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Drink up...

Sometimes it’s kinda hard not to think things…

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Blessed are the Poor

Jesus was making his way around the countryside, teaching and healing and spending time with those who realized their needs.  You see, Jesus came for sinners, and He came for the poor and needy.  445 more words

Marc Kinna

Being financially illiterate cost me $10,000

Thanks to the Rich dad coaching program,  I’ve been reading a lot about different types of investments and the importance of having a great team around you. 558 more words

It's not a question of party, it's a question of pocket book.

The fight between Democrats and Republicans seems like an already psychotic form of a Hydra on steroids. You know, that thing that Hercules fought and it kept growing more heads. 1,199 more words


Tatiana Branch: Commercials for crisis?

The Super Bowl is the largest televised sporting event in the country. Millions of people tune in to not only watch the game but the silly, one-day commercials that companies air only for this occasion. 197 more words


My Poor Baby

My poor baby comes home,
It has no life, It’s forever gone.
My mate, My one true soul,
It left me and went dead cold. 148 more words