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In Therapy

Going to see a Psychiatrist is, I now know, just like having someone saw off the top of your head, stir your brains around with a great, big, wooden spoon and then stitch it all back up again and send you home. 184 more words


Before Me

Hundreds of faces flash before me.

Every day.

Hundreds of people rush by me.

Every day.

Hundreds of voices float by me.

Every day.

Hundreds of lives live past me. 50 more words



Do you Skype? How does it work? Do you need to add a camera to your computer? Do you need a special phone line? Do you need to set up a specific time or can you do it more or less at will?

The family name 

My children do not share the same surname as me. This is something that deeply bothers me at times. In my moments of self pity and self condemnation (warning, I’m having one of those moments), it stands as a reminder that sin really does have consequences. 176 more words


It's Alive!: Bringing Scripture to Life

You may have heard someone refer to the Bible as the “Living Word of God,” or some variant of that.  At a time in human history when Mainstream Christianity is atrophying, I find myself wondering why Scripture seems so dead to an entire generate of young adults.   642 more words


lightness of peace

Do you imagine a suit of armor to be comfy and easy to maneuver in?

Wiki shares the weight to be 33-55 pounds (15-25 kg). I suppose for the majority of warriors or those who work out, it’s not too much, but an everyday person would find it a hindrance. 82 more words


Untranslatable Words

There is a website out there that has a list of words and their definitions that only exist in one language. You can find words like… 300 more words