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Action and Gratitude

When you work as closely with deities as I do, you start treating them like close, but respected, friends. And you usually don’t think too hard about asking friends for favors. 392 more words

Spiritual Celebs: Janus—To Begin the Year at the Beginning of the Year

To get a good jump on my new series “Spiritual Celebs,” I thought we’d start with Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and endings, entrances and exits. 426 more words


Walkthrough: the Tarot Apokalypsis

Per the request of a couple of viewers on my channel! Published in 2016, this deck may be of special interest to polytheists.


Ethics in a Wider Community

This is a bit more of an editorial post than the kind of content you’re usually going to be seeing from me, but I find it distinctively relevant today as I had a member of one of the smaller communities I am heavily involved with come to me for some advice and help. 549 more words


When One Door Closes...

I think it’s pretty obvious that I have fallen off of the wagon this year. I don’t even know if I could call it falling off the wagon, as it feels more like falling off the wagon and log rolling down the hill next to the wagon and into the bottom of the canyon that lies below. 1,109 more words



I feel bare as the trees outside my window. Here in Wisconsin, the trees are bare in the winter. Some might think this would be ugly but it has a beauty all its own. 249 more words



Dates to remember for January:

Full Moon in Cancer January 12

New Moon in Aquarius January 28

Sun enters Aquarius January 21

Days you can celebrate! 65 more words