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One of the enduring themes of this blog has been what I will call the ‘monotreme’. Art that just doesn’t fit in somehow. Evolutionary dead ends that were interesting but never caught on. 275 more words


late night thoughts

Its actually after one a.m. and I can’t sleep. My brain won’t stop thinking, about everything and anything. Just now, my oldest son is waking from some wacked dream cursing and yelling. 276 more words

Do ut Des

I watched Ken Levine’s recent GDC talk with great interest. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how designers model (or don’t, or might) social interactions between player characters and non-player characters, so Levine’s idea for what he calls ‘narrative lego’ is right up my alley. 669 more words


Providence: Matching people to jobs

This post is part of a series on the Providence project at Stack Exchange, the first post can be found here.

We’ve gone over building the… 834 more words


Erroneous Data!.....

Yes, we’re still open.


The Self-Help Pea Coat

By: Ex-Dr. Brian Doommas

Has life gotten you down? Do you feel scorned and held in derision by friends, family and colleagues for your own purposeful misgivings? 988 more words

Providence: Machine Learning At Stack Exchange

At Stack Exchange, we’ve historically been pretty loose with our data analysis.  You can see this in the “answered questions” definition (has an accepted answer or an answer with score > 0), “question quality” (measured by ad hoc heuristics based on votes, length, and character classes), “interesting tab” homepage algorithm ( 1,137 more words