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30 Days of Diety Devotion: Day One

Greetings to all! Today I am launching my first major foray into a consecutive blog post on the theme of Deity Devotion. This is my own contribution to the 30  Days of Deity Devotion meme posted a couple years ago and accomplished by a score or more of talented authors on various blogs across the ‘Net. 834 more words


Penitential Sumerian prayer to the Gods

May the wrath of the heart of my God be pacified!
May the God who is unknown to me be pacified!
May the Goddess who is unknown to me be pacified! 418 more words

Sickened to my Soul

My partner just sent me this link. I had to sit for a very long time before reading it. I”m sickened and disgusted beyond words. 347 more words


July for Loki 2015: Day 29

I hesitate to associate Loki too strongly with “madness”, even though He is, in my eyes, a God of same.  We’ve watered down the word to the point where “madness” has no real connotations of mental illness anymore, at least in the United States (where I live).  300 more words

The Miraculous and Unexpected Happened

August 15th last year, I found myself on a table in a fluoroscopy lab as a resident, assisted by a lab tech, took directions from another doctor yelling from the other room on what would end up being the 4th or 5th attempt at a spinal tap with my body barely responding to the local anesthesia they were using on me.   1,459 more words


Иранские Божества Св. Владимира; Божества-Мифы

По летописной версии, так излагает события «Повесть временных лет», в 980 году Владимир Святославович попытался провести религиозную реформу. Он создал единый пантеон языческих божеств.  Это, так сказать, единая структура, во главе которой стоял Перун, и эта структура повторяла в какой-то степени то, что происходило в нормальном мире, так сказать. 17 more words

Igor Danilevskiy

It's giveaway time!

Hey everybody!  Due to the generosity of someone out there who bought this from my shop with the intent to give away, this necklace is up for grabs. 437 more words