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Pooping in your own bathroom, online people being better, looking for myself

That awesome moment when you come back from vacations and can finally poop in your own bathroom!

Sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than people right beside you. 23 more words


Pikachus and 💩: The Midway prizes almost everyone wants

Frederick Kelier stand beneath dozens of stuffed animals and plush hats, watching as competitors at the Midway’s Whac a Mole booth whack pop-up moles to score a prize. 547 more words



INDEX #: 076

SPECIES: Penguin Poo


HEIGHT: 2′ 04″

WEIGHT: 48.11 lbs.





TRANSFORMATION: Pierre –> Pablo… 320 more words


What's in Wastewater and Why is it Dangerous?

TL; DR: Humans use water. Stuff gets in water. Humans treat water. Humans don’t die. Yay.

Water – H2O, agua, whatever you want to call it – is essential to life on Earth. 1,101 more words


I POOPED TODAY T-shirt, dropping a watch in the toilet, wasted opportunities

I need this I POOPED TODAY T-shirt from Oddee!

Confucius meme: Man who drop watch in toilet bound to have shitty time.

From Susan: Never waste an opportunity to tell someone you love them. 8 more words


Rationalizations and Poo Pt. 1

There was a slight mistranslation on my part…there are no goats here, only deer.

I know! You can imagine my dismay after reminiscing about the previous day’s work with the elephants as we road past the giraffes, leopards, lions, tigers, bears, zebras, and ostriches only to find that we do not have goats, but instead small deer. 444 more words

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster: Someone Had Too Much Time


Well, I’m back from the dead here on Fail-Flix. Been a hell of a hiatus, I can tell you. ConCarolinas went great, and I’m already working on a few panels with Bill Mulligan and Braxton Ballew (of Valentine Wolfe) for next year! 1,249 more words