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Unimated Reviews: Braid and Fez

Braid and Fez are 2D puzzle platformers that require the player take control of the dimensions of the game to make progress: in Braid by manipulating the flow of time, and in Fez by reorienting your perspective of space. 5,017 more words


Opening | FEZ (Multi, 2012-2014)

According to plan (yes, I’ve a plan xD), past Monday I was going to upload my first minutes with Until Dawn, the adventure / decision making / slasher game developed by Supermassive and released for PS4 past week. 175 more words


FEZ: A brilliant game that sat in my Steam backlog for way too long.

I felt that it was necessary to include in the title of this post that I just got around to playing FEZ. I’m pretty sure that I bought it during the summer Steam sale of 2013 months after it came out. 412 more words

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Perbedaan Tv Tabung (CRT) dan LCD/LED TV

Televisi dirumah sudah rusak. Televisi dirumah sudah kuno. Pasti banyak dari kalian yang pernah memberikan pernyataan seperti itu dan berniat untuk mengganti televisi dirumah kalian dengan yang baru. 519 more words

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I contributed very little to my completion of FEZ

Immediately, that title might seem odd because I really did play the game. I really did get the 64 cube ending. I pushed all the buttons and shifted all the perspectives. 566 more words

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