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Against the Monotheists “Occam's Razor”

Often, monotheists will end up invoking Occam’s Razor, a theory at its most basic principle summed up as “the simplest theory is most likely to be correct,” 813 more words

Appendix: Celtic Christian Resources

In my recent book, A New Monastic Way, I mentioned in the section on Our Monastic History that I recommend continuing independent research into Celtic Christianity and their take on monastic practice, prayer, and community. 1,176 more words


Lost in the Storm

As I said last time, my spiritual breakdown caused a lot of problems, and other outside problems gathered around, coincidentally or not, piled on top of each other. 3,775 more words


Pragmatic approach of Polytheism

After meeting my friend Edward Butler, I’ve come to learn that a degree of pragmatism is necessary for polytheism. Not only is it proper to accept the existence of all Gods, but it is more effective than the attempt to discount religious experience by monotheists. 439 more words

I call bullshit or Odin is not your babysitter

There’s a meme making its way around Facebook lately that presents us with the story of an abused child who dies and is taken to Valhalla. 1,023 more words

The Red Champion

What has been won by our liberation from these outdated delusions? What has been gained? Are we free? Are we at peace? Even by the standards of modernity, twisted and obscene, we are undoubtably the poorer.

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