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Hard Times

Have you seen Paramore’s newest music video?

It is a pop art dream.

You’re welcome.

❤ Liz Kelly Zook

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Liz Kelly Zook

A Movie Quote (That I Probably Put Too Much Thought Into)

“What are you doing in there? Get out of there! This is a funeral!” is extremely funny to me, but it’s not funny to my husband. 83 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

My Fondness for Fake Flamingos

When I was a teenager we lived in this pretty white Queen Anne Victorian house. I loved having friends over, because it was really nice and it had a huge back yard. 123 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

Studio Cat Day: April 24, 2017

“You can’t possibly need this box, human. I must nap in it. Now get back to work!”

To see past studio cat days search #studiocatday on… 21 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

To The Beach!

I don’t like the term “escape from reality.”

For one, when I go to the beach or chase waterfalls or drive anywhere, that IS my reality. 122 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

Color Is Color

I don’t know why I bother painting my nails. Yes I do. I paint them because I love color. Color is beautiful. All colors. Even a vomit green. 71 more words

Liz Kelly Zook

Do What You Want To Do

You can do whatever you want to do. Yes, there are consequences to all actions, however, if you’re not physically or emotionally hurting someone… do what you want to do. 144 more words

Liz Kelly Zook