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Gut Gremlins and Getting Older

I turn thirty this month. I haven’t been posting regularly because I’ve felt like a freshly molded dog turd thanks to a stomach ulcer. Yippy! 1,138 more words


If you’re a Republican who still supports Trump, you can only be one of two things, unless you make an important choice to disavow the cretin.   701 more words


Interlude: Hostel Walls

So it’s clear I’m quite a bit behind on my posting, and while I’ll have a load more up for you by morning – I’ve been trying to devote all my writing time to catching up on daily posts, rather than talking about the brown part of being a Brown Girl on the PCT – I need to get this off my chest. 775 more words


Heaven on Earth

Mollycoddling Franco the Fiat just past sunrise on my quintweekly grind towards the monthly cashout, my pre-caffeinated gaze found purchase upon the most startlingly ridiculous question to consider so early — “If you die tonight? 615 more words


Bananas about Bananas

I hate bananas.  I just hate them.  I hate even spelling the word banana.  I have to spend time going over if I put one too many n’s in there.   699 more words


It's Time

We came to the point in our family where two of our teenagers needed to spread their wings and take on life on their own. We had established rules for our household, and both of them decided at different times that they didn’t want to abide by the rules. 315 more words


It's Okay to Let Go of Manipulators

Most of us have those people in our lives that, at one point or another, we have to let go of having a relationship with. This is not done to fit an echo chamber standard, mind you, but rather for self-preservation. 3,203 more words