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Wrap-up: Something Like Procrastination

So clearly, I didn’t finish my Colorado Trail thruhike and my blog concurrently.

On trail, my poor choice of external battery was to blame – between opting out of a couple of resupply stops and using my phone as a map and a camera and a blog-posting machine and and and, I couldn’t get everything typed up at night  356 more words


A Road Map for Life - A Semi-Philosophical Discussion

Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to have a GPS for life? A really good one that could tell you which way you need to turn, what decisions you should make, warn you about roadblocks and detours? 715 more words

Hiatus (aka The Disappointment Artist, aka "The Way It Is")

I have a very heavy heart right now. I’ve done some soul searching, and have made a decision. This is not an easy decision to make — and, after using this blog to be too personal recently, I want to choose my words carefully. 1,227 more words


Sorry for not posting anything

Well, I had expected to post a thing or two this weekend. That obviously didn’t happen. Some of that was due to the rainy weather in Ottawa on Saturday — it was pretty cold and damp here. 81 more words


A Limitation of Language

From Linda Hogan’s, Dwellings

“…we do not even have a language to speak words deep enough, strong enough to articulate what it is we truly desire.”


Extra Weight

So a couple days ago, after Jane and Sarah’s departure, I’m walking Frisco trying to find postcards, stamps, batteries, other little odds and ends I need for the leg to Twin Lakes, and I’m made aware of folks looking at me. 902 more words


Sorry for the Brief Hiatus

Dear readers:

Even though this was the long weekend in Canada (well, in Ontario at least), I’m a little late in getting around to blogging. … 227 more words