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Even more stuff I have learned from staying alive longer than I ever expected to... part 2...

Never scoop up the dog poo in bare feet… especially if you have had another dog visiting your dog for a week… and the grass hasn’t been mowed in a while… take my word for it…


City Girl

“Hey Mummy! Look at these funny little rocks, they’re a bit squishy!”
“Ohhhh Amy, those aren’t rocks, they’re rabbit poo”
“OHMYGOD MUM do you have any hand sanitizer with you?”
Aww, my little city girl.

Traveling with men-a must have

Can I just say that I wish I had invented this product? It’s Fresh Drop Bathroom Odor Preventor. OMG! A lifesaver when you are traveling. I just got back from vacation, and the bathroom didn’t have a fan (which is unusual).   132 more words


Beware Of The "Portland Pooper" (PHOTO)

Last week, a news station in Portland, Oregon shed light on a burgeoning problem in their city. An unknown white male has been publicly dumping in different areas of their town. 107 more words



Its funny what does a mother in. For some its a runny poo, projectile vomit or even some stringy snot – which I do find rather disgusting but it doesn’t unhinge me. 239 more words

Head Strong

Monkey has always had a very strong willed personality. As soon as he could grasp, roll, sit up, crawl, point, talk and walk he has done it to his own beat. 605 more words

Saturday Laughs

Hi Everyone,

I linked up with the The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturday’s Top Five Laughs and posted an old post of a hilarious parenting situation that occurred with munch. 17 more words