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Things to Know About the Billiard Tables

The billiard table is one of the most basic billiard equipment apart from pool balls. A billiard is a limited table on which the game is played. 314 more words

Things to know about the Commercial Pool Tables

The pool table is the central part of a pool game. Commercial pool tables are among the distinctive types of pool tables. It is the best pool table for those who want to play a quality game. 270 more words

Tiger Woods Shows Off New Oakland Raiders Pool Table [PHOTOS]

Tiger Woods has been showing his Silver & Black pride when he tweeted a picture of his pool table Friday afternoon, decorated with the Oakland Raiders in mind. 71 more words


Mean Streets

This Vietnam vet getting loaded with J&B will soon go berserk.

Deniro provides more evidence that J&B makes you violent.

Action Crime

Female Prisoner Scorpion: Beast Stable

J&B in a Japanese movie – rare indeed.

Verson Jetorix: “Third in the Scorpion trilogy and while not the masterpiece that FEMALE PRISONER #701 was, this is still premiere exploitation cinema. 7 more words

Action Crime

Game Room

I had the feeling this place got really busy after dark…

Austin, Texas
photographed 5.12.2017


My Open letter......

Dear Stranger,

I hope you are doing OK, I hope you still find enough reasons to smile everyday, and how I would kill to be just one of those reasons. 224 more words