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a mid-morning reflection on self

Who am I, other than one deeply loved by God?

When I define myself, I limit myself.

I keep looking to myself to be one thing. 576 more words


The Centre of Nowhere

Head churning with confusion,
Thoughts a chaos

Death - 
Majestic and infinite
Among infernal stars
The deathless
Each day clouded somber wishes

Heart ripped from my chest,
Dread takes me

Life - 
Contemplated veiling
And concealing of memories
The lifeless
Each day balancing nightmare's edge

Eyes running thick with tears,
Visions fade

Love - 
My hand in yours
Started a storm at sunset
The loveless
Each day in silent emptiness

Emotions unbound,
Escaping everywhere

(Arifa Isabel - December 2005)

Spend Some Time Together

We adore date nights! One of our favorite things to do is eat out.  Honestly, we just love to eat. Anything and everything. I think the only thing we don’t eat are tomatoes and fried okara- because I would die from it, ha ha. 342 more words







If only we could go over there, stay for a month, and then somewhere else.



Conveyances of another kind. 60 more words

The Language of Exclusion

Who want’s a doctor who doesn’t use received pronunciation?

It’s an interesting question and one that, if anything, brings up more loose ends and tangents than it does narrow the field of potential answers. 1,098 more words


Collaboration Oxfordshire Artweeks

A colleague of mine – Rhiannon Evans – is running an event in May that’s about birthdays. Anyone can join in – see here – and the brief is wide: … 174 more words


how to find heaven without leaving the suburbs (conversations with straight men)

“Have you ever been with a girl?” he asks.

Yes. She was beautiful. She was almost holy. She looked at the world with eyes full of wonder that resembled nothing less than moonstone. 414 more words