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A brave new world without suffering

Being a healthy and lucky person, the greatest physical suffering I’m forced to deal with is a monthly stomach cramp. I’ve had no serious illnesses or injuries, and the stomach cramp, while horrid, is simply the unfortunate byproduct of having healthy and functional internal organs, so I shouldn’t really complain (although I do). 1,329 more words


Archbishop Gänswein: Benedict XVI Sees Resignation as Expanding Petrine Ministry

In a speech reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI’s pontificate, Archbishop Georg Gänswein has confirmed the existence of a group who fought against Benedict’s election in 2005, but stressed that “Vatileaks” or other issues had “little or nothing” to do with his resignation in 2013. 1,237 more words

Called to holiness

Many  think only a few extraordinary people are called to sanctity and that it is sufficient for the rest to limit themselves to being good. But God has loved everyone and he wants all to love him with their whole heart, soul, mind and strength. 87 more words


Scraps falling from the Master's table (Corpus Christi edition)

Today’s the Solemnity of Corpus Domini, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ. I remember many times walking in procession with Pope John Paul II from the Lateran Basilica to Saint Mary Major down and then up the Via Merulana. 909 more words

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The Saint of Shakespeare's Florence

Acts III and IV of Shakespeare’s All’s Well that Ends Well take place in Florence, Italy.  While he was writing, St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi was living in a Carmelite convent in Florence, Italy. 294 more words


Hey! The Popes! Then there were three! Some "what if" scenarios...

Do you ever wonder how it is that in history we had even three Popes at the same time? Well, today we have a scenario in which this is now in the works. 759 more words

Pope Francis

Pope's personal secretary: Popes Benedict XVI & Francis form an 'expanded' papal office

To call this confusing is an understatement.

In a recent speech, the personal secretary of Pope Benedict XXVI, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, said that Benedict and his successor, Pope Francis, are not two popes “in competition” with one another, but represent one “expanded” Petrine Office with “an active member” and a “contemplative member.” 884 more words