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So who really discovered the great land that is now America? There are several different contenders who claim this marvelous feat of exploration. Among these are the Chinese, the Welsh, and the Polynesians.

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Early American History

A look at some of the greatest explorers ever

Every now and then, I dive into the ole Twitterverse to take part in a select few chats, most of which deal with the outdoors. 1,039 more words


Become Health with the Health Benefits of Noni

Used for centuries by the Polynesians, noni fruit has a lot of many benefits. Being aware of what these health benefits are can guide you to create and live the healthy lifestyle that you are looking for. 61 more words

The amazing moai of the Rapanui

The Moai of Rapa Nui – the spirit of the people

Rapa Nui is an island of mystery and lost secrets. It is most famous for the giant stone statues called moai that stand in silent sentinel over the island and its people. 237 more words


A spring equinox celebration from the Heiva I Tahiti

by Whitt Birnie

 The Tahitian dance group Ori I Tahiti presents …

An exceptional dance group, Ori I Tahiti, returned for an encore performance on the stage at To’ata, at the invitation of Marguerite Lai and Claude Teriierooiterai.  29 more words


Genome of Enigmatic Kennewick Skeleton Confirmed to be Native American

In 1996, a human skeleton washed out of a riverbank in Washington state. In time, searchers found roughly 90 percent of what was identified as a contemporary male of European descent.

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