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Snapchat Article Saturday: Fitspo Edition

off in the gym.”

Well, don’t bury the lede, Daily Mail!

I don’t know about you, my faithful readers, but I found this title to be a bit banal. 386 more words

An autopsy of story endings: MCU vs GoT

(spoilers for everything)


When Marvel proclaimed through the words of Tony Stark, ‘part of the journey is the end’, they were gently reminding us that however much we may love a story or its characters, it cannot go on forever. 1,800 more words


Oxymoronic rebel alliance

Change is always happening, constantly occuring. Not always in such one big fell swoop, mind you, but it’s not something anyone should be surprised about when it does occur. 640 more words

“Aladdin” may be shining and shimmering but it is definitely not splendid.

Dust off your magic carpet and get ready to see your favorite street rat in the live action retelling of Disney’s Aladdin.

Prior to the release, I shared my reservations and my… 462 more words


Holy Anniversary, Batman, it's been 80 years...

It’s WHAM!/BAM!/AMAZING! to think that Batman is now 80 years old, the superhero first having appeared in the comic book ‘Detective Comics #27’ as ‘The Bat-Man’ in May, 1939. 303 more words


Netflix set a premiere date for its 'Dark Crystal' reboot series

Just in case you haven’t seen enough ’80s nostalgia on the telly – from The Goldbergs to Stranger Things and reboots aplenty – Netflix has announced it will stream its prequel to… 141 more words


Otakukini Summoning Box Review

Otakukini is a Anime/Manga merchandise subscription box services that includes all sorts of stuff such as manga and DVDs. They’re roughly new, their first box came out around January with the Villain Box. 442 more words

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