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SIC 2016: It's a Virtual World We Live In

Virtual reality and augmented reality are fast becoming part of our new reality, it’s as simple as that. There will be plenty of skeptics, naysayers, and the like, but we’ve always had that when new technology comes along. 501 more words

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Glam Rock's Legacy, Barry Jenkins, a Broken Internet, and More: Today's Recommended Reading

Here at Flavorwire, we pride ourselves on not only writing some of the best content on the Internet, but keeping an eye on all of the great writing that other folks on the ‘net are doing, too. 922 more words

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Highly Conceptual Literary Halloween Costumes for 2016

Too literary and erudite to come up with a Halloween costume? Hate dressing up? Relish being a sneering jerk? Want to take off your horn-rimmed glasses and Tweed blazer and cut loose on October 31? 446 more words


Trump Fails to Impress at Al Smith Dinner, But Here are Hillary's Five Sickest Burns

Donald Trump’s tepid, pedestrian, dare I say nasty comedy routine at the (rather elitist and plutocratic) Al Smith charity dinner drew boos from the crowd, while Hillary Clinton’s speech, filled with the sickest burns we’ve seen from the candidate. 272 more words

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'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' is the Vanilla Action Sequel No One Asked For

The original Jack Reacher wasn’t a particularly good movie – it verges on self-parody without making the leap, it features a woefully miscast Tom Cruise, and its initial release was… 693 more words

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SIC 2016: To Hurt, to Triumph and to Be Human: Expressing Our Humanity Through Technology

IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen gave a lot of thought and heart to her presentation at the Seattle Interactive Conference. It was definitely one of the best at this year’s SIC. 431 more words

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The Flavorwire Guide to Pop Cultural Costumes for Halloween 2016

Halloween! It’s that most wonderful time of year, when there is absolutely no pressure at all on you to think of a costume that is funny, inexpensive and demonstrates how clued-in you are to pop culture. 741 more words

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