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Benedict XVI: Last Testament

Last Testament
In His Own Words
Benedict XVI, with Peter Seewald
(Bloomsbury, 2016)
xx + 257 p.

This is the latest, and reportedly is to be the last, in a series of book-length interviews which Peter Seewald has conducted with Joseph Ratzinger. 733 more words


The New Slavery

That was what came to my mind this morning as I was in the shower thinking about something someone posted on Facebook.  Someone posted that they thought the Constitution was outdated and needed to be replaced.  599 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

Lenten Reading

I believe I have found the book I am reading for Lent.  You really can’t get much more Lent than this.

Though, I am still pondering reading two books.   54 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

The Pope puts a hit out on Larry David

By Tom Quiner

Larry David, the comedic creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, has gone into hiding. No one knows where he is. His career is over. 1,028 more words


Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke

I read an article last night and pondered it for a while.  I was going to post last night, but I was interrupted by a baby who woke up and made her presence, and demand for attention, known. 1,023 more words

Pope Benedict XVI

Wedding Feast at Cana

As we continue our way through John Paul II’s additional mysteries to the Rosary. The second Luminous Mystery we hear about the first miracle and the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus. 244 more words


The Beatitudes

This blog is going to be a different type of blog for me.  I want to look at my Catholicism and my beliefs and my life and try to piece some things together into a patchwork quilt.  2,838 more words

Pope Benedict XVI