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Hurkle Jackman For Prez!

Ladies and gentlemen! I’m so happy that you are reading this speech! We have a serious matter on our hands! And that is who will be the next president of the United States! 187 more words


A Sticking Point

Do you ever wonder whose job it is to put all those damned stickers on every single avocado in the store? I do, especially when I’m hand washing a bushel of avocados in order to make a metric ton of guacamole. 120 more words


Notes from the Future

Hi.   This is Jessica from next week’s writing club.  Yup, I traveled backward in time from next week to write this, because I realized it has been so long since I posted a Ponderable and wanted to get this up way before class.  22 more words


Ponderable of the Day

A genie granted you the ability to go hang out with a historical person for the day. It can be anybody real, living or dead, and you’ll be hanging out with them in their time BUT just for the day and you can’t change anything…you can’t go kill Hitler, for example. 51 more words


Jack Skellington's Thanksgiving!

The terrible incident happened a little bit after Halloween. Life was pretty mellow before that. After the Pumpkin King had tried to steal Christmas and they found out the consequences, no foolish ideas like that happened for a bit. 1,941 more words


Monday, November 20

Writing Club Tomorrow!  We’ll be talking about how to turn a “word vomit” 20-minute story into a better, more organized and readable piece, both “big picture” revision and the little grammar and punctuation details that really have to be right.  190 more words