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What’s the difference between a well dressed person on a unicycle and a poorly dressed person on a bicycle?

A Tire!


What a Little Cutie-Roll

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Every Neighborhood Has That One Guy...

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WTF: Mantyhose

Something I came across on Poorly Dressed today.

From Poorly Dressed, I clicked on the link to their source:  www.bestweekever.tv where I also found the following photo. 310 more words

The United States

What we are.

We are Alexa Cassill and Jonathan Terluk.

We live on Manhattan and well we see a lot a of people every day who just make us think, “What the…?” and know what we felt the need to share it with people. 40 more words

One Day... doodled and separated into four parts (Parts I and II)

This little series chronicles the events of a normal day I experienced. All of it is completely true. Which is easy to believe because all of it is completely within the ordinary. 116 more words