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A Gift or Some Fruit or Both?


In this age of desire for an experiential conversion by believers, is there more emphasis put on Spiritual Gifts or the Fruit of the Spirit? 852 more words

What Is The Origin Of (120)?...

A watched pot never boils

Have you ever put something in the microwave, set the timer on and then stood with growing impatience as the dial seems to take an age to get to zero? 540 more words


December 19, 1732: The Nack and How To Get It

Filled with proverbs preaching positive virtues such as industry and prudence, Poor Richard’s Almanack debuted on this day in 1732 and was published yearly until 1757. 362 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Baby Boomers and Generation X owe the Millennials an Apology

Not long ago I was talking to a Millennial friend of mine who was bemoaning his inability to get to work on time.

“I need to get you a copy of Poor Richard’s Almanack,” I laughed. 462 more words