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Some ping pong trick shots to get you through your day

The guys over at Dude Perfect show you some of their best ping pong trick shots!


Pong with Flair

This week in Code Club we worked on a Scratch game project that was simple in design but could be creatively enhanced quite easily.  We used… 363 more words

Code Club

It's not a competition - Narratology and Ludology

A quick google search of the definitions for each of these terms return the following:

Ludology is the study of games and gaming, especially video games. 1,055 more words


Basic MonoGame Tutorial

Basic MonoGame Tutorial 

This tutorial will walk you through the simple basics of MonoGame and get you dealing with basic input and rendering to the screen.   4,611 more words

Video Games Are For Everyone - Get Over It

We exist in an age where gaming has moved beyond the niche and into the mainstream. Now, video games are for everyone, so embrace it.

Bra Pong Game, Craft Project Review

My cousin is getting married next month, so I helped my aunt, plan a bridal shower for her.  Of course I went straight to Pinterest for ideas!   510 more words