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Hands on Approach to Factoring out the GCF

Factors are “things being multiplied”, e.g. 2 and 3 are factors of 6.

Factoring polynomials like 5×2 + 15 above is one of the most challenging algebra topics, especially for students with special needs. 56 more words


Zen Math

Listen up but learn deep,
said the non-existent Zen Math teacher.
I’m only saying this once
and it will be on your test
now nearly finished. 123 more words

Homework #12 due 11-7

Stewart page 134 “Concept Check” #12, “Exercises” #10,11,12,19,20, page 135 #25,26,35,36,

Homework #11 due 11-1

Stewart page 135 #63-70, page 136 #3

Horner's Method

It’s not like evaluating polynomial is something that comes up that frequently in the average programmer’s day. In fact, almost never, but it brings up a number of interesting questions, such as, how do we evaluate it very efficiently and how much of a simplification in the computation is actually a simplification? 215 more words


What is the value of x in x^(1/3) - x^(1/9) = 60



To simplify the equation, let us consider-

We should also change the second term in y form-

By putting the value of x from equation (1) in (2) 120 more words

Quantitative Aptitude

Polynomial Function & Rational Function

Language : Sinhala

බහු පද ශ්‍රිත හා පරිමේය ශ්‍රිත පිලිබදව ඇති ප්‍රමේයන් හා උදාහරණ සමගින් අධ්‍යන කටයුතු සදහා පහසුවන ආකාරයට මෙ‍ම ‍පොත සකසා ඇත.

ඇතුලත පිටු 7 more words