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Picking Love

Inspiration comes to me in odd ways. Take, for example, that the inspiration for this blog came to me the other night as I sat sipping a glass of Crown Royal Apple. 738 more words


The burden of stuff

I was going to write about knitting, but “stuff” has been on my mind this week.  We have a three-ish season porch. During the winter I store on it the things I need for my farmers market booth (table, display racks, etc.) These normally live in the shed but we don’t shovel a path there.   455 more words

Heron Pond


Today, while waiting for Ian to finish some stuff he was doing in his boat, I noticed a butterfly caught behind the glass of the cabin, fluttering fiercely was one of our most beautiful butterflies, the Peacock.  237 more words


Repent or burn in hell...is there a better way?

If you died tonight where you would go heaven or hell? There’s no third option, no escape clause so ponder this seriously. If you’re not 100% convinced you’re going to heaven, then you better step up now and get right with God. 390 more words


Keeping the Electrons Happy

So I work as a database administrator, which is often something that confounds people who aren’t in IT… if I try to explain to them what I do, their eyes glaze over like a Krispy Kreme donut, and I realize I have to back up and introduce things in a little simpler way, so I usually start off with the sentence: 1,239 more words

Prayer prompt for Monday, April 20

Something I heard as a teen has stuck with me: “You may be the only Jesus someone ever meets.” What do you want them to see in you?


Let It Shine

Yesterday I was invited to go and see my eldest niece perform in the matinée of The Night of a 1000 Stars, an annual showcase of local youths and their talent. 327 more words