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It’s been a long ass time since we’ve heard from the best pop-star American Idol created other than Kelly Clarkson (SORRY JENN). That’s right the one and only Adam Lambert is making a proper comeback following his massively underrated sophomore record, … 303 more words

1963: Peggy March and "I will follow him"

Some of you may remember “I will follow him” from “Sister Act”, the movie with Whoppie Goldberg…..

The original version goes back to 1963: 330 more words

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Billboard 4: You're Always Worth It

In case you missed it, “Uptown Funk” was dethroned last week before it hit the 16 week record. Hell yeah! What song dethroned it? The Fast and Furious feelsy tune, “See You Again.” I have a soft spot for Wiz for some reason, and I’ll admit that the song brings forth some emotion stuff, so I’ll give it a moderate thumbs up. 128 more words


I know that this song came out a really long time ago but I have just gotten so into it. Jealous is a song by Nick Jonas (negative his other brothers). 51 more words


#MusicMonday: Artist of the week Taylor Jones

Taylor jones- pop singer/Song writer

Kicking off the UK takeover week on TheNikkiSin.com is a brand new site feature #MusicMonday. This week’s artist of the week is  pop singer and song writer Taylor Jones. 251 more words


Local Boy - Thriller Medley With Owner Of A Lonely Heart (1984)

I’ve discovered this great mix by accident by Local Boy titled “Thriller Medley With Owner Of A Lonely Heart”. The song was an early mashup of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with YES’s “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, and was released in 1984 on 7″ and 12″ vinyls, but as far as I’m aware, it was not released in the UK. 47 more words


Understanding Highs

Pop music these days is, well, poppy.

Most of the music that makes it to the charts is fun, and little else. That’s fine, right? Surely nobody’s looking for insight, guidance, or commentary from a pop star with whipped cream cans coming… 926 more words