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reflecting, number two.

I decided to continue on my series (ha! I should use that word lightly) about what this last year of my life has led me to ponder- moreover (never used that word before) what God has shown me. 510 more words


My candid reflections on pregnancy with an invisible illness

First off, let me reassure you that I’m not writing this out of a desire for pity. I chose to get pregnant while having a chronic, invisible illness. 1,626 more words

Chronic Illness

Full Steam Ahead

This is a story about a steam locomotive named Dominique. A simple construction by today’s standards, she is no match, in terms of power and performance, for any modern vehicle. 784 more words


Holiness is everywhere

The personification of his ideal relationship with Creation, Lady Poverty asked Brother Francis to show her his cloister. Taking her to the top of a towering hill, he spread his arms wide, showing her all the world they could see, proclaiming, “This, Lady, is our enclosure!” 307 more words


I've Had Better Days

As I sit here at the breakfast table looking out the bay window, two decent sized deer are gazing back at me.

These two are ‘regulars’ while four or five other deer of various sizes come by a little less often. 740 more words

rEAsoning...just pondering on life

Sometimes you have days where you feel ‘off’ for no particular reason that you can put your finger on – today was one of them. 423 more words


Prioritize Jesus: Part 4 - Worship

Prioritizing Jesus matters for every part of your life. Worship calls Jesus great!

This is part four of a five part series on prioritizing Jesus in our lives. 2,616 more words