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“When I was a child, I understood the things of my childhood. Now that I have grown into a man, I understand less of the world than I did as a lad.” 7 more words


Preface: Real Princesses Wear Pants

Once upon a time, I was a little girl who adored pastels, ballet dancers, and fluffy kittens. My room was pink and bordered in unicorn wallpaper. 919 more words


a knowing

Some decisions are made with no certainty at all for what will happen next, but your core is steel filled with knowledge that this is the absolute best thing for you. 258 more words


Thirty Does Not Prevent Mania

I turned 30 last Wednesday, and apparently I didn’t pay it the proper respect because I’m finding myself increasingly manic. It’s in the baby stages: just a couple whispery voices and some delusions of grandeur. 639 more words


365 days later

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Home and love both truly are what you make of it.

People in business will behave badly. Especially when the stakes are high, and egos are big. 99 more words

Jakarta Chapters

Lalu Lintas

New word for the week:

Lalu Lintas.

Sounds lovely. Like I’m going to an exotic island to soak up the sun? 

Nope, it means traffic!  8 more words

Jakarta Chapters

the cull

We all have that moment on FB, at least once in a while.

My feeling of this, or at least the sense of discord, came more than once, over more than just one month, and I knew it was time to renovate my friend list on FB… 838 more words