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All the best things from February

Happy March! I love February because this month began with snow sprinklings and ended on a clear blue sky, though as I write this there’s a tree thrashing thunderstorm going on outside (good old British weather!). 420 more words


WIAW #1 & Workout of the Week

Here I bring you What I Ate Wednesday, from a drowsy Thursday evening, I personally love spying on other people’s diets, picking up ideas, and do a fair bit of crockery admiring along the way. 651 more words


I Love Pop Pilates!

Cassidy Ho is my favourite person!

I am not going to lie when I first started watching her video’s I hated her (If your reading this Cassidy sorry but I… 319 more words


Blogilates 30 Day Butt Lift Challenge


New 30 day challenge from Cassey Ho! Excited to get going and add it to my workout regime!


JanYOUary Calendar & 10-Day Yoga (End of Transformation)

When I say this is the end of my transformation, I don’t really mean it’s the “end” end. I wasn’t a caterpillar who made a cocoon and popped out a butterfly. 884 more words


Banana Pancakes

Here is one of my favourite breakfast dishes which I have Cassey Ho’s cheap clean eats to thank for!

2 eggs
1 banana
(Yes, that’s right only TWO ingredients!!) 170 more words


Death by Kayla

First blog post in 2015!

I read back on my last post about running and can safely say I have FAILED that goal! Don’t think I even went for 1 run since writing it. 563 more words