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Third year project!

Okay, so I’m in my third year of uni and have just completed my first project of the year ! I’m so happy it’s over with and I’m actually quite happy with the outcome. 311 more words


Venezuela's housing mission on track to complete a million new homes by year-end

Venezuela’s housing mission has now constructed nearly 860,000 homes, according to new figures released Thursday.

“This is popular power,” said President Nicolas Maduro during a visit to a newly built housing complex in the state of Miranda…The president said the government is firmly on track to reach its goal of building 1 million homes by the end of the year…

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Our poor fabulous life u haosu

Život u garsonjeri udvoje podrazumeva bar jednu zabranjenu temu i sušenje veša u istoj prostoriji u kojoj spravaš. Ja se brinem zbog raka, a Bea zbog toga što nemamo drugu sobu. 2,060 more words

Novi Sad

Unskilled immigrant labor...

hurts existing  workers,  according to the New York Times,  but that’s in Turkey,  so the same logic can not possibly apply to the USA.   To admit that the same principle applies would undercut the liberal/progressive view on Syrian and other refugees,  so of course the Grey Lady will never apply it. 85 more words

Alma street

Worn red brick,
Moss on grey slate,
A row of weary
Terraced soldiers,

Boarded up now,
The council won
That battle.
Marched tenants out, 32 more words


Pasergetic (Passionate + Energetic = Pasergetic) 

People chase after normalcy, I run away from it.

Society has created an image of the perfect family as a wife, husband, a daughter, and a son. 233 more words