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These Came from Blue's Poo

He likes to eat the neighbor’s birdseed, including sunflower seeds, and these came up…



But really though!! 18 more words


Ostrich and Ollie

This one is more of a fictional post, rather than a anecdote based on my life or the people in it.

Then again, the character is based on my son! 34 more words

No liquid farts, body! / More than you bargained for! / Will Farrell on sharting

From Ask Ideas: Body, why didn’t you tell me that this fart was going to be liquid?!

From Ask Ideas: Ted Cruz is thinking, “When you think you farted, but it’s more than you bargained for…” 18 more words


but it's my poo!

I remember sitting up immediately when I heard it; “My poo! Not your poo!” Then I heard the next part; “No it’s MY poo!” Cue me practically falling over my own feet (again) in my rush to get downstairs, in the hopes that I wasn’t going to find a bedroom covered in that first morning poo, times two. 102 more words

Life And Something Like It

Why Awareness Is Necessary.

I can guarentree over half the people i speak to have never heard of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Why? Because the awareness isn’t out there which is why i clog up everyones newsfeeds with my blogs, videos, facts and stories (sorry). 568 more words


The Archaeology of Poo

As part of our Horrible Histories day, Penny the archaeologist could be found in a tent in the grounds, encouraging young and old to take a special interest in poo. 179 more words

Hednesford People

Things I Wish People Understood About IBD.

Being diagnosed with an invisible illness has got to be the worst thing to have ever happened to me. It has always been a struggle for me to understand so how can i expect others who don’t have a chronic illness to understand? 679 more words