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The Elder Scrolls - Fox

I’ve mentioned, in a previous post, before the Nords were as they are today, during the rule of the Dragon Priests, the people of Atmora worshiped nine animal gods – six shown as male, and three as female.  296 more words


Dragon Age - Elgar'nan

Little is truly known about the ancient elven gods; even the Dalish know little, and they share less.  What information there is must be picked up from ancient texts and oral teachings; although, we sometimes come across information where it is least expected. 434 more words


Patriotism and the American Gods

Recent discussion in the CP discussion group regarding the American gods and the documentation I put together a while back got me thinking about patriotism, and helped me find the words I needed to discuss it. 1,686 more words

Dirt And Bones

February for Manannan - 26 A Story

From Lady Gregory’s Gods and Fighting Men, (1904).

Part I Book IV: Call to Connla

AND it is likely it was Manannan sent his messenger for Connla of the Red Hair the time he went away out of Ireland, for it is to his country Connla was brought; and this is the way he got the call. 744 more words

Gods & Goddesses

February for Manannan - 25 A Poem

Land of Legends

by Stephen Lewis Ingham Pettit

Some say in the distant dawn the giant hand
of Finn MacCumhal* once hurled this land – 120 more words

Gods & Goddesses