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I Finally Did It

I have to admit something right at the start. I am scared of electronics, not just ignorant or anything, actually scared. Most things I will have a try at, woodwork or plumbing, anything like that I will have a go. 572 more words


Even My Pond Plants Hate Me

It’s true… Even my pond plants hate me. I was holding out that at least they would hold that special spot for me… No. They don’t. 218 more words


The Hoverfly Project

As we all know there has been a *dramatic* drop in pollinators in the UK. Not only bees but other pollinators such as butterflies, moths and flies. 285 more words


Video: Ice Skating With Pete

The pond froze over just enough to bust out the ice skates a couple of weeks ago.  This was only my 2nd or 3rd attempt at ice skating ever.  59 more words

The Pack!

Pond woes

Normally after about October, maybe November, when the temperatures drop, I stop clearing out the pond and the filter. Normally all it does in the winter is keep the water oxygenated and keep the bacteria alive. 470 more words