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G'day, Hallo, Bonjour & Ciao: the Benefits of Being Bilingual

For too long, my biggest regret was that I hadn’t travelled more before I had my children. Sure, families go on overseas holidays all the time, some even pack up their lives and travel around the country in a caravan, like gypsies. 1,099 more words


Worth the wait?

I sometimes wonder whether checking the theme for the day in the first half of the morning is a particularly good, or particularly bad, idea. In theory it has the twin advantages of the my early creativity, and if that fails, a decent amount of time to mull things over. 212 more words


The Quick

Quick, quick, slow

Quick, quick, slow.

Down to the quick

Quick, lick, show.


seeing more

Have you ever heard Louie Giglio speak on the INDESCRIBABLE? Several years ago he spoke locally and it was very exhilarating to SEE through his descriptions of God’s creation. 81 more words


Podcasts: A New List of Favorites!

My love of podcasts continues to grow. I’m actually kind of obsessed. I did a post two years ago of favorite ones, but since then many have changed (either people stopped posting or I stopped listening – none were for negative reasons), so I thought it was due time to update because I love all of these podcasts. 662 more words


Dad’s legacy

Today wasn’t the best day to be booked into Wellington Barracks and the Guards Museum. It was only the day after the terrorist atrocity at the Palace of Westminster and so much of the area was prohibited to cars and security tight. 194 more words



And I want to ask you how you are; how you really are. How’s your mind; your soul; your body, but it feels like too much time has passed between us now. 172 more words