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Matter that matters

One of these days, I was doing a wash of dark clothes, so I went into Logan’s room to see what I could find. Absentminded I picked up some pieces; socks, T shirt, boxers. 39 more words

Chocolate ice cream Halloween mask looking like poop! / Unsure if fart or shart

From Vanessa and Vomitorium: This chocolate ice cream Halloween mask looks like a poop emoji!

Baby: That moment when you’re not sure if it was a fart or a shart…


Peru Poo Two

This is one of the other bathrooms in the apartment we stayed in. As you can perhaps see despite my inferior photography skills, it was substantially nicer than mine. 887 more words

Your Man On The Can

Nobody eating flamingo on Thanksgiving, Zack Wagoner, Bex Alles, Cepheron Kalle

From Julie S. and Fun Pics and Stuff: A turkey is in disguise as a flamingo, and his turkey friends are discussing this. “He’s got a point. 35 more words


Modern art, being in love, the OP not being the original commenter

Jon wanted to know whether I wanted to come over to Thanksgiving Dinner on Monday (I thought it was tomorrow!), and said I could come over earlier to play with the kids. 216 more words


A Poo Haiku

I sit down to poo

Release my bowel contents

Into the toilet