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The North African Campaign

During the North African campaign in WW II, one of the Lieutenants volunteered to go into the desert on a camel to scout the location of Rommel’s army. 57 more words

God's Will

Big Idea: We will know God’s will when we know God’s heart.

This weekend, I was talking with a family member – a pastor – about this sermon series, and more broadly about God’s will and God’s power.

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Our Motorcycle Accident - One Year

There are many kinds of anniversaries aren’t there?   Anniversaries from our meeting our best friend, engagements, marriages… I love all those ones.  I never thought I would face an anniversary with such mixed emotions as I do the 1st year anniversary of our motorcycle accident.   782 more words

Faith Walk Reflections

The Mirror

There is a road, a narrow path, that if a man finds it, will lead him to a long life, even eternal life. That man, after he has found it, can follow that winding path and at the end of the road, he will enter into an amazing place. 521 more words


Summer days and epiphanies

Hello my dear friends and fellow creative mamas!

I hope that this month finds you fully present in making wonderful memories with your family. Some of those memories will of course be of tantrums, messy houses and maybe a mama meltdown (or two!). 912 more words

Tomatoes and My Dad

Tonight I ate a good tomato from a local small farm. Home-grown (or at least small-grown) tomatoes have been my favorite food forever. My dad had gardens basically all my life, and always got a lot of produce from them despite not doing a whole lot of planning or weeding. 479 more words