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The Way Things Were

I received this poem from my Aunt Thelma. There was no indication as to the author, but I think the name is That Was Us. It brought back memories for me and I hope for you too. 682 more words

ED ideas, first post.

My husband and I are moving to a new home this Sunday (YIKES), so I’ve been not-blogging because I stopped focusing on anything that didn’t fit into a box or a moving truck. 1,224 more words


The Importance of Fathers

A long time ago, my father made a commitment to himself that when he got married and had children, he would never break the promise he made to his family. 736 more words

Mom Life

The Power of Open Middle Problems

Last week, I wrote this problem. I personally found it interesting that a thought that I had about it’s possible validity actually turned into something that worked quite nicely. 984 more words


The North African Campaign

During the North African campaign in WW II, one of the Lieutenants volunteered to go into the desert on a camel to scout the location of Rommel’s army. 57 more words

God's Will

Big Idea: We will know God’s will when we know God’s heart.

This weekend, I was talking with a family member – a pastor – about this sermon series, and more broadly about God’s will and God’s power.

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