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Sorry for the Brief Hiatus

Dear readers:

Even though this was the long weekend in Canada (well, in Ontario at least), I’m a little late in getting around to blogging. … 227 more words


New Music Fridays: A Pontification

You may have noticed something different about the musical landscape this week. For the first time in a few decades, if you lived in North America or the UK and went into your record shop for a fix on a Monday or Tuesday, there were no new records for you to buy. 681 more words


Greetings, Internet!

If you’re reading this, welcome!

You may be thinking, does the internet really need another blog, opinion, or resource? Probably not, dear reader, but that doesn’t change the obvious facts.   250 more words


life is a sipping drink

At a hostel in Seaside, a woman I had never met before asked me to walk with her to the ocean. It would be her first time meeting the Pacific.  674 more words


Random Musing

I took a photo with my iPhone of a lane near where I live. Computer software, an app, did this to it. I wish I had this talent, among other talents I wish I had (music, painting, come to mind), but don’t, and won’t. 994 more words

Literary Life

Free Advice: Worth Every Penny

Lately, I have taken to signing up for free webinars and teleconferences about writing and marketing. I look at it this way, most of them are an hour, maybe an hour and fifteen minutes long, they only cost time, so if I learn only one thing that might help me, then the hour was worth it. 444 more words


The State of Marriage

Today the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about “whether same-sex couples enjoy a constitutional right to marry.”

There are many specious arguments being used in an attempt to convince the justices that gays and lesbians should be denied the rights accorded by the state for their unions — or marriages as we commonly refer to them. 362 more words