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'Silver Ball'

Hello there everyone. Happy Sunday evening to you all!

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours trying to get my pond filter sorted out. And as usual what at first seems like a relatively simple process; actually ends up becoming a mission in itself. 395 more words


Microscopes Are The New Iphone. Well At Least They Should Be

Microscopes are just downright awesome. I took this picture with a microscope I bought for $24 at an antique store. (They were lenient on their definition of “antique”) I took the picture with my phone, which did take a while to get it situated. 230 more words

Captains Log

Pond pump working!

We have an outside pond with lots of lovely fish. Tony always switches off the pond pump just before christmas when it is cold. I realised that the pump had not been switched back on and the water was a dirty brown colour! 90 more words

Directions for a DIY Pond Skimmer

We used a 24” laundry tub. The front of the skimmer will be the side that faces the pond that doesn’t have a lip. 747 more words

Pond Filter

The best Pond filter system - All in One Lifegard Pond Pump and Filter with UV light to control Algae

This is the best Pond pump we have ever used and our fish are healthy and thriving.  This All in One Pond Filter system is a compact filter for… 151 more words

Free Pictures

Remove the dead Lily pads to keep the pond healthy for the fish

The past couple days it has been over 109 degrees. With water evaporating from the pond I added more today.  I keep the level of water in the pond as high as I can so the fish can stay cooler. 200 more words

Unique Garden Items

Yuk! This slimy hair algae in my pond is floating-The string algae treatment worked-Fish in the pond are healthy

First, my followup posts for my slimy string algae project took awhile because I needed to see if it cleared up the pond without hurting my fish.   193 more words

Pond And Fish