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How to identify an investment scam and not lose $100,000!

Only stupid people fall victims for scams!  I could never end up in that situation!  Really?  I did, I lost $100,000 and I’ll tell you how too.   1,004 more words


Job Interview Held in Food Court Definitely not a Pyramid Scheme

Despite the casual nature of the meeting’s location, sources confirmed yesterday that a job interview held in Westfield Shopping Centre’s food court was definitely not related to a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing organisation. 169 more words


Hollywood Producers Accused of Ponzi Scheme Operating

Skyline Pictures’ producers Michelle Seward and Dror Soref of Skyline Pictures were accused of operating a $21 million Ponzi scheme. As chief executive of Protégé Financial Insurance Services Inc., Seward allegedly induced her clients, she was to invest their funds in a film “Not Forgotten”. 112 more words

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European Kings Club: Ponzi Scheme on a Queen Scale

A non-profit association the European Kings Club (EKC) was organized by Damara Bertges and Hans Gunther Shpahtholtsem in 1992 and positioned as a real force opposing the major European banks able to help small businesses. 131 more words

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2015 NBA Weekly: Lessons from the Stars

More than just basketball, NBA players are human too. They get sick, get duped, get in trouble and share their blessings as well. Such are the cases of our featured NBA stalwarts.. 632 more words


The Great Indian banking Ponzi scheme


One of the themes that I have regularly explored in The Daily Reckoning newsletters is the mess that the Indian banking sector currently is in. This newsletter is another one in the series. 1,206 more words


Described Gold Ponzi Scheme Money Scam Personalized Rectangle Mouse

It was in this job he was to discover the mechanism that he believed would make him and his investors very wealthy. The idea was this: he noted that in some of the correspondence he received was included an international postal reply coupon – good for using on the letter of reply. 362 more words