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Community and (my) polytheism

I am very much an introvert. I love – and need – long stretches of time alone where I cannot be forced into interaction with other human beings on their terms. 1,381 more words


A Return to My (Gaming) Roots

Once Upon a Time, in days both ancient and forgotten, a woman sought to drag her pop culture paganism into the light by writing about the gods of Tamriel for the period of a year.   187 more words

Personal Path

My Polytheism

I wasn’t going to write about this.

I wasn’t going to write about this, because so many have said it, and said it well: that polytheism is not a monolith; that there is no “culture of polytheism”; that those who put themselves up on some holier-than-thou plinth are likely to have it crumble beneath them. 349 more words

Personal Path

Patron Deities

“How do I find my patron deity?” is a question that echoes throughout the pagan communities on Tumblr and elsewhere.  What doesn’t seem to get discussed very often is what having a patron deity entails.   1,546 more words


My polytheism

I’ve really been enjoying the posts inspired by the first My Polytheism post, and so:

In brief: I treat gods (and other spirits) like I treat human people (or would… 2,160 more words


A Gaelic polytheist reacts to 'Miasma' (Pt 1) - The Song of Amergin

This is a poem about the source of my gods’ power – and mine.

I am the wind on the sea.
I am the ocean wave. 1,718 more words


Naming the Unnamable — Wytch of the North

Oh, so much this! All of this!

I’ve had a problem calling my Gods by Their names since I began working with Them. I also see in hindsight how much those specific names have kept me narrowly on a path to know who They really are, sometimes keeping me from actually knowing Them outside of the names we have for Them. 103 more words