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What I thought would be a just a goodnight kiss...

Finally some ‘me’ time. As I unlock the screen on my iPad to write this very blog I notice a dozen plus children’s apps running in the background draining my battery and slowing down the Wifi speeds! 474 more words


Death Squad: Plot holes with echoes.

 What’s this, another SyFy movie of the week? Looks at DVD case. Nope, just another indie flick. An all-star cast is great for any movie, but it typically never saves the film from being a real stinker. 910 more words


Disappearing Act

I’m definitely not referring to my waistline when I say disappearing act! No, sadly I am referring to a phenomenon that I have experienced first hand. 379 more words

Toilet issues

The stench is reeking! Since moving to our new house, Mr Malamute has had some problems with housetraining. He was very quickly housetrained as a puppy in our old house. 389 more words

Blade Yacht

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Overview: A totally unique superyacht, with panoramic windows, shell doors, in-out swimming pool. This yacht has a generous pool, extended at the infinity end by a decorative waterfall and equipped with a current generator. 669 more words


The Poo Show

The Poo Show is this Saturday. Everything you need to know about your pet’s poo. Not the nicest of topics but someone has to do it. 12 more words