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Kids, Poos and Traffic Jams

It was a lovely summer’s day in 2015. We’d had a wonderful time at a country park and were setting off for home with our 2 yr old in tow. 408 more words


Better Good Friday than Jesus, no eggs from a rabbit, stigmata Easter cookies

I hope you have a better Good Friday than Jesus did.

Public Service Announcement for Easter: This Easter, do not eat any eggs that come out of a rabbit. 10 more words


The hills are alive… with the smell of poo

Unlike what the rest of the world thinks, the Sound of Music is not Austria’s national film – barely anyone has even heard of it, let alone watched it! 245 more words

the "you shall not pass" bean

Ladies . . . we don’t talk about poo, in fact we even like to pretend we don’t do such things at all.

Discussing poo is such an odd subject we have come up with the most ridiculous ways to reference it . 217 more words

Second Trimester

What is it With Dogs Rolling in Poo?

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel as if you haven’t done much, but you’re absolutely exhausted? Today’s the day for  me! 844 more words

General Life

Stupid people in large groups, garden with curled poo, baked Easter poop emojis

From Janina and Sue Fitzmaurice: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

From Engrish.com and Library of Most Controversial Files: Garden with Curled Poo! 12 more words