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The excitement of finding out which room I’m in and what the week is going to bring has made up for the drag of getting to college. 348 more words

Wombat Poo - A Haiku

I dusted off a word document simply saved as “Prompts”. The first one that stood out to me was “A scientific fact (real or invented)”. This is a real fact, wombats do make cubic poo, it is one of my favourite facts of the animal world, and wombats are all around awesome creatures, like most all Aussie animals. 30 more words


Precious poop, fresh sandwiches, urine sample poem, Pee and Poo mascot T-shirt

In the hospital ER restroom on the baby change table: Precious Poop graffiti with silver Sharpie!

Graffiti in the hospital ER restroom on the baby change table: Sandwich spread made fresh right here! 62 more words


Tommy Robinson T-shirt design

He was pictured strolling down a train looking very pleased with himself, like a proud toddler….


Green dogs

Having a dog is not necessarily an environmentally friendly choice. They consume resources and they produce waste. However, I know that my dogs are good for my mental and physical health, plus both are rescues and, therefore, they were ‘going spare’ so to speak. 1,208 more words

Ethical Living

Sponges! / Creepy Santa! / Jahram Proffit-Preston?! / Jhevelle-Monique Smith?!

My amusing and cute sponge display plus my kitchen toothbrush: $2 recycled yellow sponges from beer bottles, a green London Drugs scouring pad, London Naturals steel wool in gold and silver, various orange / green / blue / yellow Sponge Daddy sponges, and two Scrub Daddy sink scrubbers with a happy face! 55 more words