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Polymath, to be limitless...

Having picked ‘renaissance’ as my overarching theme for 2015, I guess I should consider what it means to be a ‘renaissance man’. In doing so I hope to establish my general idea about what it might mean for me. 599 more words

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was one of America’s founding fathers. Jefferson helped draft the Declaration of Independence and a belief in human rights. Jefferson passed one of the first bills on religious tolerance in his state of Virginia. 27 more words


EP Review: Reptiles by Polymath

Brighton math-rock trio Polymath release their new EP Reptiles on the 16th February. It’s a gargantuan slab of math-rock, full to the brim with intricate guitar riffs, thunderous bass lines, dynamic drumming throwing you in different directions and mind blowing time signatures. 232 more words


January Resolutions

New Years Resolutions are pesky promises most individuals know they will break even before they act upon them. Resolutions have moved from a set list of goals to a general series of “wishes”, or in other words, things we would like to change, may try to change, and probably will not change. 474 more words

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Detail from the Photographer and His Wife, Granada, Spain

This isn’t a true detail; it’s actually a third shot, as I zoomed in. I had to ask Maria to hold her pose. I still love her in that hat.

Street & Candid

Bess Jones reblogged this on Roving Bess and commented:

I love this shot. I would buy it as a print, wouldn't you? Especially signed by the artist himself. What a rare opportunity that would be given the history of the truly great street photographers in the history of street photography. Then again I am an artist, and I can't help but appreciate exceptional art when I see it, despite being one of the subjects of the shot. That's beside the point. This is a most accomplished shot. It gives me butterflies.

Augment Your Reading with Goodreads

Technology is often condemned for destroying the old. “Gone is the art of letter writing, gone is reading, gone are the basic math skills necessary for algebra and calculus!” cry the technological resistance. 251 more words

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Appropriately for the ArtScience Museum of Singapore, Da Vinci: Shaping the Future uses da Vinci’s ‘Codex Atlanticus’ notebook to explore arguably the ‘most celebrated artist and scientist of all time’ and his groundbreaking contributions to mathematics, natural sciences, architecture, technology and music.   33 more words