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Coprophagia: Why animals eat their own feces

Have you ever seen an animal defecate, then turn around and eat its own feces? It’s more normal than you might think, and there is a reason. 230 more words


She had wished for gold baubles and bay-leaf laurels,
some things from her classics classes. Head girls
never learn to slake that popularity thirst,
but Fate, fickle, foolish, turning, can spin them worse. 123 more words


How I Was Woken Up This Week

I cannot tell you how much I miss the days before I had kids, when all that would rouse me from my lovely, long, hours and hours of uninterrupted slumber (remember that??), was my alarm. 249 more words


Lair of the White Worm: They warned you about her in college…

This is what I get for going on sabbatical.

Back in April, shortly after I posted the review for The Alligator People, I suffered a work injury that put me out of commission until up to this point. 1,087 more words


The Dark Side

My favourite chocolate is Marks & Spencer Swiss Chocolate – specifically Extra Fine Milk. However, I understand that Dark Chocolate has more health benefits than Milk. 118 more words


Daily Puffery

via Daily Prompt: Paragon

Proudly proclaiming myself as a paragon of puffery, puns, and prodigious silliness to the point of perdition.

Prince of P’s too. 8 more words


Doctors Remove 28 Pounds Of Feces From 22-Year-Old Who Was Constipated His Entire Life

A 22-year-old in China had been constipated his entire life.  It was only now that he went under the knife, and had a huge section of his colon removed, a huge 28 pounds of it actual.   94 more words