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10 Facts About The Author Of This Blog

1. I’m taking up my BA in Music and I’m in my 4th year. I mainly study opera and piano, but I can play the… 277 more words


A Tribute to Galileo

Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe, which stands continually open to our gaze. But the book cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language and read the characters in which it is written. 1,335 more words

A Hermit Writes

In truth, I don’t consider myself too much of a writer, nor do I enjoy writing very much. To say it bluntly, I find writing a necessity rather than a passion: a mere tool for idea dissemination and the exercise of the mind. 583 more words


Why I Chose Tim Ferriss to Be My Mentor and How to Create Your Own Mentorship

I came across an article ages ago, which talked about the benefits of having a mentor. Among the benefits it mentioned was the fact that they can accelerate your learning curve exponentially and help you shape your ideas and empower you, enabling you to grow in ways you would never have dreamed of.  986 more words

Productivity Hacks

Giveaway fee competition - expires 12 February 2017

Hello and happy 2017 to you all.

Got a bit of surplus gear built up over the last year so with the suppliers permission I am doing a giveaway. 42 more words


On the Degradation of the Word 'Polymath,' and the Evolution and Imporance of Words in General

The English language is immensely intricate. It is also wondrously beautiful. Like Hemingway once remarked of the sea, English seems distinctly female in quality. Never mind the outdated gender stereotyping at play. 754 more words