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RaNia: The 6th Member Audition

Recently in the news RaNia has announced that they (or more so their company) will be holding auditions for a 6th member. Upon reading this I automatically thought to myself “Really RaNia (& company), really?” 588 more words


Short Story — Mission: Centauri (Earthian Side Story)

I participated in another writing prompt on Google+ last night, and decided to use the opportunity to fill out some of Earthian’s universe… Specifically, the sci-fi TV show that Jason’s friend, Wiley, is obsessed with.   1,420 more words



We have all heard the quote “A party without cake is just a meeting” , I feel the exact same way about balloons “A party without balloons is just a  14 more words


Pop Pop Pop - RaNia

Pop Pop Pop

Album: Time To Rock Da Show    Artist: RaNia

Saem Riko Jooyi Di T-ae Xia Joy

Yeah, They’re back
adorable RaNia and Bravesound… 320 more words


She Says, He Says - Part 4

Miss last week`s post – go here to see it. Click through to read this week`s continuation! 225 more words

She Says He Says