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Act like a king, sitting on a throne

Happy new month everyone! I care about your well being so much to the extent that I have decided that the next couple of posts will focus on posture. 622 more words


Tips on How to Improve Your Posture at Work

Sitting all day with poor posture can have devastating effects on your back. Back pain, muscle fatigue, disk degeneration, disc bulges, nerve impingement… the list goes on and on. 401 more words

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Exercises for Postural Deviations

When many people start a new exercise program or join a gym for the first time, it is not uncommon for them to have some sort of postural deviation. 664 more words

Making Your Posture a Priority

We’ve all been lectured at some point in our lives being told to “Sit up straight.” by either our loved ones and/or teachers. At a young age, it can be challenging to uphold this task as our 1,047 more words

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10 Reasons Children Should See A Chiropractor

As parent, you no doubt want to give your baby the best start toward developing a healthy body. Many factors contribute to the process of building a healthy body, and one sure way to make a difference is to have their spine checked by a chiropractor. 404 more words


Workouts for Writers

The Back Bridge: Four Steps to Banish Back Pain.

Every career has its occupational hazards.

Farmers get crushed by cows.  Plasterers suffer from enlarged hearts. 945 more words


Does Posture Really Matter?

Perhaps this is a heretical question…. the importance of ‘good posture’ to health and well-being is so widely recognised that it is beyond question. Certainly, in the world of Pilates, it would seem to be doctrine. 541 more words

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