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Thermometers, tears, tea and trust.

Ladies and gents, I have finally gotten around to creating a blog based on my nursing journey (and my fabulous self of course, but more on that later).  152 more words


"That is One Big Pile of Poo..." Dinosaurs and the Dung Beetles

Upon reading the word ‘dinosaur’ most readers will immediately think of terrifying behemoths such as Tyrannosaurus rex. However new research from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History has given us a reason to think of dung beetles instead. 600 more words

Potty training a two year old - part 1

ERIC’s helpline advisor Alina has three children – two boys and a girl. Her youngest, Nella, has just started learning to use the potty. Alina kindly agreed to share with you how she gets on with potty training Nella. 620 more words

Toilet Training

Contractions shouldn't be phonetically written! / Jena, Tuhn, and RUFFLES?!

Contractions shouldn’t be phonetically written!

The DRAGON WARRIOR II party makes it to Tuhn, where they meet this woman: “I’m Jena. If thou meets my husband, tell him that my father’s name was Ruffles.” What kind of name is THAT?!


stop leaving skid marks ! (poo talk)

Caution; this post is going to be completely rude and you will find a lot of poop talks.

This is for those who don’t even care about what they leave behind for others to see. 225 more words

Catheter capers and the haunted leg bag

spoOOOooooOOky haunted leg bag!! Well, that seemed to be the reaction from people when i told them that my piss would no longer be coming out of my vagina in the conventional method. 1,853 more words


May 17th - The Big Blue

I woke that morning with the continued intention of reaching my beach destination at Malvan. My trusty map had told me that there was a beach there and that there was a fortress somewhere in the town. 2,148 more words