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Jack Skellington's Thanksgiving!

The terrible incident happened a little bit after Halloween. Life was pretty mellow before that. After the Pumpkin King had tried to steal Christmas and they found out the consequences, no foolish ideas like that happened for a bit. 1,941 more words


Monday, November 20

Writing Club Tomorrow!  We’ll be talking about how to turn a “word vomit” 20-minute story into a better, more organized and readable piece, both “big picture” revision and the little grammar and punctuation details that really have to be right.  190 more words


Ghost Words (Ponderable 5)

A ghost word is a word published in a dictionary but that was never used in language and is meaningless. Ghost words originate from printing or mispronunciation errors. 99 more words


It's Chilly in Here (Ponderable 4)

Tomorrow is November 15, National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!  Write a scene in which you or your favorite characters clean out the refrigerator.  Be creative! 16 more words


Category Cleanup, plus Ponderable 3

Hey all! I just made a few changes and additions to the categories. New category “Fan Fiction” is for anything you write that plays with characters from other works (Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc). 66 more words


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood???

One day Chuck the woodpecker was pecking away at wood. He loved to peck at it. Except he didn’t really peck. He chucked his whole body at the tree and BAM! 84 more words


The Best thing BEFORE Sliced Bread

Some people might say music

Or family fun

Magic and books

School being done 18 more words