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Sheltered – oil and cold wax medium – Psalm 91 on silk embedded to the left

It’s been a great season for creating new art as I continue my exploration with oil and cold wax medium. 315 more words


Defining the path

We make the mistake of defining people by their paths – versus what the path has lead them to become.

Redemption is a destination – a long winding road. 40 more words


Tooth Powders and Pastes

If you’ve watched episodes of old westerns as many times as I have, you know not only the lines of the good guys but also of the villains. 257 more words

Kill Them With Kindness

I have another joint session with my mother and our psychologist tomorrow and I am dreading it, mostly because I have no idea what is going to happen and if any old wounds will be reopened that will upset my mom even more and for an even longer period of time. 908 more words


Watch Your Fire

Zeal without knowledge can be dangerous wildfire and knowledge without zeal is a dead coal. Zeal controlled by knowledge can be a torch to burn through a steely heart converting the soul and changing the life of the person who possesses it as well as the community in which that person lives. 10 more words


Blah, blah, blah...Why did I decide to blog?

Why did I decide to blog? What on earth was I thinking?

If I am completely honest, I didn’t begin this for anyone except myself. My hope is that blogging helps me deal with the fear that I sometimes feel as I move forward. 226 more words

Shades of Grey

Just had a rather unproductive session with my mom and our psychologist. I’m really not sure how we got to such a bad place that even one session can’t solve much at all. 994 more words