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Shrine to Ishtar

“We call upon the Queen of Venus’ fire,

Nubile ISHTAR, arousing lust and ire!

You who faced ERESHKIGAL so dire;

You who rose from death to inspire;

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The Return of the King

I felt completely lost when it came to the Mysteries of Wesir when I first became Kemetic. Wesir was hard for me to grasp, having quite a bit in common with the gods of the faith I had just left — died, resurrected, ruling in the place where dead people go — so maybe I steered clear of Him “accidentally-on-purpose”. 585 more words


Loki's Path - the Non-Binary World

When most people think non-binary, they think gender. Because the LGBTQ+ community (of which I am a proud member) has done a wonderful job of promoting gender awareness. 1,855 more words

I'm Back

I feel like I have been on the edge of change for so long. I have been working through past pain and letting go of big things. 480 more words



(^^Basically how I feel about the last 24 hours.* )

I try not to talk politics on this blog BUT: if you are one of the people today feeling anxious, despairing, hated, isolated, and/or afraid for your future or your loved ones – I just want you to know that you are not as alone as those colored maps make it look…even in the places where it feels overwhelming.*hugs* 💖💖💖💖 82 more words


Self Care

Today is election day. I voted back in October so there isn’t much to do today other than wait. For the first time since Samhain, I felt the urge to turn inward. 99 more words


November Witchy Days

I have decided that I want to get back to my witchy roots. Part of this is paying more attention to dates that matter to me and my practice. 28 more words