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Snowflakes May Be Pretty, But...

 I believe that I’m about done with the cold weather! How about you? Though this is a beautiful snowflake!


Prayer prompt for Friday, March 6

Walking with Christ is not always sunshine & roses. Sometimes it can be dangerous & lonely, but God promised never to abandon us! Deut. 31:6


The Small Things.

One of the things I learned last semester about myself is just how easily I can be cheered, if only I will allow myself to be. 492 more words


Creativity and Apps


Ask Google to define creativity and you get: the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work. 541 more words


Reasons NOT To Go To Law School

When I was just a kid my family (my mom especially) liked to tell me that I should be a lawyer because I liked to argue so much. 1,095 more words




As it is forbidden to say anything negative about “medicine” in Finland, it is no wonder it took this long to wake up and notice, that not all medice is helping – some of them kill. 282 more words


Have You Ever Pondered Why....

Have You Ever Pondered Why….

Have you ever Pondered why doctors call what they do “Practice”?


Have you ever Pondered why “abbreviated” is such a long ass word? 213 more words