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Dockside Haze

I walk the tenth of a mile to the end of the dock, a desire to be in this moment peeking like the sun over my horizons. 1,588 more words


Interlude: Credit Where Credit is Due

So I’ve got a post-post for you tomorrow, but some things in the meantime:

  • Roy Moore, he who “allegedly” hit on actual children as a grown man, he who is totes cool with slavery as long as America is “great”, he who maybe doesn’t understand the swearing in process enough to explain it to his campaign staff, was narrowly defeated by Doug Jones a lot of determined men and women of color who got out the vote in spite of active voter suppression at the polls.
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Missing the Point

It’s been suggested of late that my blog is about hiking, not about race.

Um. What. 1,611 more words


Release Them and Let Them Go

It is time for progressive United Methodists who cannot abide by the rulings of the church to pack up their things and move on. Traditionalists, who are in the vast majority worldwide, are not going to change their position regarding what the Bible says about homosexuality no matter how much progressives flaunt the current loop holes in denominational accountability. 219 more words


That Which Waits Within Fully-Realized Fruits

Less than two weeks until the late third of the year. If that has the ring of a holiday announcement, it is meant as such. 306 more words


Camping Quandaries

Arriving to camp after six hours in the car is always a relaxing experience. It’s three minutes to nine o’clock on the eastern edge of Missouri, and I’m looking forward to stretching, eating, and getting horizontal post-haste. 1,298 more words


Heart and Matter

I’ve been incredibly sick and warring with myself a lot these days, about what I want the blog to look like while I’m on this hiking-hiatus-turned-driving-extravaganza, about what I want the blog as a whole to accomplish. 428 more words