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On the Degradation of the Word 'Polymath,' and the Evolution and Imporance of Words in General

The English language is immensely intricate. It is also wondrously beautiful. Like Hemingway once remarked of the sea, English seems distinctly female in quality. Never mind the outdated gender stereotyping at play. 754 more words

Daily motivational websites

Here are  a few websites that make my brain happy to look at. Take whatever you want out of them. I do not read every single thing, but there are some posts that peak my interest. 144 more words

Winter time equals many opportunities

This winter marks my second year learning to snowboard. Snowboarding is not an easy venture. There are times I am on my board falling, hot, tired, with my legs burning & I just want to be down the hill. 247 more words

You may want to rethink getting that master's degree

What do you do?

It was a watercolor class*. Everybody had their heads down to their work. Brushes flourished, water splashed, and classmates attempted small talk. 1,009 more words


Snorri Sturluson

I once stood among a group of writers at a talk presented by then-Icelandic President Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson. He said that we would notice Iceland had no statues of presidents or generals, but had many of artists and poets. 58 more words

1000 Words

Are You a Specialist or a Scanner?

Barbara Sher, an American career coach, is responsible for the enormously comforting concept of the “scanner” personality. The idea is that some of us are simply better suited to being nimble generalists, switching from interest to interest, rather than specialists, focussing on one subject, one career, or one… whatever. 77 more words


On Next Steps & Samantha Brown

Does anyone remember Samantha Brown? As a kid and teenager, I was completely obsessed (and I mean obsessed) with the Travel Channel, and in particular Samantha Brown’s shows. 591 more words