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Life is like Football... and Life Sucks! The Dr. Loser NFL Super Bowl Review

When you all walk down the dusty halls of this thing called “life” do you cradle the seed of a great deity in your arms? 1,199 more words


Why Do I Write This Stuff?

Every now and then I remember that this blog was created to help sell my books. And then I wonder why I post so much unedifying news (see below). 347 more words


Why Does 'Adult' Mean 'Dirty'?

See? The dirty stuff is for “mature adults.” Is that what “mature” means?

So first the Zoning Board of West Chester Township, Ohio, grants a variance to a woman who has rented a house for use as a “sexual encounters establishment.” She prefers to call it a “lifestyle club.” It’s place where people can go to commit adultery. 179 more words

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Real Life American Horror Stories

It is well-known by now that the show, American Horror Story, uses true crime stories in each of their seasons either directly (with their own respective twists) or as inspiration.  1,798 more words

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2015’s Most Underrated: Graphic Novel

Gone are the day when comic books and graphic novels were associated with children and lighthearted entertainment, now they appeal to a larger audience, covering variety of genres like Mystery, Horror, Science Fiction Etc. 768 more words


Iniquitous Individuals

Have you ever thrown a party and had some pest show up, complain about what you’re serving and why don’t you have this or that as adult beverages? 540 more words

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