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Month of Written Devotion, Day 3: Together

This song, ‘Caught’ by Florence + the Machine, is absolutely perfect for a section of this devotion to/about Cernunnos. In fact, it’s interwoven here. 1,588 more words


30 Days (possibly longer, depending) of Odin

A little belatedly, I have decided to attempt the “30 Days of Devotion” meme for Odin this month. July isn’t really His time of year, so much (He spends most of the summer catching up on paperwork He didn’t have time for the rest of the year, before things get… 2,446 more words


July for Loki 2015: Day 3

One thing that I think on, more than I think a lot of Pagans and Polytheists do, is Catholic syncretisms – and someday I’ll share all the ones I currently have.  348 more words

On the Slavic Pantheon - Real and Imagined

Sometimes I feel like a terrible Slavic polytheist.

See there’s these long lists of “Slavic” deities that are constantly cited (Wikipedia gives a good cross section, … 455 more words

Slavic Mythology

Month of Written Devotion, Day 2: How?

For those of you who are rigidly interested in the extensive, detailed explanation of how Cernunnos came into my life, I have linked the blog post… 268 more words


30 Days of Loki: Day 2

II. How did you become first aware of this deity?

OK, so maybe it wasn’t aliens.  …Maybe.

When I was a small child, I had a few “imaginary friends” who I now believe were actually spirits interacting with me, especially because 1. 2,404 more words


They make masks

They make Their masks from us-
Our deepest thoughts, words
New-forged in our souls’ fires,
Kindled by Them in our heads.
We change; how dare we say… 70 more words