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Today's Theme Song

This is a song about relationships, but those who write, work, or do other things can relate these words: “The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care.” 155 more words

Pop Culture


“Even after decades of imitators, bigger budgets and more advanced technology, Blade Runner still stands high as a groundbreaking, unparalleled masterpiece.” — Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner documentarian Charles de Lauzirika… 143 more words


An Open Letter From A Wrestling Fan

The amazing thing about popular culture is that it never stays the same. It’s always changing, with new ideas catching on every day. Something that’s been part of pop culture for as long as I can remember is wrestling. 428 more words


A Journey Into S-town

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. What about a name though? Can the name of a book foreshadow its quality? For instance, if a book was named S-town would you be intrigued enough to pick it up? 689 more words

Vampires: Immortal Pop Culture Icons

Ready to look back on the early introduction of the vampire? Ready to follow the vampire’s growth within the mainstream and pop culture as whole? Then you’re ready for this awesome infograph that comes our way courtesy of the good folks over at Chamber of Horrors!


The Clueless Chaos of Phoenix Comicon 2017

There is a line in the otherwise bizarre film Tropic Thunder where Robert Downey Jr.’s character gives some rather politically incorrect advice: “Never go full retard.” This last month’s Phoenix Comicon decided to not only ignore that advice but even further–they “went full potato” as one comic-con attendee put it (we then tried to figure out if there was a vegetable dumber than the potato but couldn’t come up with anything).   2,130 more words