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Memorializing Your Pet In Polymer Clay - YouTube

Are you thinking about getting a beautiful portrait of your pet? An artist by profession, Miri's paintings make a lasting keepsake of your furry or feathered… 6 more words

Polymer Sector and Demand for Plastic Mould China in the Globe Market

by conner395

The demand for pipe fitting mould is rising daily across the globe. To meet this global demand, the plastic mould China is supplying top quality moulds at affordable value. 483 more words

Hackaday Prize Entry: Open Source Electrospinning Machine

Electrospinning is a fascinating process where a high voltage potential is applied between a conductive emitter nozzle and a collector screen. A polymer solution is then slowly dispensed from the nozzle. 438 more words


How to Make Accessible Web Components

In a previous article I demonstrated how to create a multiselect web component. In the comments section of that article, readers touched on the very important subject of web component accessibility. 2,051 more words

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Star Trek Material Science is Finally Real: Transparent Wood

It’s not transparent aluminum, exactly, but it might be even better: transparent wood. Scientists at the University of Maryland have devised a way to remove all of its coloring, leaving behind… 215 more words


Creating a Multiselect Component as a Web Component

Web applications become every day more complicated and require a lot of markup, scripts and styling. To manage and maintain hundred kilobytes of HTML, JS, and CSS we try to split our application into reusable components. 2,503 more words

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Fran Harkes: Buttons by McAnaraks

“I have been earning my living by selling the things I make for 25 years. I buy 2nd hand clothing from charity shops and customise them, or “jazz” them up, using pieces from my large fabric collection. 182 more words