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A Story of Death and Rebirth

The night started like any other normal night.  As night fell, I retired to my bedroom in order to prepare for sleep.  However, upon lying down I felt the gentle ‘pull’ on my spirit.  898 more words


In My Bones

Spirituality has always been in my bones. The idea of god has always been there, like the breath in my lungs. My child self-took all things concerning god very seriously. 973 more words


Change is Good

In 1999 I decided to become a witch. I left a lifetime of bad religion behind me and went in search of something that would be a better fit. 368 more words


Defining Polytheism

Polytheism is, at its core, the belief in and worship of multiple deities. The word “polytheist” comes from the Greek poly, meaning “many,” and the Greek… 1,427 more words


I am starting a new habit of drawing a tarot card to guide me through each week. Here is the card I drew for this week. 64 more words


Magickally Minded

Magick has been on my mind. This week I started some new wands. Apple wood has been calling my name so I set out to find some. 163 more words



A few weeks ago, I decided not to relist several of my jewelry items and reduced the price. They’ll be leaving on 5/13 (this Friday) so if you’re interested in one of them, speak for them now! 70 more words