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Bored and twitchy

I’M ALIVE!!!!……… unfortunately for now…….

I’m bored. In basically every way imaginable.

Physically, I’ve felt like utter shit these last few weeks, emotionally…I feel so dead inside at this point that the only thing I’ve felt in a month has been a burning hatred for humanity, people, class, and life in general. 541 more words

Mental Illness

Welcome our new writer: Paul Fair!

I am so excited to introduce you to Paul Fair. He is a brilliant writer and adventurer. There is so much that he has to share, starting tomorrow! 136 more words

There Is A Generation

We are in this generation and have been since the 1960s.


Proverbs 30:

11 There is a generation that curseth their father, and doth not bless their mother. 723 more words


Finding beauty everyday..

Lately I’ve been reminding myself to look at the things in front of me (again) and to find the ‘beauty’ within them and within my circumstances, whatever they are on any given day. 336 more words



How easily we forget

So quickly

Somehow, in some way

As devastating

As the original loss

How dare we?

Moldering dead,

Lie or lay,

Between the pages… 62 more words


Why phrase "pass the QA" makes me cringe

Today I heard someone say “pass the QA” and in this post I will share why I believe that we should cross out this phrase from all dictionaries where it is included because it is just wrong use of definitions. 518 more words

Software Testing

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm... 

It’s amazing how after coming out to myself, things start to make sense.   There have been days when it’s slow at work or I’m bored at home that I’ll just sit and reminisce and realize that I have been gay all of my life.   166 more words