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Worldview: Samos, Giamos, and the Seasons

I’ve been thinking¬†quite a bit, during my recent reflections, on worldview and cosmogony, and the principles of light vs. dark as exhibited in Gaulish religion, and I’ve had a handful of ideas on the topic. 941 more words


A Month for Baldr - 5 - Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is borne of love,
When those who have wronged against you are important enough,
Their reasons just enough, almost anything can be forgiven.
It is a powerful magic, and should never be taken lightly, 421 more words


A Month for Baldr - 4 - Beginning

When contemplating this post, I wasn’t really sure what sort of beginning I should write about with Baldr, o/Our beginning, His beginning in Asgard, or perhaps even His new life in Hel after His death. 280 more words


A Month for Baldr - 3 - Together

Your relationship with your devotional topic.”

I was thinking, haven’t I already talked about this yesterday with the “how” post? Well, yes and no. I talked about how w/We’ve been doing over the past few months, but not necessarily what o/Our relationship¬† 604 more words


A Month for Baldr - 2 How

“How – How did you become involved with your devotional topic?”

I have already discussed this way back in January (where the Hel is this year going???!!!). 699 more words


A Month for Baldr - 1 - Who

I decided since July is not a very busy garden month, and I will need something other than weeding, cross-stitching Yule gifts, and wanting it to not be so damned hot out, to do in the meantime :) 247 more words


The Elder Scrolls - Leki

It’s amazing how little information is available in writing about the Yokudan pantheon.¬† I can only suspect that the Redguards pass most of it along amongst themselves, and as I’ve not been to Hammerfell I suppose it makes sense that I wouldn’t find it easy to gather the information I usually do for these posts. 471 more words