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I’m writing this, post crap all over toddlers hand smeared into sofa incident and then peeing on the rug.

I’m a bit stressed. Maybe angry. Definitely angry. 589 more words

Roses and Manure

D doesn’t have sisters, only one brother. I have two brothers, no sisters and a tomboy for a mum. In fact, instead of dresses and skirts my mum would often dress me in my brothers’ hand-me-downs. 303 more words

Calm the fuck down, everyone.

What a crazy fucking year it’s been. Is it over yet? Why is not over yet? Who’s in charge of ending it? Is it Zeus? An Asian country with weapons of mass destruction? 705 more words

How to Pick up Women

after a few pots of coffee
I shit like machine gun rounds,
My ass sags like rumple stilts skin
Putrid burning mass graves
Producing poo more impressive… 105 more words



Today’s post is a video blog. I decided it might be interesting to show you how I change my ostomy bag. What better way than through a video? 611 more words


Poo faces.

This video popped up on a few parenting pages on facebook last week. To all the parents of babies out there, does your baby make a funny poo face? Mine sure does!


Being a Mom is... Cleaning Poop Off the Floor

About a week ago, I naively had a conversation about poop with my boyfriend. I was enjoying not having to deal with those nasty baby messes like the random breast milk vomit that happens 20 times a day or the “poo-splosions”, as we like to call them, where the poo always seemed to end up everywhere few times a week. 308 more words