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Can't Beat Kennedy: Sophia From Winchester

1. Mischa Barton, formerly of The OC fame, has reportedly had her Audi repossessed because she hasn’t paid the lease in 4 months. Which car manufacturer has recently come under fire for software in their cars allowing the cars to cheat the emissions inspections? 138 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Mary From Medway

1. “Charlie’s Angels” is getting another reboot and the movie will probably be directed by Elizabeth Banks. Name the actresses who played the angles in the last movie? 169 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Tina From Quincy

1. Minions is now the 2nd highest grossing animated movie of all time, with $1.08 billion. Which animated Disney movie that came out back in 2013 starring 2 ice princesses holds in #1 spot? 201 more words

Karson & Kennedy

Can't Beat Kennedy: Tracey From Norton

1. Apple announced a number of new products including a larger iPad. Which of these items is NOT a real thing? Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, Apple Headband… 160 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Joel From Roslindale

1. Rumors are swirling that thanks to Deflategate, there is trouble in paradise for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. Which spouse has a larger net worth? 150 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Olivia From Lowell

1. 26 years ago today back in 1989, Rob and Fab had a smash hit “Blame It On The Rain.” What group were they a part of? 138 more words


Can't Beat Kennedy: Asmani From Westwood

1.Heidi Klum has fired back at Donald Trump with a funny little video on Twitter after he slammed her looks in a recent interview. She is currently a judge on what reality TV show? 146 more words