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New Prayer Card

Here is the next prayer card (I’ll be sending it to the printer tomorrow): the Lithuanian Goddess Saule, Goddess of the Sun. The image is by Basil Blake.

Nerthus Has Come Calling

I think in my heart I knew that She was, but I felt it was better to have my suspicions confirmed by a diviner. The signs were all the same as they were the last time. 662 more words


An Animist Manifesto by Professor Graham Harvey:

I remember how many people said like they “came home” when they found Wicca. While I found Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft to meet a lot of my “personal is political” needs it didn’t meet my needs religiously or spiritually. 1,660 more words


Defining Polytheism

Polytheism is, at its core, the belief in and worship of multiple deities. The word “polytheist” comes from the Greek poly, meaning “many,” and the Greek… 1,427 more words

Has the tomb of Aristoteles been found?


Today some archaeological news. A Hellenic archaeologist, Kostas Sismanidis, has claimed to have identified the tomb of Aristoteles in Stageira, Aristoteles’ birthplace. The announcement was made at the Aristotle 2400 Years World Congress. 660 more words


A Prayer for an Ancestor in the Making

I die a little each day
Each step taking me just a little closer
to the Ancestors

I die a little each day
Hardly macabre; rather, hopeful… 81 more words


[Wider Community] Syren Nagakyrie

Syren Nagakyrie, one of the wonderful organizers of Many Gods West, has recently started a Patreon. She has also written a post about it, touching on vulnerability and process and getting to the place where she could start her campaign. 11 more words