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Table Tennis Isometric

Isometric table tennis table with bat and ping pong ball

Table Tennis originated in Victorian England, where it was played among the upper-class as an after-dinner parlour game, it was introduced as an Olympic sport at the Olympics in 1988. 257 more words

Epicp Pong Progress Report

Yo as title says this will be a progress report of my new game i am currently making “Epic Pong”, as the name suggest it is pong but way more epic hope you guys enjoy it when im done with it but so far this is what i have done so far. 72 more words

The Pong Climbing Wall That's Taking Over Finland

Have you ever played a game of Pong and really wanted to become that little white bat icon? Well now you can, with the help of Finnish company Augmented Climbing Wall. 265 more words




Bathu temples or Bathu KI Ladi  as it is called locally are a group of temples that remain submerged in the Ranjit Sagar dam lake aka Pong Dam lake from mostly September To March. 80 more words


Type in Game: PONG! (or, something close)

Today’s type in game for HB Tiny Basic is a PONG! variant. I cannot take full credit for this one, I found the original on a Japanese educational site devoted to teaching microcontroller programming, using Half-Byte’s Tiny Basic(!) (a variation of it, anyway) and for basic electronics. 418 more words