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2nd August 2015

For those of you that haven’t realised yet, I’m a polytheist, that is I believe in and worship many gods. I’m quite comfortable with this although I get that some people might find it a) odd or b) confusing. 351 more words


Homeric Hymn to the Dioscuri

Bright-eyed Muses, tell of the Tyndaridae, the Sons of Zeus, glorious children of neat-ankled Leda, Castor the tamer of horses, and blameless Polydeuces.  deliverers of men on earth and of swift-going ships when stormy gales rage over the ruthless sea. 113 more words

Psychological self-work and the Ibeyi

I’m a fan of the phrase “working relationship” with regard to where some of us stand in relationship to some Gods and spirits … but I’ve been very poor at defining it in the past, least of all because my understanding of it has changed over time.   723 more words

From the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

I begin to sing of rich-haired Demeter, awful Goddess — of Her and Her trim-ankled daughter whom Aidoneus rapt away, given to Him by all-seeing Zeus the loud-thunderer.  95 more words

"Green Leaves and Bright Stars" is in galleys :)

The galleys (that’s industry for, like, the proofy copy of a book ;) ) came today for my second book, Green Leaves and Bright Stars: A Devotional for Aurvandil and Groa… 65 more words

From the Homeric Hymn to Dionysus

Be favourable, O , Insewn, , inspirer of frenzied women! We singers sing of You as we begin and as we end a strain, and none forgetting You may call holy song to mind. 17 more words

July for Loki 2015: Day 31

if i must confess my faith, let it be this:
i believe that from Him, good things flow,
just as good things flow from the reaper… 166 more words