2015 with a sequel to ‘Friendly Reminder’. 106 more words