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Shouting begets shouting begets shouting

And nothing is learned from the din of such noise

No values no merit

No ideas worth a thing

Vibrations of chaos create unending divisions… 19 more words


Let's talk about religion

Ohhh boy! This stuff, mmmm, this stuff is gonna be JUICY!

So, here are my ponderings on religion. Now let me tell you, this stuff isn’t made to offend anyone. 918 more words


Setting Out

I have always loved learning new things. It satisfies my curious mind.

Recently, I set out to create an Instagram account for my creativity outbursts – past to future. 67 more words


the gift giver

Have you ever thought of how generous God/Jesus was in the bible?
Daily manna, water in the desert, wine in abundance, fish overflowing, grace and sacrifice. 398 more words


Easy vs Hard

When we picked up the Toyota from the body shop on Thursday afternoon, the receptionist told us that she had dreamt twice about dying in a car crash while we were visiting about our close call recently. 201 more words

Jesus makes me pensive

When the Christian is ready to obey Christ, thoughts about the pastor will disappear, and focus will be on the living Jesus. Wow! The intoxication of astonishment is the best way to get high. 172 more words

Maybe Its Not Jesus You are Following?

If you want a religion that enables you to gain and exercise power over other people, then maybe Christianity is not the religion for you? 988 more words