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Going sober

Close your eyes and imagine a seventy six year-old tough, no-nonsense mother superior nun. Never been touched, never been sexualised, never even seen a throbbing erect penis before, let alone had a bad thought cross her mind. 146 more words


Unsocial Media and the Letting go of the familiar D20

Last Saturday I ran my first Into the Nexus game using the Cortex+ system. It was kind of nerve wracking. I have been working on this game for so long in the familiar D20 system that I was worried it wouldn’t go well or that my players wouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves as much. 653 more words


"When you get to the moon, find my lens cap!"

I’ve worked with and assisted countless photographers over the decades. Many I have forgotten. Some I haven’t seen for 20 or 30 years, I can remember the faces, but not necessarily the names. 546 more words


To Flubaflo!

I left Chicago today.

See that little black tower with the two white antennae on top? That’s the Sears tower (SEARS, not Willis).

We drove for lots of hours. 543 more words

High School

The Three Faces of Sarah Beth

There’s three of them.

15 Year Old Sarah Beth, who I’m sure you’ve already read about.  8 Year Old Sarah Beth – I try and call her Sadie, but since I haven’t met her, I’m not sure if it sticks or not.  751 more words


Gen Con 2015 - Debriefing

Back from Gen Con and fully decompressed. This year was an odd year for my Nexus games. It was the first year I ran with the Death Gate stuff removed and using all my own creations. 528 more words


Monotremes: Ruse

Ruse was an interesting game. Partly because it was a mainstream real-time-strategy game which attempted to encourage a semblance of realistic combined arms tactics (the almost-but-not-quite rock-paper-scissors relationship between infantry, tanks and artillery, modified by terrain and intelligence — … 347 more words