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Interlude: And I Must Go

The drips from the roof of my apartment – dulled, distant, metallic – sound nothing like the drumming of drips from the pine trees onto my tent, but they keep me awake anyway. 339 more words


I Am Hopeful Again

I attended the inaugural meeting of the Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) on October 7th in Chicago. I did so because I believe strongly that conservative, evangelical, orthodox, traditional Wesleyan United Methodist Christians need to band together. 318 more words


Gut Gremlins and Getting Older

I turn thirty this month. I haven’t been posting regularly because I’ve felt like a freshly molded dog turd thanks to a stomach ulcer. Yippy! 1,138 more words


An Admonition for the Recalcitrant Trump Supporter

Do you still support Donald Trump for president of the USA?  If you do, I hate to break it to you, but that makes you either obtuse or depraved. 714 more words


Interlude: Hostel Walls

So it’s clear I’m quite a bit behind on my posting, and while I’ll have a load more up for you by morning – I’ve been trying to devote all my writing time to catching up on daily posts, rather than talking about the brown part of being a Brown Girl on the PCT – I need to get this off my chest. 775 more words


Heaven on Earth

Mollycoddling Franco the Fiat just past sunrise on my quintweekly grind towards the monthly cashout, my pre-caffeinated gaze found purchase upon the most startlingly ridiculous question to consider so early — “If you die tonight? 615 more words


Bananas about Bananas

I hate bananas.  I just hate them.  I hate even spelling the word banana.  I have to spend time going over if I put one too many n’s in there.   699 more words