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Bread End

I eat the two slices of bread at both ends of a loaf of bread, not because I love to eat them. I actually don’t like them much. 123 more words


The Look

Daughter wore a dress to school today.  When we left the house is was beautiful out.  15 minutes later when we arrived into town the temperature had dropped.   121 more words


PLEASE get your kid off my kitchen counter! Reasons why people might be annoyed by your kid(s)

Ok, I said it! When you are over fuming over the title of this article because you cannot even begin to imagine how anyone can call your pride and joy annoying, please listen to reason. 1,433 more words


The War Simmers On

Things have come to a head between X and I, and I have had to send ‘the email’. Since stopping tutoring on a Saturday morning (10 cancelations in 5 months was too much for me) X seeing Bean has now become voluntary rather than compulsory, and his visitation has started to waver. 257 more words

Single Parent

When parents don't care enough to feed their kids, can schools ever satisfy the hunger?

One of my favorite local writers responded to a piece I wrote for the Monday AJC on the growing gap in how parents prepare their children for school. 625 more words



Pre-Occupied: verb. A matter or subject dominate or engross the mind of someone to the exclusion of other thoughts. – google dictionary.

Attachment: theory. A deep and enduring emotional bond that connects one person to another across time and space – simplypsychology.org… 964 more words

Healing From Abuse

The Hounds Rule

Picture, if you will, dear readers, my living room.

Three white sofas are clustered in a u-shape in front of the fireplace. On each sofa, enough sheets, towels, shower curtains and comforters to outfit a small Motel 6. 962 more words