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"Rhizome" by Radisson Blue

In 2015 two white cranes from Bristol released an album called “Radisson Blue”. I bought the CD at the time and was playing it tonight, wondering if songwriter, guitarist and singer Roxy Brennan had released anything since then. 359 more words

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"Ah Bah D'Accord" by Juniore

Time for some hyper-active Gallic garage-pop from Juniore in the form of the inscrutable “Ah Bah D’Accord” –

“Ah Bah D’Accord” is from a 7″ single released on… 89 more words

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"Turn Out The Lights" by Water

Auckland band Water have an album called “Supa” out next month. Here’s the opening track “Turn Out the Lights” to insinuate its way into your senses with a winning mix of jangling rhythm guitar and snaking saturated fuzz lead guitar. 108 more words

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"Outside Panucci's" by Toothpaste

Toothpaste are a London 4-piece mixing shoegaze and dream-pop together like alchemists on this 2019 single “Outside Panucci’s”:

Chief alchemist here in the magical transformation of melody, instruments and voices into something that glides through a heat-haze shimmer is bassist… 87 more words

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"Took A Long Time" by Carla dal Forno

Each stage of Carla dal Forno’s journey from Melbourne’s experimental electronic pop underground via Berlin to London has been matched with an increasing sophistication of her DIY dream-pop electronica.  131 more words

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"On Your Corner" by Skyscraper Stan

Skyscraper Stan is Australian singer-songwriter Stan Woodhouse. “On Your Corner” is a single from “Golden Boy”, Skyscraper Stan’s second studio album, released in May.

Cut from the same sun-faded moleskin cloth – and no doubt wearing the same RM Williams boots – as the likes of  66 more words

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"Paris" by Hairband

Paris was burning last week, with temperatures in the 40s. But Paris is totally cool now, thanks to Glasgow 5-piece band Hairband, with a fresh breeze of a new single of that name: 109 more words

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