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Shattered: the silence of the lamb

Occasionally, fleetingly, I cease being a bona fide anosmic.

In November last year I left a meeting in central London during the rush hour. I love traipsing the fascinating streets of town, so eschewing the tube, I made for Marylebone station on foot. 409 more words


How this medical intervention had a surprising side-effect: tranquility

Unless you were raised in an obscure religious sect that frowns upon modern medicine you’ve probably experienced its life-saving benefits at some time or other. 1,684 more words

Mental Health

An Enthusiastic Nose

The guy was on his feet as I entered the consulting room. Arms open, he ushered me towards an oversized desk. My medical policy had secured a meeting with an ENT specialist on London’s Harley Street. 330 more words



So then, why?

This where I am at this point.

I received some strange news about 6 weeks ago. Following a routine Colonoscopy, the doctor had chipped off some bowel samples and sent them to be examined. 407 more words


Nose Issues [Show Notes]

Episode 96 – Nose Issues

Issues that cause your breathing to fail:
– Allergies – congestion
– Viruses – congestion
– Deviated septum – the septum (the bone that separates the nasal cavity and divides your nostrils) can get crooked and change the size and access of the nostrils or nasal cavity.   278 more words


A Shit in the Park

From the beginning then.

My name is James and I am from England.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis aged 14. This followed a year of arseache and head scratching by doctors. 334 more words


My mother two surgeries

It’s been a long two weeks, Extremely crazy and hectic for me. So not too long ago my mother tried out the colon-guard when she received the results they found blood in her stool so she had to receive a colonoscopy. 319 more words