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Miniature Sweet Bread

Finally! The first item from my October ‘Sweet Fuh Days’ Agenda – miniature Sweet Bread.

When I first did this project, I had no translucent clay to make realistic cherries so I focused on a few raisins…

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DIY Craft Clay Tutorial - How to make Miniature Succulents

Hi guys,

The last video, I showed you ways to make Bubble Maze. I hope it gave you the fun time. And today is a very small thing. 72 more words

Miniature Sugar Cane

Since September was to be a month of ‘Bajan ingredients’ (ignore the fact that it is currently midway in October), I thought sugar was one of the most appropriate ingredients… 445 more words

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DIY Buffing Wheel Results

I used the little slices from my earlier mokume gane attempt to make a veneer, and sat down for a session of testing my buffing wheel… 399 more words


Cloud Beads

A few week ago we went to clothes shopping for my kids. You can’t go too wrong with supermarket clothes (especially for growing kids) so we went to Asda. 201 more words

Handmade Jewelry

Fear the polymer clay

Ή αλλιώς, τρομακτικά σκουλαρίκια και άλλα, από πολυμερικό πηλό.

Και ναι, ακόμη περιμένουμε τον 8ο κύκλο του The Walking Dead. Εάν δεν ξέρετε για τι στο καλό σας μιλάω, αναφέρομαι στην αγαπημένη μου σειρά, που έχει θέμα τα ζόμπι. 27 more words


Busy Days

This past week has been a busy one. I’m back at Waterstones for the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We’re about halfway through right now and it’s crazy. 254 more words