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A few thoughts on religious polyvalence

There are a couple of ways I find the word “polyvalence”* useful in talking about polytheistic religions and beliefs. Some folks use the word “ambiguity,” also a good and useful term. 293 more words


Pantheonic Ramblings

When I was growing up, books of mythology were always among my favorites. Often these books would include a list of gods, a “cast of characters” that comprised the pantheon of deities who were featured in these stories. 1,537 more words

Greek Gods

Facets of Deity

I am a polytheist, which means that I feel that each god is a unique entity with their own unique character, but I also consider the gods in their full complexity to be far beyond my mortal understanding. 276 more words


Thoughts on the worship of little-known gods

I have a real fondness for little-known gods, gods whose names are known only from a handful of sites, or even those who make a single (known) appearance. 391 more words


Five Reasons to Write Prayers

While I am a writer of prayers and (like most other prayer-writers, I think) I am happy and honored whenever someone uses one of my pieces* in their practice, I am also greatly in favor of people writing their own devotional works for the gods. 340 more words