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Nature in Words and Pictures.

Of course each moment spent in nature cannot be experienced through photos and words, but an idea of the beauty and therapy gained form nature can be shared. 113 more words

Dizzy's first holiday!

Last week me and Dizzy went to the New Forest! This was Dizzy’s first holiday away! I must admit at first I did feel like I couldn’t really be bothered to go. 279 more words

How we project our needs into our animal's personal space

What I’ve noticed is that when people first come into contact with their favourite animals instead of taking a second and evaluating the energy that surrounds the animal, they dive straight in smothering them with love. 610 more words

Pushing up against those mental barriers in riding and how yoga helps

All riders know and have probably experienced the moment when it’s time to do something new riding, something more challenging and let’s be frank something potentially more scary. 538 more words

Moving Forwards

Well, life is busy.

Today, I’m taking a time out from college work to sit down and have a head clearing session. I’ve actually had a post half written up for weeks, I just never got around to finishing or posting it. 1,048 more words



So it’s the new year… and i’ve been no where to be found… oops. Thanks to my friend for pointing out my absence or else I may have never made my way back. 260 more words

Lyme Disease

Tuesdays of Texture: Shaggy

This Shetland pony was one of a small group that used to live in a field just down the lane from where we live. This might have been a bad hair day.

Tuesdays of Texture