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Surviving the Wild Hunt

In this emotionally charged video, Heather Awen brings the Wild Hunt out of the symbolic and mythical past into her own yearly near death experiences caused by doctors and having chronic Lyme disease and MCS. 79 more words


The Garden Of The Gods (Story)

“Many stars in the skies, many desires in our hearts, many Gods and Goddesses for all those desires”. – FB

It was a quiet day as any other.

2,048 more words

Rhiannon and Rape Recovery

What would connect Welsh Horse Goddess of Sovereignty Rhiannon and rape recovery? The demand that sex be a choice, both for the Goddess who chooses the King and all humans who choose their lovers with enthusiastic consent. 21 more words


Olwen & the Glamour of the Fey

Heather Awen was a devoted follower of Olwen, which led to a tragic end. Surrounded by crazy making, reality warping Glamour, she almost died in the Velvet Prison of deceit disguised as love. 29 more words


Dangerous Mistake with Ancestors

Heather Awen tale about a dangerous ancestor mistake, involving the wives of Ragnar Hairy Britches. Spirit work comes with perils.


Recovering Lost Deities

Heather Awen discussing the possibility of recovering lost tribal, bioregional Deities while honoring ancestors, based on her own experience with a northern Wales Goddess.

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Njordr Tea

A seemingly simple, yet pleasantly deep cup of tea.

Inspired and imbued with the Lord of the Sea’s energies, this tea can be drunk by the sea on a brisk day, or when you imagine the rhythmic waves crashing on the shore! 42 more words