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Being Poor is Expensive

It’s expensive to be poor. It sounds strange but it’s true.

You see, sometimes we forget just how amazing things are. Things that we use every day, that we have as a normal part of life in Australia. 260 more words

Harwood Avenue

Dearest Harwood Avenue,
your sorrow oh so sweet,
how do I say goodbye to you
having felt your wretched heat?

I will not see your conclusion, 81 more words


Self-Examination -- The Importance for Followers of Jesus

I need to take heed and exam myself. It isn’t acceptable to just keep moving on and winging it when it comes to my faith… 323 more words


If one day you become #rich #women, remember the men who abandoned you because you were poor women.

When they come back to you with a smile, send them to hell, because love is a sacred sentiment, not an instrument to search for economic advantages. 41 more words


Pope Francis on abortion: It's what the Nazis did, only with white gloves

Pope Francis denounced abortion on Saturday as the “white glove” equivalent of the Nazi-era eugenics program and urged families to accept the children that God gives them. 302 more words

Bad People

There is a myth circulated among families with young children, mostly white families, that cops only put “bad people” in jail.  I wonder how they’re choosing to define “bad” people–what do these people look like? 263 more words


Dalawa: Lamig at katotohanan

Sabi nila babagyo raw, kaya malakas ang hangin at dumaragsa ang mga kampo ng mga pulang sundalo na laging handa at alerto sa bawat pagbagsak ng kakapiranggot na pagkain. 762 more words