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Sif, old school Vanir, & Thor's Saami identity

I realized Nerthus is this death/earth goddess I keep seeing with Sif back when she was the proud mother (and also I think a solar deity) of the winter hunter UllR and the summer earth Ullin, her twins who are lovers who are obviously Vanir. 892 more words


Beyond Hope

In spite of his opinions of trans people, I would still probably get along with Jensen if I somehow found myself in his company, because the man has a way of writing what I feel and know in my bones to be some kind of true and he does it in a way that makes me feel like I’m seeing myself in a mirror for the first time. 755 more words


MGW and Amor Fati

Well, I’m late to the game, but it doesn’t feel right to post anything to the blog without first talking a little bit about my experiences at Many Gods West. 1,657 more words


You don't hire deities, you worship them

Working with Pagans at a prison with a really crap “Pagan religion: Deities are gumball machines (put a quarter in, get junk out)” book seeking relationships with deities, I’m having to articulate Paganism as a religion. 1,104 more words


Pagan prison work

I have been immersed in more handouts for the pagan Circle I sponsor at a prison. Even being 3000 miles away I can be pagan support. 836 more words


Purity and devotion

I have very strong negative emotions about the topic and haven’t got the energy to properly write this draft, especially since English is not my language, still I thought it was important to share this rant, it takes courage and even if nobody reads I want to register this on my blog. 353 more words


Re-wilding the Witches

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write about now that I’m going to focus on writing again. If I wrote every idea or blog I’ve written in my head over the last year I would have quite the blog-full. 1,110 more words