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Polymath16, second thread: What does it take to be 5-chromatic?

This is the second “research” thread of the Polymath16 project to make progress on the Hadwiger–Nelson problem, continuing this post. This project is a follow-up to… 473 more words


Polymath16, first thread: Simplifying de Grey's graph

Given the initial activity on the Polymath proposal page, Terry Tao suggested that Aubrey de Grey and I launch Polymath16 to make progress on the Hadwiger–Nelson problem. 519 more words


A Case for Modern Day Renaissance Men

The world is rapidly evolving. New technologies become obsolete within a matter of years and the long-standing career options are gradually being replaced by positions that did not exist ten years prior. 719 more words


Polymath15, seventh thread: going below 0.48

This is the seventh “research” thread of the Polymath15 project to upper bound the de Bruijn-Newman constant , continuing this post. Discussion of the project of a non-research nature can continue for now in… 334 more words


Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier is a polymath who loves technology and playing exotic musical instruments. Jaron has had some very interesting things to say about the development of technology and has been a real catalyst in the development of virtual reality and algorithms that mimic the human brain. 26 more words