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What is the remainder when is divided by ?
Source: NCTM Mathematics Teacher, November 2006

If a polynomial is divided by a polynomial , there exists a quotient polynomial and a remainder polynomial such that… 116 more words

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NAA P-51D Mustang: Fuselage: Conics

NAA P-51D Mustang: Fuselage: Conics

In the preceding article I had some fun with polynomials and how they could be useful for determining a smooth fit spline for the development of the Mustang fuselage. 726 more words


NAA P-51D Mustang: Fuselage Lines; Polynomials

NAA P-51D Mustang: Fuselage Lines; Polynomials.

This evening I spent some time looking back through some old notes I had on fuselage design, particularly Conic sections and Setting-out design theory. 887 more words


Infinite Ways to an Infinite Geometric Sum

One of my students, K, and I were reviewing Taylor Series last Friday when she asked for a reminder why an infinite geometric series summed to for first term  1,027 more words



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Mathematica 10.1 Geometry of a quartic polynomial. Quartic describes an object of the “fourth order” A Quartic function is a polynomial function of degree 4. 11 more words

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A countability argument

Here is a countability argument that I like because it relies on almost nothing. Let be a ring.

Theorem. If is countable, then the… 126 more words