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Polymer Industries Announces New Massive HDPE Extrusion Machine

Polymer Industries new 12 foot wide (144 inches) extrusion capacity is largest HDPE sheet extruder in the USA. Great yields and multiple sizes up to .750 inch thick and 144 inch wide are capable with the huge new extrusion machine.

Predominately Black & White

In a recent Elle magazine, there were pages and pages of trends. The trend that caught my eye was entitled Board Games and the page was covered with models wearing checkerboard  patterned clothing. 46 more words

Laurie Prophater

Domino Plastics New Florida Branch

Domino Plastics is proud to announce the opening of its southern branch office located in Sumpter County in west central Florida about 40 miles north west of Orlando. 56 more words

Bio-based alternative to microplastics could cut marine litter

Natural products such as apricot kernels, beeswax and bio-based and biodegradable polymers could be used instead of conventional plastics in cosmetic products to cut down on marine litter according to a study carried out by the nova-Institute. 44 more words


LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black

LIGHTBEN KAOS 3D BLACK   <——- Link to my poster

The LIGHTBEN Kaos 3D Black offers lightweight stiffness to various applications. Its unique appearance is used for horizontal and vertical surfaces, room dividers, walls, doors, sliding doors, ceilings, furniture, and shelving. 166 more words


Introduction to Fullerenes

A fullerene is a molecule containing a sphere of carbon atoms joined like a football in hexagons and pentagons to make up a spheroidal structure. They are named after Buckminster Fullerene who designed an architectural dome of a similar structure and were discovered by Croto, Curl and Smalley in 1965 winning then the Nobel prize in chemistry. 888 more words


VetiGel: A gel that stops bleeding instantly, a boon to Emergency Medicine!

Joe Landolina, Co-founder of VetiGel Source: Wikipedia

Source: Suneris

Joe Landolina is not your regular 22 year old! At the age of 17, he invented a product called VetiGel which is an algae-based polymer that stops bleeding instantly! 521 more words