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GOT7 Comeback: Turbulence

Hey guys!

GOT7 has made a comeback! This is the second part to their Floght Log series, titled “Turbulence”.

The title song is “Hard Carry”, and features 12 more songs. 24 more words

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New Poem in Landfill

I have a new poem in Landfill. It is called “Real Life with Science” and it can and should be read HERE.

C.J. Miles

Rookie Mistakes

That moment when you realize that you are not a sou chef but rather a s*^& chef.  When you realize that perhaps ‘stir continuously’ for eight minutes might actually mean you need to pull up a bar stool and get Netflix going on the tablet and stir repeatedly until your arm (which already hurts from just the baseline of your first attempt at the Nike Training Club app) falls off.   342 more words

Life, As I Know It

The Salvation That The World Ignored..

Don’t worry, the title of this post is definitely not indicative of me writing about anything remotely serious, but make no mistake that what I’m writing about is very important. 443 more words


Steven Universe and Mindfulness

Another post about cartoons. I swear, kids get all the good cartoons these days!

Mindfulness is a hot topic in education right now. I see it come up on Twitter a lot, and many of my teacher and principal friends share links about it on Facebook. 144 more words


Why I Need Horror More Than Ever.

Last night, as the hour of the first debate drew nigh, I found myself torn.  As someone raised in a family with very strong political opinions, it’s always in my best interest to stay informed.  667 more words