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Bitcoin and MMM Ponzi Scheme

In mid-November when the Bitcoin rate got soared, all the world s media started talking about Sergei Mavrodi, who, no less, stated that he could influence the rate. 144 more words

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Financial Times: журналист обозвал Биткойн "пирамидой"

Заявления Дэна Маккрама (Dan McCrum) о Биткойне полны ошибок. Грустно видеть, как кто-то допускает настолько оскорбительные высказывания о Биткойне, и при этом демонстрирует столь высокую степень непонимания предмета. 10 more words


Naïvety or Greed?

There are stories in various newspapers and online of high profile footballers being separated from their money by unscrupulous financial advisers looking to feather their own beds. 445 more words

Personal Finance

Video: Passive income is a con

A Get Rich Quick Scheme that assumes a super-high ROI by doing a little of something easy.

Think about it – the people pushing it? They’re selling  106 more words

Dependency Ratio

Jeremiah sees red whenever he reads about the dependency ratio. China must engineer a baby boom, so that they will have enough young workers to support a billion retirees. 421 more words


BTCC Warns Investors about MMM Ponzi Scheme

BTCC team has warned its customers and bitcoin investors in general that BTCC is not related with MMM Global and any other Ponzi schemes accepting bitcoin payments. 133 more words

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