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[Friday] D is for Devotion, Pt. 2

Friday posts are written by Sage of the blog Sage and Starshine. Every week or so they explore a different aspect of the Otherfaith through the letters of the alphabet. 1,786 more words

My Fascination with Hinduism

A religion’s origin, that is lost in time. A religion, that has survived the influx of many other religions, cultures, its own corruption and foreign invasions. 622 more words


NB Mysteries #1

I know I spent a lot of time on my previous blog combing through my history, figuring out who I was at previous points in my life, looking for ways that it might inform me on who I am now and where I aught to go. 728 more words


Revisiting "Working With"

One of the first posts I had ever written on this blog discussed my thoughts about using the phrase “I work with XYZ deity”. Since then, I have seen many… 1,121 more words


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This also explains more of what I mean by "work with"

March Projects and "Stuff"

In addition to holding the Minerva and Apollo agon jointly with Lykeia (folks can send me their submissions now — I just won’t post them until March 1), I also have a couple of personal project starting in March. 425 more words


An Image of Yahweh and his Consort?

I have now posted my article on the standing figures on Pithos A from Kuntillet ‘Ajrud here.


The question of the identity of the two standing figures at the center of pithos A continues to be a subject of vigorous debate, with the scholarly community divided over whether they should be explained in light of the inscription invoking Yahweh and his… 81 more words


Personal Epiphany

I am learning throughout this time in my life where I am changing and shedding skin while making way for the new: There is so much more mercy, understanding and forgiveness than I could have possibly hoped for. 94 more words