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Devotional cooking: Koresh Fesenjan for Hekate

Suffering chronic fatigue, I usually don’t have the energy for big, flashy ritual. Once a month on the day of the new moon, I clean my house as best I can in service to Hekate, and we share the evening meal. 285 more words

Solidarity's Exile

Major depression, trying to fit reason why on a postcard to a comrade in prison. He once told me MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is worse than prison. 250 more words


We Are Number One

Now comes poet Robert Bringhurst, through an essay written for the esteemed Dark Mountain Project, and excerpted below. The images are from a… 6 more words


Rite to End a Heat Wave in Prison dedicated to Aine

This is draft of a ritual for Steel Bars, Sacred Waters, the Celtic Polytheism book for Pagans in prison I’m editing. The point is to stick with traditional sources and folk custom and create rituals that apply today. 2,914 more words


A prayer to Tyr

​Tyr do I call

and Tyr do I hail
Prince of the Temples

Dispenser of Justice

Wise sage,

Do I greet you.
That though my path… 44 more words


Seth's Sacred Critters

Like many of the other ancient Egyptian Gods, Seth-Typhon has a number of animals that are considered sacred to Him. I thought I’d take a moment to discuss each of these creatures and how they relate to Seth in their own unique ways. 1,857 more words


The Lay of the (Spiritual) Land

So if you are a reader of my blog, you might wonder – what is Allie?  Is she crazy? (Probably)  Is she an eclectic pagan?  An angel fanatic or shitposter about demons?   1,405 more words