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It's like...

OOOOO let’s do magik and divination just for the hell of it!

But what’s the purpose?


I’ll go back to bed.


Re-wilding the Witches

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to write about now that I’m going to focus on writing again. If I wrote every idea or blog I’ve written in my head over the last year I would have quite the blog-full. 1,110 more words

Religion is not Black and White

Last week I was lucky enough to be at Pennsic; an event for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).  And while this event is very much a part of the SCA, there is a significant group of pagans that attend as well.   1,420 more words


NEW on U.P: The Silver Gumiho

The Silver Gumiho. 

Gumihos, like the Japanese Kistune, are mythical fox women (only rarely are they men) that lure and prey on human men. Mostly just for love, but there are tales of being eaten by Gumiho. 200 more words


Plant Love

This morning my dear doggie woke me up way before I was ready. As I tumbled out the door, growling the whole way, I looked to find that my favorite plant was gone! 298 more words


An introduction to Loki

Back in January I had a few coincidences with names and images connected with Loki.  I began to feel quite strongly that he was prompting me for some reason so I started investigating. 659 more words

Science doesn’t know it all. Neither does Religion.

This weekend I got into a very minor debate with my father that shook me big time.

I found out that my father has become a creationist. 885 more words