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Thor Incense & Cologne Oil

Thor Incense:  a blend of essential oils of patchouli, spearmint, and juniper, dedicated to Thor, the Thunderer.  A pack of 10 incense sticks is $5. 83 more words

Northern Tradition

30 Days (possibly longer, depending) of Odin

A little belatedly, I have decided to attempt the “30 Days of Devotion” meme for Odin this month. July isn’t really His time of year, so much (He spends most of the summer catching up on paperwork He didn’t have time for the rest of the year, before things get… 2,446 more words


30 Days of Loki: Day 3

III. Symbols and icons of this deity

So there is no “official” symbol of Loki, in the way that Mjollnir is pretty much universally regarded as the symbol of Thor.   791 more words


July for Loki 2015: Day 3

One thing that I think on, more than I think a lot of Pagans and Polytheists do, is Catholic syncretisms – and someday I’ll share all the ones I currently have.  348 more words

A giveaway!

Remember the Loki the Fox necklace I posted yesterday?  Well, someone in the audience was kind enough to buy the necklace for me to do a giveaway. 448 more words


Oaths and Hellenic Polytheism

Here’s my short essay on oaths. If you find anything that needs correcting please contact me.

Oaths Defined

An oath for the purposes of this essay is defined as a statement of fact sworn upon, ‘the head of Zeus’ or upon the River Styx*. 1,193 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Possessory trance, part 1: self-deception, and testing the spirits

I had to submit myself to possession recently, to fulfill an obligation to a spirit.  I’d refused to let him take hold of me before — during a Spiritist mass!   814 more words