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a non-entity

This year I have

…swam with sea turtles

…walked the Strip

…found joy in falling confetti and rhythmic bodies

…climbed mountains (literally)

…visited a volcano… 359 more words

Day 16 of 90: Hair for us all!

Let’s talk about hair tonight. So, I was in the shower shaving my legs earlier and it hit me. WTF?!? Why am I shaving my legs? 108 more words


Pass-it-On-Book Distribution Lessons

I’m writing this blog as an observational ponderance on the PASS-IT-ON Books that I originally set out to create and pass-on in about March this year. 734 more words


Believe or not at Instance,


Brain & Emotion,

Disbelieve 2 Destroy,

..it doesn’t;

Experienced Moment,

Remains in Recall,

I think, I feel, I seek on.