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Pong In Real Life, Mechanical Pong

and two of his friends have been working on a mechanical version of Pong for the past two years. We can safely say that the final result is beautiful. 276 more words


#MTBoS30- Day 21


I’m ending the year with programming.  I know it’s not a long time, 8 days to be exact, but it’s enough to give my students exposure to programming and the processes involved.  77 more words


Let's re-create "Pong" in Unity!

Alrighty, I gave in…

Decided to start making Pong, an all-time classic game, in Unity!

Thus far, going well. It’s much more straight-forward than I thought. 25 more words



After several weeks of learning and experimenting, I’ve finally created my very first game using HTML5 and Javascript which was the classic, Pong. Pong is said to have been the first coin operated video game and the first sports arcade video game manufactured by Atari in the 1970s. 216 more words


Evaluate and Reflection - Ping Pong

This project was a mixture of emotions. Enjoyable, fun, stressing, creative, busy and collaboration of all sorts. I have gained skills from doing this project. I have learnt to attempt to present my work to a very high standard finish. 259 more words