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a non-entity

This year I have

…swam with sea turtles

…walked the Strip

…found joy in falling confetti and rhythmic bodies

…climbed mountains (literally)

…visited a volcano… 359 more words

Day 16 of 90: Hair for us all!

Let’s talk about hair tonight. So, I was in the shower shaving my legs earlier and it hit me. WTF?!? Why am I shaving my legs? 108 more words


Pass-it-On-Book Distribution Lessons

I’m writing this blog as an observational ponderance on the PASS-IT-ON Books that I originally set out to create and pass-on in about March this year. 734 more words


Believe or not at Instance,


Brain & Emotion,

Disbelieve 2 Destroy,

..it doesn’t;

Experienced Moment,

Remains in Recall,

I think, I feel, I seek on.

Living Life Queensize - The Shocker!

I stood motionless for a few minutes hoping this was not a dream, its a given that the world is a small place, but crossing paths with someone that was once very close to your life and thereby coming to terms with their sudden absence from your life takes an emotional toll and takes ages sometimes to get over with; sudden confrontation with such a person would leave you shocked and speechless momentarily. 374 more words