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Poor Law Board of Guardians collection

1916 – 2016

The poor law came into effect in Ireland with the Poor Law Act of 1838 and remained in existence until 1923. The country was divided into poor law unions each with its own workhouse. 352 more words


Inhumanity towards migrants is nothing new

In 1819 Parliament passed the Irish and Scotch Vagrant Act (59 Geo III, c.12) as a reaction to complaints from parishes in England that they were being swamped by impoverished migrants.  647 more words

Nixon's Guaranteed Basic Income Proposal

Imagine my recent surprise on learning Republican president Richard Nixon, in 1968, was on the verge of enacting an unconditional income for all poor families. It would have guaranteed a family of four $1,600 a year, equivalent to roughly $10,000 in 2016. 371 more words

Hidden History

On this day... Belper Union Meeting of Guardians 10th June 1916

A post from Bernadette, currently on a work placement at the Record Office

As part of my work experience at the Record Office, I recently carried out a transcription of a meeting from Minute Book of the Belper Union Meeting of Guardians. 848 more words


Elation and Frustration: The Reality of Family History Research

Another day, another archives visit. Off I went to the aptly named “Discovery Museum” in Newcastle which houses the Tyne and Wear Archives. Filled with anticipation and enthusiasm, I was on the trail of my one-handed gypsy 5x great grandmother Charlotte Burnett. 650 more words

Family History

Rights and removals: a four nations perspective on poor law history

Rights and removals: a four nations perspective on poor law history

Simon Gallaher (University of Cambridge)  looks at how geographically distinctive 19th century Poor Law regimes impacted on those whose lives crossed jurisdictions. 1,096 more words

Four Nations

1847: the Irish Famine and Stafford

The mass suffering and exodus of Irish people during the Famine had many parallels with the world refugee crisis of today. Major issues in the rural Irish economy, in government policy and in the political relationship between Ireland and Britain were exposed by the failure of the potato crop in 1846/7. 1,213 more words