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Third Root of Equation

Two of the roots of the equation are and . Find the third root of the equation.
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, August 2006

Let be the third root of the equation. 108 more words

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Analytic formulas of polynomials


Analytic formulas, or analytic solutions, or algebraic solutions, of polynomials are answers to the question ‘what are the roots of this function?’ directly – no messing around with guesses. 918 more words


Cubic Polynomial Word Problem: Jenny and the Magic Bean

Here is a PDF version of a math problem I recently created. You’ll have to know how to factor cubic polynomials, so you may want to brush up on that first, or use this problem as a refresher. 71 more words

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Universality of Univariate Mixed Fractions in Divisive Meadows

This is to announce a new electronic preprint concerning meadows. The paper entitled “Universality of univariate mixed fractions in divisive meadows” (arXiv:1707.00499v1 ) has now been archived. 60 more words

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Polynomial Regression in Python

In this post, we will run a polynomial regression on the Housing data set instead of a linear regression. We will do this when we suspect that there is a non-linear relationship in the data that the linear regression won’t pick up on.   127 more words