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Polytron: Preparing Foreign Competition at Home Market

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Polytron: Preparing Foreign Competition at Home Market


Executive Summary 

Polytron is an Indonesian electronic goods producer based in Kudus, Central Java. 3,220 more words



The first time I played Fez was years after it came out.  Years after the movie, the cancellation of Fez 2.  Turns out I get to count myself lucky for getting to separate the game form the drama that surrounded it.   588 more words

Existential Fez

So as I’ve stated recently, I was never much of a video game guy(or gal for that matter.) That’s not to say I don’t appreciate what goes into a great video game. 945 more words

Just Because...


I didn’t do any research on the history behind Fez before I started playing it.  I saw that it had favourable ratings on the PS Store and that it was an indie title so I downloaded it and gave it a go. 525 more words

Unimated Reviews: Braid & Fez

Braid and Fez are 2D puzzle platformers that require the player take control of the dimensions of the game to make progress: in Braid by manipulating the flow of time, and in Fez by reorienting your perspective of space. 5,018 more words