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[Listen] DWTS Tweet Gone Totally Wrong

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Kristi Yamaguchi wanted to cheer on her fellow ice skating friend, Nancy Kerrigan with a sweet tweet before her performance on Dancing With The Stars…when she concluded it with “Break a leg” fans went crazy because of her accident of being attacked by her rivals plotting to break her leg…literally. 16 more words


[Listen] J Niice's Car Dent Dilemma

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J Niice was venting yesterday about a HUGE car dent he got when he was parked at Costco. 44 more words


45 Fun Facts About Breaking Bad

Let’s face facts…Breaking Bad is easily one of the best TV shows ever.

Starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman, … 1,675 more words

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'Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow' Picks Up Where the Show Left Off | Inverse

Well, hello there, Fry.

The popular animated series Futurama, which ostensibly follows the misadventures of a delivery company extremely far into the future, ended on Fox in 2003. 140 more words



I will never forget the day I was red-pilled.

Initially I took the blue pill, but the antibiotics I was on rendered it inert. So like, after an hour of awkward silence, just sitting there in front of Morpheus and his posse, waiting to zonk out and wake up in my bed, he offered me the red pill a second time and I was like, “sure, let’s give it a shot”. 72 more words