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Warhol Prints

Sometimes one can be struck with utter genius! I am so excited about these projects because they came out so well!!!

After Youth Art Month, all of the classes are working on their final projects of the year, based upon one of the artists introduced. 128 more words

2-4 Art Lessons

This Is The World’s First Pop Art Bentley

The stuffy Brit shows its lighter side.

Source: www.carbuzz.com

Bentley has commissioned British pop art legend, Sir Peter Blake, to create the world’s first pop art Bentley.

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New York Art Scene

Andy Warhol Flowers 

The month of March was Youth Art Month, in awareness of this, the classes learned about a new artist every week. We learned about Andy Warhol, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. 54 more words

K-1 Art Lessons

The Road to 100 Paintings (blog series) 1

The first painting of the year is my appreciation for Black women. Some people call you feisty or sassy because they’re intimidated by you, I call it being a strong black woman.

1/7/16 http://jaygrahm.imagekind.com/


Blow the TRUMPet

Will somebody please shut The Trump UP?!
I never did take the guy seriously, though I won’t deny the wits and skills he used to build up a mega billion dollar empire and made the name Trump synonymous with rich and famous. 226 more words

Pop Art

Plasmatea - a painting journey

Painted in San Diego California and shipped to Vienna then on to a small town outide of Munich, this painting has had some adventures. These are two shots of my painting… 94 more words