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Fiction, Naturalism and RPGs

Playing Ironsworn recently, I’ve noticed an interesting tension. Like its cousin Apocalypse World, Ironsworn is, mechanically, a game that emphasises narrative tension. Each action fits into a sort of dramatic funnel. 517 more words


Confessions of a High School English Teacher

I was that teacher.

I was that teacher who insisted that students had to know Standard English and its grammar. As a high school English teacher in SW Missouri, I had strict notions about my job and what I was supposed to teach my students. 256 more words


The Abdication of Self-Reliance

The abdication of self-reliance.  Isn’t that catchy?  Unfortunately, that is the underlying factor behind every social trend that is working towards the destruction of this country.  90 more words


Conservatives, Liberals, and Gun Culture 2.0

If you read this blog you are probably familiar with the term Gun Culture 2.0.  It is a reference to the newer American gun culture that has emerged in the past couple of decades that reflects changing American demographics and society.  1,149 more words


Why You Should Hunt

Jeff Cooper once opined that he could not understand how some people could be shooters but not hunters, and conversely, some were hunters but not shooters.  861 more words


Toward Qualitative Design?

So, there’s been a ‘manifesto jam‘ over at ich.io, which includes all sorts of stuff, both thoughtful and funny. One piece in particular piqued my interest: ‘ 1,015 more words


The True Reason for the Active Shooter Phenomenon

While homicide and other violent crime has continued to decrease the mass-killer shooting attack has seen at least some degree of an uptick in the past decade.  293 more words