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What is Fimo clay?

Popular brand names:

  • Fimo
  • Sculpey

Generic name: Polymer clay.

Can you make it?

No, but you can make oven-baking clay substitutes that are very similar to polymer clay. 80 more words


Dendrimery, Hypervětvené polymery

AMOLED-Active metrix organic light

Dobré mech. Vlast.-vysoká žmolkovanost-PET, vyrabi se z ropy

Co jsou to Aramidová vlákna – vlákna aromatických polyamidů s dlouhým uhlovodíkovým řetězcem… 2,431 more words

Cz Study Support

Eggs and arrows...

April. One quarter of the year gone by – happily in a blur of creative time. New tile designs, new ideas, new projects. One project I am on track with is the monthly beaded tapestry. 227 more words


Microplastic in Aquatic Ecosystems

The contamination of marine and freshwater ecosystems with plastic, and especially with microplastic (MP), is a global ecological problem of increasing scientific concern. This has stimulated a great deal of research on the occurrence of MP, interaction of MP with chemical pollutants, the uptake of MP by aquatic organisms, and the resulting (negative) impact of MP. 116 more words


Degradation of Various Plastics in the Environment

It is very important to understand the interaction between plastics and environment in ambient conditions. The plastics degrade because of this interaction and often their surface properties change resulting in the creation of new functional groups. 245 more words


The presence of microplastics in commercial salts from different countries

The occurrence of microplastics (MPs) in saltwater bodies is relatively well studied, but nothing is known about their presence in most of the commercial salts that are widely consumed by humans across the globe. 155 more words