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Fear Fighting {Book Review}


“Fear Fighting” is a Christian book filled with essays about accepting God’s power to overcome your fears. There are chapters on worry, anxiety, comparison, and the need to be in control. 513 more words

Book Review

The Last Lecture {Book Review}

A few years ago, I watched a touching and inspiring lecture by Randy Pausch. A last lecture is an opportunity for a professor to share knowledge from a lifetime of learning. 329 more words

Book Review

(def): Anything with many different parts or aspects.

So many of the good things we learn in childhood are often quashed in us as we grow into adults. 362 more words


100 Worst Ideas in History {Book Review}

My husband found this book at the library while visiting with family. Every so often, he would share some of the book, which piqued my interest in reading it. 355 more words

Book Review

PolyMac Blog


/pali,maθ/   noun

 A person whose interests are wide-ranging things and various.

Hey, my name is Mac and welcome to my blog. As my dictionary style intro states.

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