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The Sacredly Profane Capitalist World

Today I read this passage that talked about Capitalism is just a profit making mechanism and how religion is used to censure protests of the working class. 343 more words



I recently go in contact with an old acquaintance I once worked with, he’s a good christian. I’ll call him Daniel(not his real name), we meet up at a wing joint to catch up and shoot the Scheisse. 418 more words


Intelligence Comes From Challenge (Political Correctness Part 2)

In my post about political correctness, you may have noticed that I left out one important topic in particular about it. That would be the topic of college “safe spaces”, trigger warnings, and cancelling certain guest speakers. 631 more words

Political Correctness (What Is It?)

 I was hoping my procrastination issues wouldn’t translate to my blogging, but apparently it has. Sorry for the hiatus.

I’ve been having a tough time wrapping my mind around this concept. 1,251 more words

Nostalgia and Generational Entertainment

So I was talking with one of my friends about old movies we like. There are some from our childhoods that we know objectively to be bad, but still find enjoyment from them. 535 more words

The Commercialization of Healthcare and the Baby Boomers

Today, I was reading a bit of the readers digest (my grandmother gives them away as she finishes reads them). On the back of the magazine, there was an ad for some sort of spinal surgery. 382 more words