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Thank you, 6

I doubt I’d have come to hear anything by Nick Drake if BBC 6Music had not done the honours.  Indeed, when I came to select a song, I was somewhat surprised to find so many potential recordings to feature here, all of which I have come to know during the past 13 years or so, while sat reading, writing and listening.   104 more words

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No, not that one.  (Too many associations with bad covers by mediocre talent show contestants.  Sorry, Mr Cohen.  Blame Cowell.)

This one:

This record has such a lovely vibe.   84 more words

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JH Brought us to JM

Some years ago, this young woman lept out of the television screen, courtesy of the wonderful BBC and Jules Holland’s show.  Rarely does a new act make an instant impression on me, but Ms Monae was simply captivating that night.   54 more words

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Are We Not Men?

Devo.  A unique band if ever there was one.

I’ve been listening to this record for over 30 years and it was only this afternoon that I discovered what it’s called.   119 more words

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A Colour Supplement by any other name

I battered myself into the ground on yesterday morning’s training ride and spent the rest of the day trying to recover, so thoughts of writing were far from my mind. 93 more words

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