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Gender Standards & Pop Culture

I’m a little late to the party here, but I finally started watching the third season of Orange is the New Black last night. I’m only three episodes in, so I’ll withhold my judgment for now. 652 more words


Leslie Jamison, A Conversation

Reed McConnell ’15

Leslie Jamison is an alumna of Harvard College. Her most recent book of essays, “The Empathy Exams,” was released in April 2014 and has been generating press and discussion ever since. 6,665 more words

First Person

Advent Day 2 - The Valley of the Mean Girls

Whew… Middle school and high school are over!  Time to move away from the simple-minded drama that comes with being a teenager and move ahead with the more important issues of life. 425 more words


Does it come with Lego police tape?

Denmark-based toy company Lego uses crowd-sourced ideas to come up with some of its new play sets, so of course someone has done this.

What little boy or girl wouldn’t love to wake up Christmas morning to a Waffle House Lego play set? 67 more words

Crowd Sourcing

Beauty Products – Chemicals, Money and Socialization

Let us start this post with a few questions. For those of you wearing makeup right now- why are you wearing it? Is it because you woke up this morning and your first thought was “I cannot wait to be creative with my makeup today?” Is it “ugh shit I look tired I better spruce things up?” Somewhere in between those two thoughts maybe? 1,244 more words


A Clockwork Red

This entry may contain triggering material.

I put off reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, because I gathered that it contained sexual violence just for the sake of commenting on violence. 1,761 more words


Christians' Letters to the Volcano Goddess

Gee, I wish this weren’t true.

At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, there’s a legend that, if you remove anything from the park and take it with you–say, a nice chunk of lava, as a souvenir–the volcano goddess Pele will be terribly angry and take painful vengeance on you ( … 259 more words

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