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The U.S. President Appears to Have Been Upset By Something Called Kittenfeed.com

The fragility of Donald Trump’s ego has been well-documented, but even so, given that he has spent seven decades on this earth, is the President of the most powerful country in the world, is vastly wealthy — not as vastly wealthy as he says he is, but still, he’s got a lot more cash than you or me — and is also getting closer to impeachment with every passing day, you’d think that perhaps he might not be concerned by a 17-year-old making a website wherein you can scratch at a virtual version of his face with a virtual cat’s paw. 214 more words

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Stream Drake's 22-Song Playlist 'More Life' Featuring Kanye West and 2 Chainz

Drake has released a 22-song playlist called More Life, featuring new music from Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Young Thug, and more. The project debuted on OVO Sound Radio, but is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. 32 more words

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Rock 'n' Roll Legend Chuck Berry Dies at 90

Pioneering rock and roller Chuck Berry, who recorded hits including “Maybellene” and “Johnny B. Goode,” died at his home near St. Louis. He was 90. From the… 172 more words

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The Sin Eater has been making a lot of guest appearances lately

I watch a lot of television. A lot. I’ve made that clear before. I’m also Not ashamed of my television viewing habits. I watch high-brow, low-brow and everything in between. 433 more words


Coachella Sues Urban Outfitters for Copyright Infringement

Who owns the diaphanous dress/faded Polaroid/culturally questionable headdress brand? And who owns the name “Coachella”? Such are the questions that our courts are considering in the year of our lord, 2017. 179 more words


The Iron Fist Dilemma

On March 17, 2017, Netflix will premiere its latest Marvel show, Iron Fist. Much like its predecessors, Daredevil , Jessica Jones , and Luke Cage , the show will follow closely to its comic book source material, including its protagonist, orphaned billionaire martial artist Danny Rand, who became a martial arts prodigy after a plane crash landed him in the mythical land of K’un L’un. 300 more words


Staff Picks: Numberphile, 'Cartel Land,' and Tooting Arts Club's 'Sweeney Todd'

Need a great book to read, album to listen to, or TV show to get hooked on? The Flavorwire team is here to help: in this weekly feature, our editorial staffers recommend the cultural object or experience they’ve enjoyed most in the past seven days. 805 more words

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