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Krampus 2: Return of the Christmas Booger!

Krampus and Surly Redneck Santa return for another round-up of naughty kids in this holiday turd! Chaos, mayhem, sex, and a 5:25am alarm because recording a podcast in my truck right before work was my only option at the time. 18 more words

Petrichor....say what?

“Petrichor is the smell that often accompanies the first rain after a long period of dry weather. Oils are given off by vegetation when washed by rain become a signal to lifeforms that the season can support breeding. 478 more words

How was your day

Today I got shat on. The dreaded poo explosion right on my lap. After the initial shock of the situation and the realisation of having to scrub the stain from my white shirt, I had to make some decisions. 247 more words


Mega Dads Live #57: Verbal Asterisk


This month on Mega Dads Live the guys discuss their joint opinions on Red Dead Redemption 2, John gushes over AC Odyssey and Astro Bot on the PSVR and Adam discusses a little nostalgia trip called Horizon Chase Turbo. 45 more words


That Swanny River

Has a slow oxbow
and those swans poop a lot so
my heart yearning? No!


Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo

People often say pooping is taboo, but lately it seems more like a cultural fetish. There are poop emoji birthday parties for three-year-olds, people WhatsApping photos of their ordure to friends, TripAdvisor threads on how to avoid or avail yourself of squat toilets. 617 more words