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Welcome to my site. I am Melas (Μελας), an ethnic Hellene and Hellenic polytheist, and I hope to know and exchange thoughts with many fellow traditional polytheists in due time. 308 more words



Hello, dear readers!

Queenie here once again to clear up a bit of that new-witch confusion. To all you witches who are just starting your path and discovering yourself, here is a post dedicated solely to making sure we clear up a bit of that confusion by answering common questions asked by new witches. 626 more words


Hello, dear readers!

Throughout this blog, I will go by the name of Queenie. I hope that you will join me on this adventure throughout this blog as I bring to you witchcraft in the simplest form I can. 374 more words

An Unexpected Message

Growing up, April Fool’s Day was always a major holiday to my family. We would plot and plan for days, trying to come up with tricks for that day to play on my siblings and parents. 1,958 more words


I Break For Turtles

Earlier today I helped a turtle cross a busy divided highway near me. I’m hoping and praying it will be okay, since it had been sideswiped by a car by the time I reached it. 646 more words

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Short Break

Hi, everyone! I want to apologize for being late (again). Unfortunately some things have come up in my life that mean The Gaelic Roundtable needs to take a… 195 more words

Celtic Polytheism

Wiccan Medication Correspondences?

Lately, while being hazed out on my medication, I suddenly had a revelation. Why not bewitch my medication? Why not fill it with intent?

In order to incorporate my medication into witchcraft and rituals, I began contemplating what elemental correspondences psychiatric medication may have. 403 more words