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Why Believe?

At my core is this feeling that I need the gods and spirits around me to feel whole. I discovered this when the Lady of the Mountain told me she was going away and I panicked. 953 more words


Cleopatra Crown

In ancient Egypt, the asp (or Egyptian cobra) was the symbol of royalty, deity, sovereignty, and the Pharaoh’s divine authority over the land. This crown… 390 more words


Now Selling Jewelry (Again)

At some point in the last week I decided I could no longer handle not making jewelry.  Over the years I’ve changed my focus from specifically beaded work to some beaded work and metal.   845 more words


Moon Magick

This is technically Moon Magick II, since the original bracelet was spoken for as soon as I posted it the other day. This is an elegant little bracelet to wear to esbats, for lunar magick or dreamwork, or simply for attuning to the moon’s powers at any time! 589 more words


An important note about my forthcoming Odin devotional

In August of last year, I announced that I would be releasing an Odin devotional anthology, Masks of the High One, and gave a submissions deadline of May 1st, 2015.  242 more words


Sea Turtle II Necklace

The last sea turtle necklace I made was spoken for so quickly, I decided to make a second one. (I also just really love these pendants!) Turtles are special to me because they symbolize endurance and resilience, and for a person suffering from autoimmune conditions those are qualities I need. 513 more words


Beltaine Sale at FiberWytch!

Walpurgisnacht/Beltaine has always been one of my favorite holidays, probably second only to Samhain, which sits exactly opposite it on the Wheel of the Year. The reasons why I love it are many: the abundant beauty of the spring season, perfect weather (not too cold, not yet sweltering), the thinning of the veil (in my experience, this happens just as much at Beltaine and Litha as it does at Samhain and Yule), the sexual energy, the traditions, The Wicker Man (original movie, thank you)…I could go on, but I know you want to hear about the sale.  438 more words