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Kim Kardashian has gotten a lot of shit from her nude / semi-nude photo shoots and while she used this for revenue – it’s made me realise how successful this ploy is. 326 more words


It's Just a Little Thing

Today is packing day for our next week of Family Retreat. ¬†Since Jerry comes up a couple days after me I leave all of his “stuff” in a corner of our den and his attendant picks it up on the way to camp. ¬† 249 more words


Rich Pastors?

1Co 4

9 For I think that God hath set forth us the apostles last, as it were appointed to death: for we are made a spectacle unto the world, and to angels, and to men. 1,154 more words


"I could go to London" (again!)

Actually, there’s no ‘could’ about it, I am going to London again.

Yesterday I got a call followed by an email from Asthma UK offering me a charity place in next year’s London Marathon. 159 more words


Times ain't tough, they're tedious

In my last post, I offhandedly noted that I was “going through some stuff”. Well, “stuff” is a way to loosely define what’s been rattling around in my head for far too long. 711 more words


People suck

I hate dealing with normals.

I suppose they’re tolerable in small durations but damn have they got drama.

I mean honestly. Even in my tight-knit merry band of mischief making misfits (ah alliteration) there’s drama coming out of the wazoo. 955 more words


Ponderings: Why do Christians fight each other?

There’s something that I can’t understand.

Why do brothers in Christ fight with each other on certain understanding on theology issues that’s not clear in the Bible (free will, predestination, speaking in tongues, the spiritual gifts)…etc. 248 more words

God's Word