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So divination…. What is it?

Any action that attempts to
solicit information directly from the Divine,
through the use of interpretive tools.
-Erin Dragonsong

There seems to be a common misconception of Divination is that it is the 

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I light a candle and reflect on the path that led me to this moment.  A lifetime of looking out at the water, mesmerized by waves, longing to be a mermaid.   957 more words

Devotional Polytheist

The Great Queen (Personal)

Just last night I was going to post something desperate on a facebook group dedicated to the Morrigan, asking if being Hers ever calms down. She has a reputation, you see.  275 more words

Wow. It's been a while

Hi everyone! Wow, it really has been a while (hence, this title) . Don’t worry, this blog isn’t dead yet. It is just… out of color? 400 more words

More About Spells!

I will be talking about what makes a spell work, types of spells and a few more examples of them.

So a spell is the  611 more words


Polemical topics for polytheists (part 4): Monotheists to learn from?

First view: Since monotheism is opposed to polytheism, we can learn nothing from monotheists

Second view: Since monotheism is another system of belief & culture like our own, we can generally learn as much from monotheists as polytheists… 577 more words


Witchcraft and Magickal Workings

Wiccans can be a witch and witches can be Wiccans but they are not the same thing. Wicca is a religion whereas witchcraft is a practice. 496 more words