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Meanwhile in Rye, New Hampshire...

…on the shore of the ocean, good ole Jeb ponders what is going wrong .


The Perfect Date

It was only a matter of time. You knew it and we here at Loon Watch did also. The grand push back against the Feminazis, the Nags from NOW and the other assorted harpies all screeching for whatever equality they want…well they’re going to have to find it in their own companionship. 518 more words

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Jewish Humor

Miriam meets her friend Leah in Brent Cross shopping centre and says, “So what’s wrong with your hair, Leah? It looks just like a wig.” 22 more words

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Ponder this

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

~ Mark Twain



To any and all readers:

Greetings. This blog will be about films, television, music, literature, art, pop culture, and more, but for right now, I’ll be focusing on films. 40 more words


'FORMATION' A Dialogue on Black Culture in America

Beyoncé has surprised fans once more with an unexpected release of her new track titled ‘Formation’ paired with a sensual music video that beautifully captures the song’s elements. 574 more words