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I never thought that I would be giving thanks to be practicing a Diasporic religion but the past couple of months have clearly shown that there are some perks. 1,011 more words

Baldur During Ragnarok, Hidden with Hela

During this time of Ragnarok Baldur and Nanna, the soon-to-be new leaders of the Aesir, are hidden safely away with Hela. Why did Loki and Odin send them there? 156 more words


My Stay at the Hermitage

This post may be too little too late – and I’m not entirely sure that a blog post could have helped anyways, but I feel compelled to write one nonetheless. 436 more words


Interstate Anarchy and the Befuddled Monotheist

When the subject of International Relations is taught in universities, it often opens up with a discussion of the concept of ‘anarchy’. In this specific subject’s domain, anarchy neither denotes the political philosophy nor one of the rightly less-talked about Batman villains, but rather the classic definition of realm without governance. 1,788 more words

Meet the Team! (Appalachian Pagan Ministry and ME!)

Appalachian Pagan Ministry is kind enough to include me in their pagan prison ministry! The ministry has already celebrated Samhain at a woman’s prison in West Virginia and is branching out into two maximum-security prisons for men in Ohio. 828 more words


What the Volva Really Said

The Eddas did not finish the message from the dead Volva. How could it? Her message was to blood brothers Odin and Loki, about the coming of Christianity, the destruction of Midgard by lost humans and the only way to save Midgard – the death of each other and their tribes. 6 more words


Donations from Moon Books!

Trevor Greenfield, the publisher of Moon Books, has graciously donated two of their books to our library collection: