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trusting God

This photo is from a time in Haiti. The USA piece of metal was from vegetable oil and poked over and over to become a grating surface. 296 more words



I’m anxiously awaiting the orientation for my Masters program to begin. I showed up about half-an-hour early, completely misjudging the traffic (that’s a lie, the GPS let me know far in advance that I’d be so early). 114 more words


growing wings

Several years ago I ran across this little one out of it’s nest. I didn’t know what to do for it. I tried to usher it toward a tree so it would not go from sidewalk to parking lot. 280 more words


Life as Adventure

An epiphany came to me suddenly tonight and nearly froze me in time. What is my life except my own adventure? My favorite fictional characters go on tumultuous adventures to rescue loved ones, save the world, dispel darkness… But I want one of my own. 403 more words


Over-coming self-doubt: Embracing imperfection!

I am shocked, surprised, amazed, and cautious, of all you amazing poets that write so beautifully; with your poetic style and skill that I totally envy. 381 more words



Here is the next poem that I will be sharing. Please, enjoy, and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Ponderings… 154 more words


Fighting Winter Blues

It would be fair to say that occasionally, I suffer from depression. It seems to be a common thread among some writers. I don’t talk about it often, simply because it isn’t the looming monster a few of my friends and family members face. 1,214 more words

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Whether fighting winter blues, the remotest sign of depression relapse or the temptation to simply be a couch potato, lazily, and finding excuses to do nothing instead of slowly but surely ticking off items on the 'Things to do' list, this ought to inspire!


"Every day holds the possibility to grant us a change in life. It isn’t limited to graduations, our children venturing away from home, or our retirements. Every day we can change our future.

While I’ve been allowing myself to wallow in my “wrench,”–my recurring winter blues, and the loss of a silly little grant–I don’t have to. I can make a conscious effort to fight it. I can wake up. I can take a walk when the sun shines, enjoy my children, and will myself to write; to finish the book that has haunted me..."

So, what are we waiting for?