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Vishnu's Oneness

Hari Replies

Hṛṣīkeśa is the most essential object of worship. After he was honorably glorified, the learned and wise Dakṣa again began the ceremonial worship Rudra had ruined. 436 more words

How Can a Person Know Which God Exists? by Apologetics Press

Several decades ago, the United States was overwhelmingly Christian in its religious persuasion. When naturalism and Darwinian evolution picked up speed in the U.S. and challenged the biblical story of man’s origins—the perspective most held by Americans—apologists sprang up in response, dealing a death blow to the naturalistic religion in the minds of many. 155 more words


Worshiping the Whole

One of the great things about Kemeticism is that our gods are kinda squishy. This allows us a lot of wiggle room when it comes to deity interpretation as well as deity worship. 1,142 more words


A God's Wager

1. Kneeling before | a ladle of wisdom,

Bright mead-mind, | betwixt deepest Ash-roots,

A past revealed | and laid long low of men’s

old words | and forgotten mind magics. 582 more words

Generalist Paganism

Tip of the Day, May 3

May 3 – “Hear O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD”.  Deut. 6:4. 113 more words


First Steps in Restoring Cultus

Many of us write a lot about this process of restoration: restoring our traditions and restoring cultus. We all know (and hopefully can agree) that devotional work is part of that process. 1,160 more words


Teaching Paganism

Happy Beltane to those who celebrate it!

Today I’m going to slip back into the old routine and have a little chat about Paganism.

Recently someone who I went to school with got in touch with me to ask about Paganism. 634 more words