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So My Girlfriend's Havin' Mah Baby Daddy's Baby.

So yes, Kunxi (the reaper) and Aphrodite are going to have a kid. We don’t know (or want to know) the sex until their birth but yeah…I’m going to be a faery-godmother… 230 more words


So Question...?

Has anyone else noticed an unrest in Asgard?


Honoring Our Differences

I spent most of the past four years as the primary caregiver for an elderly relative who was a devout Catholic. I helped take him to his church each week, and sat through the Mass with him. 529 more words

Do ut des. Xenia. Hospitalitas. Oígidecht.





that pancake post reminded me of something else too actually somebody remind me later to tell you guys about my favorite UFO sighting story…

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Weekly Tarot-Four of Cups Reversed

At first glance I thought this card might be a bad one, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Key words: Renewed interest, motivation, enthusiasm, moving forward, letting go, new experiences and people. 333 more words


A Letter to the ULC Monastery (Concerning a Recent Post about Hellenic Polytheists)

I’m an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery. That doesn’t mean a whole lot to some people, given that all one must do to become ordained is fill out a form on the ULC Monastery’s website. 918 more words


Artist working in bronze sculpture, Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu


Artist working in bronze sculpture, Swamimalai, Tamil Nadu

Thinking of similar scenes of artisans creating statues of the gods throughout history, all over the world…