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I woke up in a Foghat state of mind.

I’d had an exciting and interesting dream about a recent dream. Without disclosing more, it was tremendously uplifting, bolstering my self-confidence to scary levels. 122 more words

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Taraji P. Henson Is Kickass In The First “Proud Mary” Trailer

A week before the premiere of another badass woman warrior movie, Atomic Blonde starring Charlize Theron, comes the first trailer for the highly-anticipated Taraji P. Henson lead film, Proud Mary. 219 more words

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My Cousin Vinny (1992)

This early 1990s mainstream comedy has a reputation as something of a crowd pleaser, and to be honest it leaves me a bit mystified. It’s got a plot straight out of a 1980s comedy and an unnecessary 120 minute running length, and most peculiarly it also doesn’t seem to have a musical score, making for awkward silent stretches that impede the movie from gathering any form of momentum. 59 more words

"Last Chance U" is Back and Better Than Ever

I’m a huge sports guy. And when you put my two loves together, sports and behind the scenes documentary, there’s nothing sweeter in my eyes. 351 more words


Family Guy (Season 9) (2010-11)

Another strong season for the ongoing sitcom, which has, at this point, become shocking for its own sake. It doesn’t necessarily distract from a string of strong plotlines and jokes throughout the season, from the terrific two-part opening take on Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” to the finale, an additonal take on the Star Wars universe that has itself become a tradition in the series. 31 more words

Lying is a Habit

Former presidential wannabe and snake oil billionaire Al Gore is still leading the Climbit Change movement, still making authoritative pronouncements, and still being believed by–well, at least by millions of Democrats and other kooks. 222 more words

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Netflix's "To The Bone" Needs A Serious Reality Check About What Anorexia Really Is

Netflix’s new controversial movie “To The Bone” has received major criticism (and some praise) since it was released on Friday. People can’t stop talking about why they fell in love or completely hated it. 499 more words

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