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Kevin Makes a 3

A graphing story about polynomials functions.

This can lead to good discussion about the difference between parabolas and other polynomial functions, such as symmetry around local extrema. 68 more words

Graphing Stories

Polynomial with positive integers (RMO 2015 Mumbai Region)

Problem: Let P(x) be a polynomial whose coefficients are positive integers. If P(n) divides P(P(n) -2015) for every natural number n, prove that P(-2015) = 0. 114 more words

Math Olympiad Corner

Polynomial delta function

The function has a curious property: for any linear function , and any point , the integral evaluates to . This is easy to check using the fact that odd powers of integrate to zero: 265 more words


The LLL lattice basis reduction algorithm

I gave a talk on Tuesday at the “Gems of Theoretical Computer Science” seminar on the LLL algorithm.


The LLL (Lenstra–Lenstra–Lovász) algorithm is a lattice reduction algorithm that can approximate the shortest vector in a lattice, and has numerous applications (which I’ll cover as time permits), including polynomial-time algorithms to… 317 more words


Elementary Maths: Algebraic representation and formulae

A mathematical humour  ‘Algebraic symbols are used when you do not know what you are talking about’

What about algebraic representation and formulae ? Tap link below for details. 15 more words


Fibonacci, Chebyshev and Ramsey

Pascal’s triangle has long and celebrated history, see this TedEd video:

What makes it more interesting is its relations with various domains of Mathematics (if you don’t understand the three relations discussed, refer Wikipedia). 85 more words

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