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Reluctantly, I give this mess of a book 2 stars, but buyer beware!

I am sorry to have to post this review, but I have given the author, Amy Collins, over a month to make this right. Despite many emails preceding and after the one I quote, below, including promises of payment by a certain date and apologies for its lateness and a new promise, she has posted no payment and provided an unusually bizarre response to my having given her the deadline to respond by the end-of-business yesterday (Thursday, January 28)—see below. 1,696 more words

Indie Or Self-Publishing

Present Tense

Write Here, Right Now

Write a post completely in the present tense.


The English teacher in me rebels against this one.  It’s all too common  today to read something in which past tense is never used.   179 more words

Daily Prompt

Lazy Hand

Lazy Hand

My handwriting has always been untidy.  Yet I still prefer to write first and then type it up later.  How many of us still like to handwrite drafts first? 94 more words

[As I Wake] Elizabeth Scott

As I Wake began with an interesting enough premise.  A girl, Ava, wakes up in a strange place she has no memory of. She then realizes that she has no idea who she is either. 593 more words

Young Adult

It Only Gets Better!

Well since I published my last post there has been a dramatic observation.

You remember me saying my son has always had a melt down when it comes to homework?  315 more words

Two Weeks

Note: I know, I know, I wrote something earlier today, so my last post actually went up all of two hours ago. I started writing this before seeing… 1,838 more words