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So Much

It is busy! But in a very happy way! I’m grateful for those who have bought my teas, I’m so excited to be making them, and excited to share things that are nom! 454 more words


30 Days of Hela ... Day 19 The Slap

I mentioned earlier that Hela is not one to use shenanigans. Normally if she wants something from me, she comes to me and talks about it. 248 more words

30 Days of Hela...Day 11 Differences

I was talking with my girlfriend about the Gods and Goddesses. She was telling me that she had spent some time the night before connecting with her Gods, talking to them and seeing what was up. 473 more words

30 Days of Hela - Sacred Time

Something that all divine beings hold in common is a set of important times of year, whether these are times of day, days themselves, months, holidays or chunks of a year. 392 more words

30 Days of Hela - Work

When you work with or for the Gods, you tend to do work for them. You never know where it comes from or what it might entail, but know that it will always happen. 415 more words

30 Days of Hela - Day 4 Presence

Even from a pagan standpoint, everything in the multiverse possesses some form of energy. Some people can see it as an aura, while others can feel it and others can even hear it. 301 more words

30 days of Hela - Day 3 Visiting Hela

Since I have stated talking about Hela, this presents a unique opportunity to discuss the two places that Hela is most likely to connect with her charges. 525 more words