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Sur le Pont d'Avignon

Sorry, I just couldn’t help but use the most generic and overly-used entry title or reference to Avignon. This entry is a continuation on my “May adventures” series, which my soon spill into June if I don’t find some blogging motivation. 1,005 more words

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sur le pont d'avignon

I have been mulling over what to write about Avignon and find myself somewhat stuck; it’s not that there’s not much to say (we were there for three days), but I wound up taking a startling number of pictures on this trip, 237, and uploading 30-odd of them in the attached gallery. 728 more words


Avignon, where popes once reigned

For 68 years during the 1300s, Avignon was the center of the Catholic world. Seven popes reigned from this Provencal location, nearly 600 miles from Rome…and they were French, not Italian. 675 more words


Avignon's Famous Bridge

No visit to Avignon is complete without a walk on the Pont Saint-Bénézet, also known as the Pont d’Avignon. So, on a beautifully warm and sunny December day we made our visit. 532 more words

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Avignon Anyone?

After my stop in Lyon I headed South to Avignon. There are only a few major attractions in Avignon, I don’t think most people consider it a main stop but I met the absolute best people in Avignon and had so much fun. 433 more words


Profitez de l'instant présent

Salut à tous!

Je me suis embarqué dans une aventure ce week-end!

Encore une fois, l’excursion à Avignon a été annulée, parce qu’il n’y avait pas assez intérêt. 430 more words


Sometimes the best places to travel are those that are right on your doorstep. This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the local city of Avignon, one of many to be enclosed by the ancient Roman walls. 840 more words