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Day 12: Nappy Changing in Public - Dos and Don'ts

Today I did my first ever nappy change in public. It went rather well, only a small amount of crying and very little spillage… (And the baby was fine too!) 234 more words


Bangladesh—Sending Poo to its Final Address

WASHplus continued pioneering work developing a menu of small doable actions for the safe disposal of infant feces. Working with program partners, the project team further refined doable behaviors for four cohorts of infant and young children, and worked with designers to develop a set of job aids to integrate Essential WASH Actions into Feed the Future nutrition implementing partner work. 64 more words


Banter!! #banter #bodymalfunction

Just blew my nose. A bit of poo came out my bum. What the fuck!?

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The second coming

Second poo of the day.

I never knew my bowels could move that way.

To much wine the other day.

I can’t write poetry.

When I do it’s pretty shit.



#64 the phantom hoop

Bet the phantom logger at work is that Gollum cunt with the cough.

What a bastard letting me take the blame …

Why’s no-one noticed he’s sitting on an inflatable ring!


#63 the winky hoop

Shit now they’ve sent in the cleaners with a knife and fork!!

Toilets out of order til further notice …

Why am I receiving anonymous winky poo emoji’s!??  IT WASN’T ME!!


#62 the rumour hoop

Fuck I ran away from that giant log in the toilet.

But someone in the office saw me leaving the scene and the rumour is it was me! 9 more words