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Hinduism Lecture 2: Vedism (Pt II)

Today’s lecture begins with a discussion of more creation myths, then moves on to discussing four central Vedic gods (Agni, Soma, Indra, and Varuna), then moves on to getting our feet wet with Brahman and Atman. 37 more words

Where did the Gods go?

No. Seriously. Where did the Gods go?
We have all read about the all-powerful Greek Gods, the mighty Zeus, Apollo, Athena, and the whole endless pantheon! 668 more words


A Note On Celtic Reconstructionism

I’ve noticed so much confusion around social media lately about reconstruction, and Celtic Reconstruction in particular that I’m going to make my small part to hopefully unmuddy the waters. 615 more words


Athena & Hermes candles

A sample of the candles available in the Devotional Candles section of my Etsy shop:


Athena: An elegant light grey, dusted with silver and blue glitter, scented with a blend of pure essential oils of sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, and spearmint.   139 more words


Hindu Lecture 1: Vedic Period (Pt. 1)

With the first lecture on Hinduism, we begin with a short introduction to our course of study, a brief definition of Hinduism, followed by looking at how the development of the Hindu traditions differs significantly from that of the monotheistic traditions. 277 more words

Thought-provoking article from E. Butler at polytheist.com

I just read Edward Butler’s latest at polytheist.com — which can be found here–and as always it has given me a great deal of food for thought. 278 more words


From Here to Eternity

One of the newer pieces in my shop, this necklace features a Tierra Cast antiqued bronze pewter infinity symbol on a strand of fourteen large (10 mm) glowing golden obsidian rounds, with pale golden freshwater pearls, amber Czech glass crystals, and antiqued gold hematite spacers. 207 more words