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You Go Fred! Neurologist 'Fighten' Fred Baughman on PBS Frontline explains why it should be called Adult Disciplining Disorder (ADD)

Fred Baughman on PBS Frontline:

PBS: Establishing whether it’s actually a biological brain disease seems to be a less important issue. The question is whether there aren’t certain conditions with symptoms that can’t be aided and addressed with psychotropic medications. 603 more words

My First Parent: Special Ed-Conomics

I am very nervous. I am about to meet my very first parent of one of my special ed students.

I have worked almost 8 hours preparing for my first “IEP” conference—a time when the teacher assesses and reports on the Special Education child’s progress toward the goals which were set months earlier. 225 more words


Raising a Difficult Child - The Best Strategies and Solutions

By Paul Anthony Beard

We have to agree that it can be tiresome and difficult to raise a kid who is not in touch with the natural feelings of human beings. 483 more words

Parenting Tips

Orphan (2009)

Genre: Horror

Cast: Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman

Synopsis: A family with a whole load of problems decides to bring another fucked up person into the family, adopting some crazy and violent Eastern European girl from an orphanage that clearly do not run background checks. 653 more words


Payment With Time

I cannot believe the evil you harvest,
Continued wrongs will never be right;
Your children are paying for your sins,
In time they’ll repeat your ugly blight.


Receiving Blame

My parents made the poor decision of having a third child when I was 5.5 and my brother was 3.5 years old. Me and my brother are exactly 2 years apart and have always been extremely close. 454 more words

Heart attacks

It’s not a cop-out to reference one’s childhood when explaining one’s bad adult behaviour. There is a reason why every therapist wants to know how their clients dealt with sad feelings as children, how their parents talked to them, how often they saw their parents, how safe they felt, and more. 1,756 more words

Childhood Shit