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Manumission is not Liberation!

Slavery in the United States ended in 1865, right? The thirteenth amendment was passed to abolish involuntary servitude (except for prisoners). This solidified and universalized the legal precedent that had been started with the Emancipation Proclamation, which was really just a political strategy to create rebellion within the south by slaves (it did not include union states). 991 more words

The Thirst in Drought(Price:$599)

Drawn on Canvas, Depicts the theme of importance of Water.

Canvas Paintings

So, then he said

As part of our anniversary celebration my sweetie and I spent the day away from home. When we’re out and about on a Sunday we often find another Parish to attend through… 1,004 more words


The life of a working person

The shivering sound signals a shudder through the body, pausing the mind, intensifying the body’s anxiety – the sound of machinery: you pull, eject, load, unload, force mistakes, type: Every noise is the incense of shattered dreams. 442 more words


How do you just randomly help someone in need?

I had planned on writing an article today about how little sleep I got last night, which is something commonly discussed among parents because it is such a frequent occurrence. 1,097 more words


To eat or not to eat, that is the question

Poverty – it is an ugly word. One never really considers it till it strikes full on. Life is surprising that way.  All of a sudden money goes from starring in dreams to becoming the freaky villain in nightmares.  359 more words

A Solitary Soldier of Life!

There was a lonesome boy
He never bought a toy
He never asked for anything..

He knew he was poor
He knew he couldn’t afford… 78 more words