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Prayer prompt for Tuesday, Feb. 9

Some are planners; others are doers. Being a doer shows great initiative; just be careful not to run ahead of God. Let him take the lead.


Filler: Yaris vs Horse ball

I am always amazed by how comfortable Yaris is able to look when she’s sleeping.  Not just amazed.  Flat out envious.  I want to be that comfortable when I’m sleeping.   65 more words


College is Hard? Who Knew?!

College can be hard.

I take that back. College is hard.

You’re stuck trying to balance a social life, academics, and your health all at once. 411 more words


Prayer prompt for Monday, Feb. 8

Not much good comes from lurking in the shadows. What areas of your life do you need to bring into the light and confess before the Lord?


Reflections and Resolutions

It’s that time of year again for reflections and resolutions, the new moon is tonight marking a new year in the Lunar calendar.

I used to follow the Gregorian calendar many moons ago but we just couldn’t see eye to eye when it came to the start of the year.   85 more words


Always | Releasing

Over the winter holidays, Silver Ravenwolf posted her 30-day Great Release Program – a daily program filled with negativity banishing activities and rituals, where every day you throw something away. 307 more words

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