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Nostalgia and Generational Entertainment

So I was talking with one of my friends about old movies we like. There are some from our childhoods that we know objectively to be bad, but still find enjoyment from them. 535 more words

The Commercialization of Healthcare and the Baby Boomers

Today, I was reading a bit of the readers digest (my grandmother gives them away as she finishes reads them). On the back of the magazine, there was an ad for some sort of spinal surgery. 382 more words

"Breakthrough Starshot" or Are You Serious, Mr. Hawking?

His heart’s in the right place, I will admit that much.

The “Breakthrough Starshot” project was bound to be proposed by someone eventually. Postage stamp-sized space probes riding a beam of light to Alpha Centuri, then beaming messages back to us of what they find there, all with Stephen Hawking’s stamp of approval. 1,920 more words


Nuclear Chicanery in 'Batman Vs. Superman'

What a headache. I watched “Batman vs. Superman” last night and it was kind of painful.

I will admit right out that I liked some parts of that movie, but quite a lot of it I did not. 2,336 more words


The Question of How You Build a Black Hole

‘If Ant-man can’t do it, how does it happen?’ After I finished working on that post yesterday, I was left with this question.

It’s kind of a squirrelly question if you stop and think about it. 1,148 more words

Quantum Mechanics


Often, I ponder my longing to slip asunder and quietly go adrift
Like the gentle roll of distant thunder into tumbling rift of
The mind in macabre destruction, within its pliant, tendriled sheath… 308 more words



“When I was a child, I understood the things of my childhood. Now that I have grown into a man, I understand less of the world than I did as a lad.” 7 more words