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God of the Month: ROBIGUS (ROBIGO) of wheat rust

As the God of Blight and Wheat Rust, Robigus does not receive divine honors. However, He does receive offerings to keep away from the crops. During the Robigalia, held on April 25, the Roman would sacrifice red dogs and sheep. 148 more words


Polytheism ala Hinduism

Hindu practices have an exquisite concept of polytheism. They believe in local, nature gods, as it were – and please note that I’m not translating this exactly perfectly. 468 more words


Paganism Introduction

Hey, all. I figured that for the first entry of the blog, I would talk about a topic I know a lot about: Paganism.

Despite what many people think, Paganism is an umbrella term. 174 more words


Winter Gods

I know that technically it is spring, but the weather has been bordering on bitter cold–more like winter than spring. The cold is not my favorite thing, but at least wintertime makes for a good opportunity for me to wear multiple layers. 926 more words

Slavic Paganism

An Intolerant Message

Over the years, people have reacted in a variety of ways when I was able to share with them that I was a Christian. Some immediately asked questions in order to learn more, while others quickly became agitated or uncomfortable. 1,038 more words

Josh Stolarz

John Stuart Mill on Pagan vs. Christian Morality

While John Stuart Mill was a devout Christian (people in his time had very little choice in the matter), he was also a keen observer of some the major defects in Christian morality. 461 more words



I have had the need to start talking more about paganism to more people. Getting my voice out their feels like the next step in my journey to bring about a positive and inclusive understanding of pagan beliefs to mainstream media. 136 more words