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'Everything comes down to poo, whether it's just toothache or a touch of the flu'

Okay all, i hope you’re braced yourselves… this blog post is quite literally about SHIT… I have been in hospital for very serious life or death spinal surgery (multiple may i add) and the recovery is not very glamorous, i mean, i won’t lie, i got to meet Andy from Cbeebies on my way to have an MRI (he was with Santa – SCORE!) But as far as recovery goes it’s hard and it’s not fun at all, it’s a lot of work on my part and i’m mostly exhausted or high on painkillers- the high on painkillers is the most fun one until i have no idea what i’m doing: my friends have lovely stories of this and i’m very lucky i was confined to bed at the time! 1,213 more words

WTF Shites

Public pooping with people pacing

Right outside my stall

Makes me mighty murderous and wanting to be macing

The pacer in front of all.


Things I shouldn't find satisfying...

Things I shouldn’t find satisfying – and probably shouldn’t be admitting – but I do.

Note: Some bullet points may cause gross-out.

Crohn's & Colitis Awareness Week

Let’s Talk About Poo…

Poo is pretty gross right?

I mean, we all know it’s natural, but it’s not exactly dinner-time talk is it?

And it certainly isn’t lady-like. 1,470 more words


Mba Desi merupakan perempuan yang sangat  aneh, benar-benar aneh. Dia suka memakan kotoran, baik itu kotorannya sendiri bahkan kotoran orang lain. Entah apa yang ada dibenak mba Desi ini. 22 more words

Anger as dog gets Rugby player poo on it's paws

A WORRYING new craze is sweeping the area, with Rugby players defecating on their pitches at the end of games.

Rugby and Football fields, which are predominantly used by dog walkers, are becoming cesspools of human feces, a spokesperson for North Wales Police has said. 138 more words


The other day Kal mentioned that I refer to poo rather a lot.  This is, to be fair, true.  I just seem to encounter dog poo wherever I go – plus my daughter’s nursery is right next to one of the few parks in Islington where people are allowed to let their dogs off the lead.   101 more words