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I’ve developed somewhat of a warped reputation among the students as the teacher who can do anything. …likely due to the multiple academic areas that I enjoy. 890 more words

Higher-Order Features contd.

In the last post, we introduced a model that allows to relate pairs and even triplets of keywords to capture concepts that are present in movies. 344 more words

Higher-Order Features

Regardless of what we are trying to learn, the success of training a good model largely depends on the features. It is no real surprise that “flat” features learned by a linear model are not powerful enough to disentangle most concepts. 408 more words

Add and subtract monomials

In order to add and subtract monomials, we first have to be familiar with the concept of like terms.

1. Like terms

Definition: Like terms are terms whose variables are the same. 61 more words

Grade 7


I. Monomial

Definition: a monomial is a number or a product of a number and variables or product of variables. A monomial does NOT contain variables in denominator… 324 more words

Grade 7