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Viewership of Gods

How one views the gods is important. It’s important to ritual, it’s important for prayer, and it’s important for belief. One’s view on gods are probably more important to other aspects of their religion and perhaps culture as well. 1,012 more words


Enough PIE to Go Around: A Response to "Survivor? Or Pioneer?"

“If you are like most people, then like most people, you don’t know you’re like most people.”
–Daniel Gilbert

You may not realize it, but… 1,248 more words


Good and bad polytheists (part 8): Vercingetorix and Brennos


The Celts were a large ethnic group of peoples that inhabited what is today France, Britain, Western Spain, Austria, Bohemia, South Germany, North Italy, Belgium, Slovenia and parts of Croatia and Serbia. 1,368 more words

Good And Bad Polytheists

Introduction of a House

If one wants to be heard, they have to push forward and speak. With this in mind, here is my introduction: Immi Selgowiros Caranticnos. Immi galatis. 1,693 more words


Up close and slithering all part of Reef Feast fun

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PALM Cove Reef Feast offered Clifton Beach twins Halle and Cleo Trevett-Lyall everything from tasty morsels of locally-sourced foods to encounters with creepy crawlies. 3,631 more words


Nebt-het, Consoler and Comforter.

One of Nebt-het’s many roles is as the mourning Sister of Wesir. She feels the sharp pang of His loss, and grieves his death with Aset. 448 more words


Samhain Letting Go: Servant

This one is kind of tied to motherhood but its roots are deeper than that. I was raised United Pentecostal and taught my whole childhood that women are the servants of the home. 402 more words