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Spock Made Me a Scientist: Rest in Space

It is a weird aspect of our society that we often feel more grief over the death of a public figure than someone close to us –  a distant uncle or a colleague at work may not invoke the same sadness as the loss of someone we only know from television, like Mork or a President. 338 more words


How to go viral

1. Have a proper mental breakdown all over Twitter. Really bring it on. You don’t actually have to cook anybody’s pet rabbit, but make them think you could. 516 more words

The Oscars are Not Irrelevant – They Need a Makeover

Guest Blogger – Amrita Kumar-Ratta, Intellectual, Activist, Dancer, Planner, Diversity Worker, Loves Hard, Dear Friend, Research Partner.

Since this year’s Oscar Sunday, there has been a whirlwind of commentary about the proceedings of the long awaited awards show.   839 more words


I'm on Vacation - Talk Amongst Yourselves

Seriously. Pick a topic and go for it in the comments section.

The bar is open.


Micro Art | Massive Skill

Skill is a fascinating thing. And its almost a hobby where i overwhelm myself with exceptional examples of the same.

Micro art is the obnoxiously underrated cousin of what you would see on display at the Tate. 95 more words


Dignity in Dialogue

In this post at Values and Capitalism I look at the importance of the word ‘dignity’ in relation to worldview and our daily work.