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Pong and other early arcade games feel so primitive to us now in 2017. It seems intuitive to credit technological advances for the massive difference in complexity between the light arcade games of 35 years ago and the many more complex forms of video game we play today, but how much does technology really have to do with that shift? 703 more words

Problem Machine


Welcome, Gamers!

This blog is dedicated to all things gaming and retro. it celebrates the old and the new and will feature regular content from new (old) game releases to articles about my experience replaying games I used to love. 44 more words


Don't Laugh

The projects for our showcases are finished and have been published on the Scratch site and I’m compiling them onto our school Code Club page in preparation for our final meetings this week when the parents come to see what we have been up to. 310 more words

Code Club

Random Game Wednesdays: Pong (Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1)

One of the gifts I received for Christmas this year was a copy of Atari Flashback Classics Vol 1 for the Xbox One. It includes over 50 old Atari games, some from the arcade and some from the 2600. 596 more words

Video Games

EFI Pong

There is a UEFI rewrite of the classic PONG videogame. EFI_Pong is built using GNU-EFI (not EDK2 build) toolchain, and is based on Pete Batard’s EFI-Simple app: 11 more words


Atari Game System (1970s and 1980s)

Not the first game system (that was Magnavox’s Odyssey), Atari was responsible for popularizing the play form. (Who didn’t either own or play on an Atari in the 1970s and 1980s?) Their very first game was, yes, Pong, in 1975. 85 more words