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Belated E3 Snark

Enthusiasm, eh? I don’t really follow events like E3, but I did watch Bethesda’s announcement of Fallout 4. In spite of myself — I’d thought myself very much ‘over’ that sort of game, as much as I loved… 1,007 more words


Bourgeoisie Blasè


It’s budget time again, as most twenty-somethings were informed by a snappy-captioned link they double-took on while swiping gloss-eyed down their Facebook wall. Again there’s Joe Hockey’s shit-eating grin and chubby-knuckled gesture repertoire. 974 more words


Everything changes - New Characters/ Classes

I’ve had to make some class changes. After over 15 years of making this game I realized that almost all of it was my creation and just a small portion was from the original Death Gate material. 238 more words


Get the Hint and Please, Repent!

Get the Hint and Please, Repent!

A door that opens with a creaky hinge
is sure to make me frown and cringe,
but nothing makes me shiver more… 161 more words

Daily Post

On a mission

Are you on a mission?

I realised the other day I was on a mission – I need to sort out my contract for my day job before the end of April. 594 more words


Monotremes: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Neither shooters nor games set in the second world war are exactly rare, I’ll grant you. In fact, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway is weakest when it tries to be yet another WW2 shooter, but it contains the germ of something else. 602 more words


Mind, Body and The Rest

You have your body and then you have your soul,

which is below your brain, and then you have your mind.

You have consciousness, intelligence, intentionality and awareness; 74 more words