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How To Change a Nappy

Step 1:

Ascertain if you actually need to change the nappy, sometimes it’s just wind. You’ll pray that it is just wind. A good sniff in the lower crotchal region of your baby (note, avoid doing in public) will give a solid indication. 428 more words


What would she leave under your pillow anyway?

THIS TINKERBELL-LIKE SPRITE? She doesn’t exist. But poo does — and it must be properly reckoned with.

The dog can’t tidy-up and bin its own poo. 110 more words

The Other 10%

clean up your poop

why do people think its ok to do stuff like this. my son was playing in the park near his school and soon as he was done playing my fella no-test the dog poop but thats not just it there was dog poop under the wood chippings. 25 more words


Baby Steps, Minus the Diaper

It’s been officially three days post-medication.  My mouth is slowly starting to feel less like the Sahara Desert, and it has been a little easier to… 676 more words


The Poo.

WARNING: This post contains poo stories, if you are not a mom, proceed at your own risk. If you are a mom, more than likely you have stories worse than these of your own children, and will not be phased.

585 more words

Golden Poop: American Poop May Contain $4 Billion in Precious Metals

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DENVER, CO – If there were a James Bond character named Goldpooper, he’d be the man, the man with the golden poo, like me and you. 37 more words


Kathleen Smith of the US Geological Survey Investigates Mining Gold, Silver, Platinum and Other Precious Metals From Human Poo

VICE Motherboard: Every year, Americans are flushing a fortune down the toilet. Literally. More than 7 million tons of biosolids—treated sewage sludge—pass through US wastewater facilities annually. 151 more words