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Pong (Randyjw; February 20, 2017)

Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping.

the sound of you giving me

reflections of thee


Tennis For Two

TENNIS FOR TWO, oder auch von uns Nerds liebevoll T42 genannt, ist bekanntlich das älteste Computerspiel der Welt. 1958 von William Higinbotham entwickelt und auf einen analogen Computer programmiert. 463 more words

Reaction Challenge -(Witt Teem)

For our project, Bryce Wiseman and myself attempted to replicate Zane Cochran’s 1D Pong interactive game.We did eventually get it to function, but there were several humps to get over before we were able to do so. 296 more words

Hackaday Links: February 5, 2017

A lot of people around here got their start in electronics with guitar pedals. This means soldering crappy old transistors to crappy old diodes and fawning over your tonez, d00d.   394 more words

Hackaday Columns

UEFI port of CHIP-8 game engine

There’s a CHIP-8 emulator written for most platforms, now including UEFI. The executable uc8.efi is built using the GNU-EFI toolchain, not the Tianocore toolchain.

“CHIP-8 emulator as an UEFI application” 76 more words

People say friends don’t destroy one another

what do they know about friends ?