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Nature Encounters of the Last Few Month

I haven’t posted in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been enjoying nature and the wildlife outdoors. I have now moved into a flat, so I no longer have visits from the many types of birds that visit my parents’ garden. 715 more words

30 Days Wild

I Finally Did It

I have to admit something right at the start. I am scared of electronics, not just ignorant or anything, actually scared. Most things I will have a try at, woodwork or plumbing, anything like that I will have a go. 572 more words


Even My Pond Plants Hate Me

It’s true… Even my pond plants hate me. I was holding out that at least they would hold that special spot for me… No. They don’t. 218 more words


The Hoverfly Project

As we all know there has been a *dramatic* drop in pollinators in the UK. Not only bees but other pollinators such as butterflies, moths and flies. 285 more words