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McDonalds Hot Coffee

First catch up on what actually happened here. Its a quick synopsis. And here is my point. When you go to a restaurant now and order something that should be delivered to your table hot, and it is not? 86 more words


Sometimes all I have left is pontification ... Sigh: The ring that wasn't

If you go back awhile on this blog, you’ll find something of a dichotomy at work: I give a damn but then again, I don’t give a damn. 781 more words


I’m reading this book and it pisses me off. I can do a chapter or so and then I have to take a break. Because I am a direct victim of the 2008 financial crises, and this book explains why not one bank executive was brought to task for their egregious errors! 304 more words


The Prepper Movement, Guns, and Lost Trust

National disasters in our recent history such as hurricanes, fires, floods, or civil unrest, teach us that it is wise to be ready for such contingencies.  506 more words


Independence Day: What it Means to Us

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!”

-Benjamin Franklin

The left wants to eradicate every semblance of personal freedom from this country and implement their version of “democracy” by empowering the state to subjugate all under it through imposed “equality.”  That has generally been called… 115 more words


What Being A Surrogate For A Celebrity Like Kim K Is Really Like

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