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They Have Always Been Here

“The kingdom, fearing attack from their enemies across the sea, took the fairy flag out of the chest high in one of the towers. It had not been flown since the days of her grandmother’s grandmother, but everyone knew that it was a powerful gift. 483 more words



On is an all-encompassing concept that attempts to encapsulate or become an emblem of culture and the behavior patterns of humans. On is the force that governs when we learn a language or change behavior when we enter a courtroom. 370 more words

Beginning Polytheism

Hello dear readers!

I apologize for my absence the past few weeks, but balancing the spiritual with the physical is a constant challenge! There has been some interest in this blog already, which I must say I didn’t quite expect so soon. 693 more words

Beginner Witch

Magic, Mysticism, Joe Smith and Zohar

Acts 20:28-30; “Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.

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Joseph Smith

Lord of the Ninth Wave

Lord of the islands beyond the waves

Lord who rides Enbarr of the Flowing Mane over a plain of flowers

Lord of the Isle of Women… 66 more words


My Discomfort with Theism

I was an atheist for a decade, perhaps more if you consider how brittle and shallow my childhood “belief” in Christianity was. That was a religion that never set right with me, even in its more liberal forms. 430 more words


The Family of Mormon Gods

Journal of Discourses 1:57; “The Son is called God, and so is the Father, and in some places the Holy Ghost is called God. They are one in power, in wisdom, in knowledge, and in the inheritance of celestial glory; they are one in their works; they possess all things, and all things are subject to them; they act in unison; and if one has power to become the Father of spirits, so has another; if one God can propagate his species, and raise up spirits after his own image and likeness, and call them his sons and daughters, so can all other Gods that become like him, do the same thing; consequently, there will be many Fathers, and there will be many families, and many sons and daughters; and they will be the children of those glorified, celestial beings that are counted worthy to be Gods.” – Orson Pratt, Great Salt Lake City, August 29, 1852 413 more words

False Prophecies Of The Mormon Church