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What Sea Slugs Can Teach Us About Saving the Environment

(Source: www.wired.com)

Recently, 25 sea slugs were served an underwater buffet to study their tastes. Offered a choice of brine shrimp and hydroid polyps (small coral-like organisms), the slugs opted for polyps that had swallowed the shrimp—a clever caloric twofer. 204 more words


The Comeback Special

Nearly 3 weeks out of surgery to have my Ostomy reversed. I’ve been struggling to articulate the processes and changes I’ve been faced with because, well, I’ve been struggling with the processes and changes. 586 more words


Painful Bloated Woes & Polyp Murder




  1. a growth, typically benign and with a stalk, protruding from a mucous membrane.

Okay, let me back up here. If you’re a new follower, welcome! 942 more words


Get Yer Tips Out

Quick one – I’m due in surgery in 4 hours to get my ostomy reversed. I will be off my tits on morphine for a few days and I can’t wait. 384 more words


Who's At Risk For Colon Cancer?

Cells in the colon, or large intestine’s lining constantly renew themselves, but the genes that regulate this process sometime go awry, leading to the growth of new cells disproportionately. 68 more words


A Shite Nights Sleep

So this happened last night.

Went to bed. Alone, as my 6 year old son had commandeered/ emotionally blackmailed his mother into co-sleeping in the spare room. 342 more words


Balloon Animal

I drove to Yale today to get a pre-op exam, ostensibly to get a balloon put up my arse. There was a technical name for the procedure, I asked my surgeon, but all I remember was him saying it was a ‘nsdkjfhmffdf test’ so I’ve gone with ‘get a balloon put up my arse’. 705 more words