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Not Single

About two weeks ago my good friend came over for a cup of coffee which we all know would lead to long hours of conversations.  Somehow our trail of thought brought us to a rare subject, relationships; what kind, what color, the sweet, the romantic, the diversity of break-ups and make-ups and all that.   665 more words


In a Blue Moon

Looking up.

Harkening back.

Not unlike times past.

Into the gaze

of wisdom.

Once in a

Blue Moon


provides a glimpse

of illumination.


oh this heat! - la calor, la maldita calor

I know. I should be joyous. I am creating life. I am the closest thing there is to a goddess. I am a godess. No, I am a Godess. 713 more words



Every so often, I need to watch this movie. I’m not sure what exactly it is that calls to me, so I’ll choose…everything. :) It strikes a particular mood, especially when I’m sad. 172 more words

House & Home

Emerging from a Funk, or "Love and Peace, Y'all!"

Whew, the last couple of weeks have been exhausting and I haven’t quite been able to pinpoint why. I mean, aside from a flurry of visitors, visits, raising two small “leaders”, working, and supporting my husband through med school… Okay, you probably get the gist. 483 more words



The long grind of the causeway gives way to Gritstone cliffs extending out either side. Beneath me, the ultimate climbing wall. I am half way across and above the Girdle Traverse of Stanage Edge.  193 more words

Team Swizzlemonkey

Looking beyond you 

It is far too easy to become consumed by our own struggles and dilemma’s. Oftentimes our situations drag us down so much that we can become disillusioned with our walk with Christ, discouraged, disappointed. 396 more words