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P1001: #2 – Pong(1972)

O blog ficou largado, eu sei. O projeto de jogar e falar a respeito também… mas, cá estou eu de volta escrevendo. E isso é algo a ser celebrado, não? 446 more words

1001 Games

Atari Pong Table

The first arcade game to be based on a real-life sport, Pong has now gone full-circle, entering the real world in this Pong Table. Created by Daniel Perdomo and his friends, it took two years to develop the game, which has rectangular paddles and a square ball to stay true to the original. 37 more words


Off The Wagon

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

After a small pregame of some sorts, Jandra and I ventured off into our first bar. First off, it was really easy to find. 686 more words


Phillips Phunny: Roomba Pong

Enjoy beer pong with ROOMBAS!

Someone came up with a way to make beer pong harder, by putting the cups on ROOMBAS, and letting them drift around the table.


Menu To The Rescue

I’ve no puns poor or otherwise using the word menu, so this time our title has a nice little metre to it instead. If you’d like to continue with this menu post, then you are in the right place!  957 more words


AI'm Ponging Here!

Yes the title’s insufferable and a very laboured joke but let’s just move on shall we? So the AI of the game, the solution is nice, and simple but it’s not perfect as we’ll see later, I would like to stress however that it is a lot smoother than the old Pong AI done in Javascript. 1,058 more words