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The Healing Power Of Nature

I have been feeling raw due to everything going on in the news. The holiday season has blessed me with traditional holiday stress as well. Yesterday my spirit was calling for nature and so I decided to bundle up and head out to the park. 376 more words


Building Our Own Empire

Well, remember how the other day I was all ‘Fuck Youuu’ to the world and all about building our own empires a la Luciferian inspiration? Well! 349 more words


What are you thankful for in this religion? How are you blessed?

My gratitude for my religion is vast and complicated. I am grateful for the relationships I have forged; for the experiences I have had; for the opportunity to honor the gods and serve as Their priest. 140 more words


“Hard Polytheism” and “Soft Polytheism”: A Non-Distinction

There’s an abundantly annoying claim in polytheist circles which accomplishes essentially nothing. The frivolous claim puts forward that there are two types of people who call themselves “polytheists” based on two beliefs regarding the divine: 676 more words

Frustration and Games

So, here’s a thing. When I first snapped that picture of our videogame stash and the DMC cover, I had a very positive train of thought in mind. 458 more words

Northern Tamarisk is now on Facebook

Northern Tamarisk now has its own Facebook page. If you don’t check WordPress regularly but want to keep up to date then why not follow me on Facebook?



Against the Monotheists “Occam's Razor”

Often, monotheists will end up invoking Occam’s Razor, a theory at its most basic principle summed up as “the simplest theory is most likely to be correct,” 814 more words