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Taking a day or two off

Hey readers:

Just a note to let you know that I’ve got a bit of a social agenda in the coming evenings. Tonight (Thursday), I’m going out with a friend to see the definitive cut of… 222 more words


Lambic brew day, year 2, plus year 1 Lambic blending and bottling, and year 1 Kriek

I can hardly believe it’s been over a year since we committed our first batch of Lambic to the barrel. This time, things are a little more intense, as now we need to blend off 1 barrel the first batch of 1 year Lambic, brew Lambic for year two, AND rack off for Kriek to be bottled in another 6 months or so. 1,664 more words

Sour Beer

Just a Short Note

Dearest readers:

Given that I start a new job tomorrow, I’m basically taking the night off from writing. So that means no new content for perhaps the next 24 to 48 hours. 185 more words


Slowing Down Redux

So I have good news for me, and perhaps not so good news for the blog. After being unemployed since May, it seems as though I have a contract job. 387 more words


Thanks for Your Patience

I know I haven’t updated in a day, but I had a few job interviews to take care of. I am hopeful that good things are about to happen on that front, which might mean some slowing down here, but I’ll do what I can. 102 more words


Slowing Down?

Dear Readers and Publicists:

Thank you for your support thus far. I really appreciate it. A lot of folks have reached out to me with support or even music to review, and that includes individual bands, which is very gratifying indeed. 170 more words


Know and Honor the Code

Know and Honor the Code

“Learn of the Code early on, Grasshopper.
Your very survival may depend upon it.”
~ Anonymous

When serving in the USAF as an Air Training Command Master Instructor I found out first hand what the expression “don’t kill the messenger” means. 3,169 more words