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How Do You Not Know That!?

We all read, see or hear stuff that makes our mouths drop. Common sense in society in general, seems to have taken a holiday. My daughter used to regularly come home from school and then college, with little quotes from her friends – and we would have a jolly good laugh at their expense – how did they not know that? 795 more words


Interview on Lions of Liberty Podcast

If you bend libertarian, which many gun people do, then you will probably enjoy the Lions of Liberty podcasts.  I have been a listener of… 95 more words


Nobody Needs an AR15! - How to Crush This Argument

The left hates the AR15 because it is of the same weapon family, and looks identical, to the standard military issued M4 carbine.  The sheer notion that civilians have access to such a weapon drives leftists crazy and it is more symbolic than anything else.  484 more words


Lisa Marie Presley Ordered to Pay Estranged Husband Michael Lockwood $100,000

Lisa Marie Presley has reportedly received another financial blow. Weeks after filing a lawsuit claiming that financial mismanagement on the part of her ex-manager has ravaged her family fortune and left her… 283 more words


The Bottom Line on the Recent Gun Debate

Leftists: “Disarm!  You don’t care about children!  You are responsible for the actions of mass killers due to your devotion to that outdated founding American principle.  111 more words


Leftists, Please Keep Doing what you are Doing!

For all of my fellow Americans who actually value freedom and personal liberty, don’t be disheartened by the recent despicable attack on the Second Amendment.  The CNN Town Hall held last night is actually exactly what we need.  228 more words