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Polymath: The Beginning

I once had to do a “Subject Knowledge Audit” every few months on a course that I did. We were given a list of topics and we had to rate our current knowledge of them and then create an “Subject Knowledge Improvement Plan” for how we were going to develop our knowledge and understanding. 180 more words

The pursuit of polymathy

How does one go about becoming a polymath? I don’t know.

Can you just decide to become a polymath? I don’t know. But I don’t see why not. 144 more words

I found my people

Recently I google searched “name for people with many interests.”

I am familiar with the term Jack-of-all-traits Master of none, but I never really like it. 248 more words

Accidental Polymath Problems: 10 Subjects You Study Before You Find the One

After my comment last week that I’d sort of friend-zoned physics, I got to thinking about how many different subjects/career choices I stumbled through during my 20s. 1,448 more words


Are You A Fox?

“A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows one important thing”. So which one are you? 231 more words

Career Planning

In the Morning Wake

I believe he was hopeless ... 

hopelessly akin to the blackness shining 

brighter than the light of innocence 

robbed from him long ago 

at the hands of his father.   673 more words

How to use a Sketchbook or Notebook

New sketchbooks or artist notebooks should get a few customizations to embellish, refine and to personalize them …with love. ‘B’ means this is only my second sketchbook ever…..nope 😊not really. 684 more words