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Check Out the Most Revolting Game Ever for Kids

From Hasbro, maker of Monopoly, My Little Pony and other fine products to entertain and distract children, comes this new game …

… about walking in poo. 349 more words


Mama said there would be days like this

I have been wondering of late if things have just been sent to try me, or if I have somehow fallen under some sort of curse.  1,091 more words

UK Poolice... are you shitting me ?

According to the texts, human digestion takes one to three days. I guess it depends mostly on different individuals and how much of what vegetables. or meats have been eaten lately. 387 more words


Making the dog poop outside! / Poop-colored sleepwear!

A dog and a baby are talking. Baby: “Seriously? They make you poop outside?” Dog: “Yeah…”

From Julie M. and Walmart: Angelina unisex plush animal one-piece novelty sleepwear / lounge wear! The actual color IS poop!


Having a serious WTF night tonight.

An indicator of how my evening is going. I have just had to Google ‘what to do when your toddler eats soiled cat litter.’ Pretty crappy right? 415 more words


There is reason why we prefer to poo at home

Like many of us, my number 2s are conducted more comfortably on my own loo. On a public loo, or on somebody else’s, the requirement to number 2 needs to be extremely urgent. 343 more words


Nigerian Lady Breaks-up With Her Boyfriend Because He Eats Poop For Yahoo Plus Rituals 

Nigerian lady breaks up with A Nigerian lady, Barbie Ulonna,wrote on Facebook that she developed sores in her mouth after kissing a man she just began dating, only to discover later that he eats poo as a ritual for Yahoo plus. 510 more words