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116-year-old Maxican pensioner too old for bank software -- not allowed welfare check for 3 months

Mexico News Daily

❝ Born at the turn of the past century, Maria Félix is old enough to remember the Mexican Revolution – but too old to get the bank card needed to collect her monthly 1,200 pesos ($63) welfare payment.

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Lazy Poor People

Last night in class we walked through Moses’s story, start to finish. We talked about the basket and the river and the princess, the nursemaid and the murder, the desert and the burning bush. 1,499 more words

OH GOD Remove such Poverty

What a line said by a person…

“I was not poor..

But condition make me poor..

I was not hungry..

But Money make me hungry… 86 more words


Where They Live - Tanya and Michel

Tanya is 45 years old. She and Michel live next to Regla. Neither has a job. The only work in old Havana is in the tourist industry and one needs connections to get hired. 39 more words



Never feel that you are too old to learn something as knowledge never asks you your age .We are never too late to study . 83 more words


A New Beginning

This is a story my mother use to tell me every night before going to bed. It isnt your typical bedtime story. Secretly, I think the main charcter in this story is her because of the small things that she has told me about her life in El Salvador. 1,240 more words


Hi guys……. It is finally end of the May they keeps pleasing me as I think about vacations. When I have school, I want vacations and when I don’t have it I miss school. 357 more words