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30 Days of Devotion: Days 21 - 24

Day 21: music that reminds you of the Deity

Right around the time I met Poseidon I had just taken interest in the band Dead Can Dance. 539 more words


The World Tree - Part 4: The Experience of Yggdrasil

The common interpretation of our ancestors’ mythology is that it’s a “primitive” worldview, a barbarian’s idea of how the physical world around us is shaped: that our forefathers honestly believed that the world they experienced was a flat disc surrounded by a giant serpent whose tail was held fast in its jaw lest all the waters of the world should flow out into empty space (as if that makes any sense). 1,307 more words


Introduction to LANMIPP - Loosely Affiliated Network of Monastically Inclined Polytheist Pagans

Now that I’ve had time to gather initial feedback (thank you everyone!), here is an introduction to LANMIPP that should answer most of the questions we’ve received about it so far. 813 more words

Monastic Life

The Aryan Apple (& a little mystery about the Vanir & Idunna from Snorri)

Aryan means Iranian.

Apples are so deeply ingrained in Norse and insular Celtic mythology I thought readers might be interested to know from where the apple actually came. 346 more words


Hellenismos -Are we Pagans?

No, we are not Pagans so please don’t call us that, some wont mind but other find it quite offensive. This is because the word Pagan has a few different definitions. 384 more words


I'm tired of hiding behind a mask...

I still have all my slavic knick knacks and books. And EVERY time I look at them I feel like they’re taunting me (laughs) I’ve tried giving my books away in the past as well, but I instead, lovingly refer to them as “my babies” and find that every time I tried..I couldn’t do it. 224 more words

Personal Thoughts

The World Tree - Part 3: The Map of our Ancestors

In Part 2, we looked at how the experience of our internal structure – that is, the structure of our consciousness – is not unlike a tree in its form.  881 more words