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JPMadoff: Attorney Helen Chaitman shows JPM is complicit with Madoff

The “Governmental Services Corporation” UNITED STATES, INC knows all this.  JPM was fined $2 billion to settle the legal matter with Madoff.  The amazing thing about banks is that the Fine is a liability, which the bank is then allowed to underwrite!   19 more words


Is OYO Rooms the startup equivalent of a Ponzi scheme?

(Source: e27.co)

Do you notice anything unusual? minimum guarantee is listed as an operating expense!

What does this mean?

Well, ideally there should have only been one operating cost item related to minimum guarantees — “Minimum tariff loss” that recognises the shortfall the OYO would need to pay out of its own pocket. 981 more words


Benefits of Severe Depression

There apparently IS a benefit. Believe me, I had no idea, which explains my lack of upward mobility. Here’s a guy who cheated and stole from his family and friends, and he’s hoping the severe depression and family history of alcoholism and bipolar disorder get him out of it: 337 more words


Shanghai executive confesses to Ponzi scheme

A top executive at a Shanghai investment firm, Zhongjin Capital Management, confessed on state television on Monday to operating a Ponzi scheme, a sign of the authorities’ increasing scrutiny of systematic financial fraud. 116 more words

The future of all Ponzi schemes

“All Ponzi schemes, by definition, collapse.”

From the book “Who cheats and How? – Scams, Frauds and the Dark Side of the Corporate World” by Robin Banerjee

#RidingTheRollerCoaster – 148


Book review: La Couleur de l'argent


La Couleur de l’argent :
Enquêtes criminelles
de Katerina Carter 1,102 more words

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