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Shutter Island

Soapbox Press

I was recently featured again on the cracking blog Soapbox Press, run by some very talented, very passionate writers, with whom I have had the pleasure of writing for before. 45 more words

Sometimes We Must Weep For Kismet

I think of myself as being open minded. I may not be religious, but I believe inĀ something being out there, exerting some kind of control over the goings on of the world. 380 more words

Time Travel

The question was posed to me today of Time Travel.

Of all the super powers in the world to choose from, it’s actually not one I’ve really considered in depth. 1,049 more words


Just a little feat of dessert engineering…

While surfing the net, I stumbled across this mammoth feat of Princess engineering. The page is in Spanish but has an English translation. 50 more words

Times Flies When Distance Parts You...

How did they get so old??

This year, a lot of my family are reaching age-related milestones, not to mention an first wedding anniversary and a new engagement so far already. 856 more words