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Poor posture can cause headaches

If you have persisting headaches, you may want to check your posture. Unfortunately, many jobs today require a significant amount of time hunched over a computer. 325 more words


Simple changes with big benefits


Not paying attention to your posture can put an abnormal amount of stress on particular muscles. Poor posture can be due to weak core muscles, which prevent you from holding your torso and hips in proper alignment. 34 more words


Exercises to get you to "Posture Perfection"

As an ergonomic assessment specialist, when I go out to different companies, one of the first things I notice about employees with back pain is their not-so-pretty posture.   330 more words


How to Avoid Health Issues Caused by Bad Writing Habits

If you’re serious about being a writer, you spend a lot of time in front of a computer (I know I do). That’s great for your writing – in fact, it’s necessary. 797 more words

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Breast Size and Shoulder Pain

I have avoided this topic for some time with good reason. I have not wanted to broach a subject as a man that might make my female patients uncomfortable. 411 more words

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