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Guerilla Wizardry: DIY spiritual pat(c)hwork

By The Dizzy Wizard

All Gods – No Masters!

Mainstream religious thought is rife with oppressive doctrine, patriarchy, and bigotry. Global history is colored by the death that deity worship has caused, yet many of those who deny spiritual practice have adapted or acknowledged the beneficial tenets that are professed by most faiths. 1,492 more words


Blue Angel Necklace

Married or devoted to an archangel or other member of the celestial pantheon? (I know a few of you out there are.) Well, I’ve got the necklace for you! 208 more words


Soaps for Apollon and Artemis (PLUS custom soap now available!)

Brand new in my shop, this soap was magickally charged with the energies of the Hellenic deity Apollon, and is perfect for attuning yourself to Him at any time, but especially before divination or oracular work, or any working or ritual involving Him. 286 more words


Stories the Gods Tell Me

I have dreams.  I’ve always had dreams that were intense and clearly not just dreams.  For a few years after a car accident, I stopped dreaming completely at night.   1,685 more words



Hello. I’m 14 years old and I’m here to talk about my spiritual path. I will be posting about my beliefs and my views of certain issues, as well as asking for your opinions. 178 more words


I am quite honestly floored (life stuff, plus a giveaway!)

And I think you will be, too, when you’ve heard this. (Keep reading; there is a giveaway at the end of this post! I’m so excited to tell you about it, but I need to share a quick story first.) 780 more words


Season of the Witch

This year, I’m able to attend several events in the witchcraft and Pagan communities, more than I have in the past. While I try to attend the Pagan Pride Days in my area, I typically cannot make it to the various events and festivals that are near me. 109 more words