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The red sun slips below
The ghost trees in the dusk
Pale light shining through
The wood is deep and silent
A chill wind creeps in the air…

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There is power in silence and reflection.
How many hours of the day are we set glazed over in front of one screen or another (and yes I see the irony in me writing this on a screen, not the point) or enthralled by some meaningless form of entertainment?

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On having spiritual experiences, and not knowing it

For much of my life, the idea of having a spiritual experience seemed so far-fetched, so impossible, and yet so undeniably important.

My first experience with organized religion, in a Baptist church at the age of seven, led me to believe that only very rarely did people experience the divine firsthand. 609 more words


Word and Worthiness

“So no man can call
Himself wise, ere he’s aged
A deal of years in this world.
The wise must be patient,
Not too impulsive, 401 more words


Hyperborean Renaissance

(This post was written in answer to a question posed on my YouTube channel, Hyperborean Renaissance.)

Lately I’ve been making endeavors to do more. To write more, to lift more, to illustrate more, to do more ritual work. 490 more words


Who Are You?

Who are you?
Who are you, one who dances around me?

I can’t understand who you are or the message that you bring, even the one you represent. 27 more words


CR/Gaelic Polytheist Community Boost

If you are interested in Celtic Reconstructionist paths, a Gaelic Polytheist or interested in the Irish/Scottish outsider warrior paths, and you don’t know the work of  Saigh Kym Lambert, you should. 172 more words