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Life Is Strange is a story. Not necessarily about any “one” person. It’s a story about everyone in the small town of Arcadia Bay who are all connected, whether they like it or not. 1,065 more words

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10 Hours in Paris

As my spring break is coming to an end, as well as my time in France ::stares off into sad but sweet distance::, I wanted to take advantage of the easy hour and a half train ride to Paris from Blois. 722 more words

Fond adieu to Horne's Paris

Here are several more passages lifted from the closing chapters of Alistair Horne’s engaging Seven Ages of Paris:

Less felicitous were architectural scandals like the Tour Montparnasse (started in 1959, but not finished till 1973), greatest urban project since Haussmann, and designed to be the highest skyscraper in all Europe, menacing the ascendancy of the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides.

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Art & Literature in Paris (or, Three good reasons to read this article)

No need for me to tell you that Paris is an amazing city if, like me, you love art, architecture and literature.

I only spent a weekend there recently and I thought I should talk about some discoveries that I made, as well as publish some pictures (I lost my memory card so I used my phone, low quality..). 355 more words


Stringing words together

Though no longer an expat, at least not in Mayotte, I still get email alerts of new threads on the expat blog’s Mayotte forum. (Actually, Mayotte being French, ‘expat’ is something of a misnomer, but to go into that more deeply… 1,045 more words


My Ode to Obama

Recently, I have felt an acute sense of loss. The loss of a presidency and the loss of a dignified era which I’d hoped would stretch to the future. 459 more words

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