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Melanie Taylor’s Funny But True Pop Song Walk of Shame Is Getting International Radio Airplay

Melanie Taylor’s funny but true pop song “Walk of Shame” has been getting played on radio stations internationally. Fans are absolutely loving the hysterical music video for the single as well. 70 more words


mr brightside - the killers


Greens, yellows, and oranges! Something about the guitar/vocal melody and the cymbals mixing together makes green with bright yellow splashes? I don’t know what it is exactly… haha! 65 more words

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A new Meghan Trainor feature has arrived!

So being the huge Meghan Trainor fan that I am, I love everything about her. From her style, to her personality, to every single song that she does. 130 more words


Because you're amazing [mazing]


Bruno Mars is pretty much always gold to me. The bright yellows are his voice and the harmonies, and the white highlights are the peppy percussion. 22 more words

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Momma Mia! There I go again


For some reason, ABBA is very light blue to me, Momma Mia especially! Probably has something to do with the percussion being so bright white and the guitar being so electric blue. 14 more words

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Makenna & Brock - Burnin' the night down

This week sees the release of the long-awaited first official single of the Missouri’s native duet Makenna & Brock.

Burnin’ The Night Down, is a wild anthem for partying. 75 more words

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