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The Regency View of the Poor. How much has changed?

There was no concern at all in Regency Britain about people being poor; it was considered a natural state. Poverty encouraged social order – it was believed that people could escape the worst of their condition by sobriety, obedience and constant hard work. 1,138 more words


Richard Oastler

Yesterday I visited Brighouse to spend some time with family.  We had a drink and a meal in the Wetherspoons pub there which was called “the Richard Oastler”.  590 more words


Some Union Workhouse Minutes for 20th May 1840

Virtually all of the stories I post are linked to events from times gone by.  Today’s story takes us back 177 years to extracts from the Union Workhouse Minutes of the day for the town of Stamford in eastern England.  511 more words


1775: James Wickins and the Lichfield Poor (Part II)

Part I dealt with the background to the poor-law both nationally and in Lichfield, as well as a little about James Wickins himself. This part will look at what Wickins actually proposed in 1775, and how that fitted into existing or influenced future practice within Lichfield… … 24 more words

Social History

From Slavery to the Workhouse

I am sure many of us have discovered that one or more of our early family members went into the workhouse. Sitting at our computers in our centrally heated homes we have tried to imagine what it might have been like with, perhaps, images coming to mind of Oliver Twist asking for more, or the heavily pregnant Fanny Robin, in Thomas Hardy’s… 622 more words

1775: James Wickens and the Lichfield Poor (Part I)

I was rooting around in the loft the other day when I came across an old assignment that I wrote on the old poor-law in Lichfield, which took as its source a pamphlet written in 1775, which outlined the vision of a Mr. 29 more words

Social History

150 years ago today: election of a guardian

The Preston Herald reported the election of a large number of new guardians for Clitheroe Union on 13 April, 1867.

Among them was one William Walne, elected for the Yorkshire township of… 141 more words