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[As I Wake] Elizabeth Scott

As I Wake began with an interesting enough premise.  A girl, Ava, wakes up in a strange place she has no memory of. She then realizes that she has no idea who she is either. 593 more words


It Only Gets Better!

Well since I published my last post there has been a dramatic observation.

You remember me saying my son has always had a melt down when it comes to homework?  315 more words

Two Weeks

Note: I know, I know, I wrote something earlier today, so my last post actually went up all of two hours ago. I started writing this before seeing… 1,838 more words

Fifty Shades of Grey - E L James; Making a case for vicarious learning

I did not plan to read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ I heard the initial hype when the book first came out and even watched an interview with E L. 1,547 more words

Book Reviews

RIP Monty Oum

On the second day of trying to blog (and failing miserably, I might add), I receive the news that Monty Oum has died.

I never knew Monty. 890 more words

The Potential of Everyone Varies / Understanding Asian Parents / High Achievers / Why Akame ga Kill! Was Really Bad

NOTE: If you were looking to read about Akame ga Kill!, you can scroll past the talk about Asians and students and stuff.

“Not all people are clever.” 1,579 more words


True Story: Misspelling Bee

I’m going to give everyone a minute to look at the photo above and to ask you to focus, not so much on the content, but rather the items highlighted in yellow. 171 more words

Job Hunt