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About Those 1099 and Other Tax Filings from Servicers and Banks ...

The problem for everyone involved is that in reality the investors made nothing and merely received a portion of their own money as though it had come from the trust.

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GLD/SLV Ponzi Scheme – GET Physical Gold/Silver

From Investment Research Dynamics

A lot of investors have invested in GLD and SLV under the mistaken assumption that they are investing in “gold.”  In the latest episode of the Shadow of Truth, we discuss why GLD/SLV are Ponzi schemes created as a mechanism to control the price of gold/silver.   53 more words


Sinopec presenta una demanda arbitral a Talisman (Repsol) por 4.900 millones Leer más: Sinopec presenta una demanda arbitral a Talisman (Repsol) por 4.900 millones

Madrid, 17 jun  Las petroleras Addax Petroleum y Sinopec, ambas de titularidad del Gobierno chino, han presentado una demanda de arbitraje contra Talisman Energy, compañía integrada en el grupo Repsol desde mayo del pasado año, por 5.500 millones de dólares (unos 4.900 millones de euros). 367 more words

Fractura Hidraulica

¿De dónde viene y cómo funciona el sistema petrodólar? (1)

Entender el funcionamiento del sistema monetario y económico mundial en los últimos 40 años no es posible sin estudiar el desarrollo e implementación del sistema petrodólar. 1,134 more words

Shale Gas

JPMadoff: Attorney Helen Chaitman shows JPM is complicit with Madoff

The “Governmental Services Corporation” UNITED STATES, INC knows all this.  JPM was fined $2 billion to settle the legal matter with Madoff.  The amazing thing about banks is that the Fine is a liability, which the bank is then allowed to underwrite!   19 more words


Benefits of Severe Depression

There apparently IS a benefit. Believe me, I had no idea, which explains my lack of upward mobility. Here’s a guy who cheated and stole from his family and friends, and he’s hoping the severe depression and family history of alcoholism and bipolar disorder get him out of it: 337 more words