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Maker of the Month: Sarah Macrae

Returning to our series of ‘Maker of the Month’ posts, here we feature Sarah Macrae, who is currently Chair of the Designer Jewellers Group. The post is written by fellow DJG member… 398 more words


The Inventor Down in the Basement

Oldtown still had relics of old, outdated technology, such as its coal gas system of night street lighting and its electro-trolley streetcars. But with a leading industry of petroleum refining and chemical production, the gigantic city contained an array of research laboratories and an army of independent single, private experimenters. 2,343 more words



Everyday in our lives we come across all sorts of synthetic polymers or thermoplastics, and often wonder what makes them different for different uses. As an Architect, it demands further exploration to know what kind of thermoplastic goes in for specific function in building industry and its reasoning. 634 more words


Best gifts 2014: Viento Chair

Viento ChairAvailable in various colors. This stylish polycarbonate lounge chair is lightweight, comfortable and durable. Fully functional as both being indoors and outdoors while bringing a cool and modern vibrant atmosphere with an unique back rest design. 13 more words

Best Gifts 2014

The Eames Plastic Chairs

The Eames Plastic Chairs

The Eames Plastic Chairs are a contemporary design by Charles and Ray Eames. Based off their original molded fiberglass chairs in an effort to make them more environment friendly, they changed the material of the chair from fiberglass to a plastic polypropylene. 94 more words


Your beauty products could be harmful - check for plastic beads!

The issue: micro plastics that are in household products are being washed down the drain, through our filtration systems and into waterways, and then absorbing toxins before they are ingested and accumulated in the food chain. 419 more words

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