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I have alot going on right now but will definitely be able to do more on blog through the weekend, so keep eyes open!

My daughter Daisie and I made this using tires. 58 more words


Curious Items Found at Work...

Because you may need to wear a unicorn crown while you poo???



Random Ramblings

Learning Points from Molly Winter's TEDx Talk on "The Taboo Secret to Better Health"

Alright, this TEDx talk title is a little bit of a clickbait, but sort of goes along with what I think eventually must happen. There must be a closed loop cycle in everything that we do so that it will remain sustainable. 241 more words

TED Talk

Lazy man: Poop Machine 💩

Lazy man : Poop machine

I am a lazy man,
I wished but I ain’t a scientist in Japan.

But physics and biology do amuse me, 400 more words



We have had a lovely weekend at my cousins wedding. It took us 8 hours and 15 minutes to get there on Friday, as it was the arse end of Wales. 666 more words

Purposeful Poo

IBS is a truly annoying, stressful and simply depressing condition. From the frequent toilet trips to the painful doubling over cramps. Uncontrollable unladylike like noises to looking and feeling like you have eaten a water melon whole.  567 more words


Day 127: Poop Update 4!

10) The Blockbuster

This one is different from most of the poos encountered so far, because it’s the only one whose arrival can occasionally be predicted. 71 more words