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Glee Reunion: Darren Criss in The Flash-Supergirl Musical Episode

ffBack in 2011, I couldn’t get enough of Glee: Fox’s quirky musical comedy about high school misfits. My favorite Glee actor was Darren Criss: at the time, relatively unknown outside of his work writing songs for, and starring as Harry in, the fan-made YouTube hit… 1,212 more words

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No funny business today. So don’t expect a laugh. I am mad.

By all means, call me a feminist. I am all about women. Their education, their empowerment, their rights. 845 more words

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Pop Culture / The Beatles: HIWAY HAULER

Personal observation: Never did I think I’d see the day where the Hot Wheels #Dairy Delivery takes back seat to the #Hiway Hauler as its the Dairy that is hanging on the pegs while the first collectors to find this new… 457 more words


March 23, 1839 OK

Two thousand years before Romulus and Remus founded the Roman Republic, Nomadic bands of hunters and gatherers established the world’s oldest civilization in the fertile valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. 393 more words


Over the River

Over the River, where East Siders fear to tread
a culture divided by the volume of garbage
in the sidewalks, in the streets.
People are stacked on top of one another, 64 more words


Archie Comics Pop Culture Revival

In a dark and nostalgic entrance to the year of 2017, the Archie Comics have been refreshingly revolutionised and translated to TV. Brought to life, the cartoon version of an all-American world is wrapped up with its adolescent love triangles, retro diner and the cheesiest dimpled-smiles; bound in a tight, secure bow and thrown into a modernised, eerie, frozen-in-time universe, known as… 656 more words


(Image from Bustle)

This post should have come out on March 8, International Women’s Day, but as happens these days in my life, time seems to have a way of slipping by so fast, that before I know it, March is almost ending! 189 more words

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