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A certain naïve charm ... but no muscle!

So I saw the new Rocky Horror Picture Show. The performers were talented and gave their all, but I don’t think that the production displayed the outrageous flair, uninhibited liveliness and sassy cockiness (no pun intended) that such a sex-maddened rock-and-roll show needs — and that the original 1975 movie delivered in abundance. 209 more words

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Hope n' Change

Lack of Acceptance Speech

Democrats and Republicans alike are all aflutter following Donald Trump’s refusal to say that he’ll automatically accept November’s election results without first determining that the results are actually honest.

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Guest Post by Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann | Back to the Future, and It *IS* a Shock!

Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly of “Back to the Future” fame are currently recuperating at an undisclosed location from what they term “mega future shock.”  It seems that Brown and McFly, in their most recent adventure, visited a combined MJAA/UMJC Conference in New America city, Bernisopolis, “in the mid-distant future.” Brown said they were stunned to discover something for which no one could have been adequately prepared. 285 more words

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100 day song challenge #79

#79 A song from a genre you usually dislike

I’ve never liked rap music much. It just isn’t my cup of tea. I do try it sometimes, result: I like a few tracks by Eminem. 151 more words

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Bee Happy: The Best Walking Dead Memes!

Well, we’re only two days away!  This weekend marks the return of The Walking Dead and I seriously cannot wait!

Chances are no matter what the outcome, the season 7 premier is gonna hurt.   125 more words

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Ouija: Origin of Evil and the True History of the Ouija Board

The new movie Ouija: Origin of Evil— one of 2016’s Halloween-season horror movie offerings, arriving in theaters on Friday—is just the latest example of the Ouija Board’s ubiquity in pop culture. 815 more words

Slaying on the Weekly: Voting and Other Important Things

A weekly round-up curated by Women’s Center staff member, Michael Jalloh Jamboria

In the spirit of my friend, who gave us the glorious name ‘Slaying on the Weekly’, every week I will be bringing you some interesting, funny or thought-provoking content from the internet! 173 more words

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