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Breaking Backwards Season 3

Well I’m really curious to see Jesse murder Gale and the explanation of why Walt thinks he’s gone. Hmm, so later when Walt’s drinking and he calls the author of the note book an amateur it’s Gale’s notebook and that’s why he mocks it. 292 more words

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KIDS' CHOICE AWARDS 2015: Obsession With Humiliation?

Slime, slime, and more slime.  What is up with the constant obsession that the Kids’ Choice Awards has with gagging and humiliating people?  Often in our culture we equate humiliation with “having fun”.  249 more words

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Why Young Girls Need to Learn About Feminism

As we get closer to adulthood, the number of expectations we face gravely increases. Especially as a female in this world, the expectations are startling. Not only are females told… 1,335 more words

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Girls' Generation "Catch Me If You Can" Preview

To all my SONEs out there, if you haven’t heard this yet, you might want to listen! It’s only 18 seconds long but it’s so worth it! 59 more words


New Music:: miss A "Only You" + Album Released

miss A is back with their new album “Colors”! And let me just say, this bright and fresh new look they have is very becoming! I love it! 122 more words


Hairless, Feminine Rage!

So, dude-friend of mine and I are having a conversation about The Walking Dead. This is during the period when Beth was starting to wise up and I was actually really beginning to enjoy her. 585 more words