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The Kelly family: Famine refugees who outwitted the Poor Law authorities

The Irish population of the Stafford district quadrupled between 1841 and 1851.[1] The Irish Famine had an immediate impact on districts like Stafford as well as the on the better known cities like Liverpool. 1,040 more words


Beatrice Potter visits Joseph Chamberlain, family and a visitor

Have you ever thought what a grand Victorian home would look like?  Well – at the other end of this piece you’ll have an interesting description – but don’t jump to the end just yet. 1,072 more words

Beatrice Potter

Creating a Welfare State

Why was the 1906 education (Provision of Meals Act) providing free school meal to children in need, so different from how the Victorian Poor Law offered help? 303 more words


Unclaimed Humanity: Desertion of Family

On March 11th 1870, a 50 year old plane-maker named James Fellowes was charged before the police court with abandoning his wife and five children and leaving them chargeable to Birmingham parish. 655 more words

19th Century

Boys on Trial

When looking at the Old Bailey Online, I found an abundance of petty crime cases such as pick-pocketing between 1835 and 1845. There were 2947 cases of pick-pocketing during this decade, and some cases were committed… 1,902 more words

Irish poverty relief loans go online

Records of the Irish Reproductive Loan Fund are now available online. 260 more words

Family History

Greens: the myth of the "new left" debunked


This article is in part an exploration of the tension between environmentalism, human rights, equality and social justice. This is an important issue, because how political ideologies are translated into policy often has profound and far-reaching social consequences. 2,180 more words

Political Ideology